Cara Delevingne set to play Harley Quinn in new Batman film!?

News has broken out that the model of the moment, Cara Delevingne, has been lined up to play comic book character Harley Quinn in a future adaption of DC’s Suicide Squad. The film was confirmed by Warner Brothers this month and is rumored to be released in 2016. As a lot of you know, I am a huge Harley Quinn fan, so this news has been quite a shock to me and quite honesty,

I am not happy about it.

Cara Delevingne is a great model, i’ll give her that, but the role of Harley is not something that should be handed out like candy by DC. Harley Quinn is possibly the most popular female DC character of all time, every single time I attend a convention there are at least ten people cosplaying as her. The release of the Arkham video games have also given Harley a boost in popularity over the past few years and she is probably more popular than ever nowadays. The first time I ever saw Harley Quinn was on Batman: The Animated Series, as a child. She was so popular with fans in the animated series that DC crossed over her character into the Batman comic book series. It is safe to say that Harley is a beloved character in the DC universe as well as the comic book universe in general.

I have grown up with this character, i’m invested in this character emotionally, so it is safe to say that I have some qualms about Cara portraying my favorite comic book character of all time on the big screen. More so, I am hurt by DC’s handling of Harley’s character in recent times. Like the horrific idea of hosting a drawing contest, where entrants had to draw Harley in various scenarios, committing suicide. Not to mention they have also been disrespectful towards the character of Batwoman, telling their artists that they are not allowed to portray Batwoman and her girlfriend marrying in a same sex ceremony, but that is a whole other blog post in itself.

I honestly have no ill will towards Cara, I just feel that she is not the right choice for this role. In my opinion, DC saw an opportunity to get the model of the moment on board with this film because her face is pretty much plastered on every street corner the world over and she is affiliated with some of the worlds biggest brands. Not to mention her status as a celebrity and connections to some of the top dogs of almost every major industry in the world. Sure, she is a marketing dream but is she right for the role for those reasons alone?! Harley has never featured in any major Batman film because honestly, the boots are too big to fill. The character is so beloved by the fan base that choosing the right actress for the role is almost like finding a needle in a haystack.

Of course there are other factors, like where would she fit into the story line of the franchises films but I think there would have been some chance of her appearing in one of Christopher Nolan’s Batman films, if Heath Ledger was alive to be in the final film of the Nolan series. In my mind, as a fully fledged Harley Quinn fan girl, the only person to play the role of Harley Quinn would have been the late Brittany Murphy. Oh and let me tell you, I am not alone in that thought. I found an entire fan base online, who feel the same. In fact, there are many fan art depictions of Heath and Brittany portraying the iconic couple together. In my opinion, they would have been perfect to play Harley & The Joker in the Nolan franchise, but hey, that’s just me. Unfortunately, tragic circumstances prohibit my Harley/Joker dream team from ever happening.

Another reason I think DC are so quick to latch on to the idea of casting a popular model is because Marvel have them quaking in their boots after the phenomenal response to their latest hit film, Guardians of the Galaxy. It seems that DC will do anything to get their name in the press and cause a buzz around their announcement of their plans to release a film adaption of the Suicide Squad comics. Cara has millions of followers on social media and her rumored relationship towards the film is bound to generate some press and opinions about the up coming film and hey, I guess they were right because they sure got me fired up enough to write a blog about it!

I just think that DC no longer care about their female characters, all they want is money and through the roof sales and to compete with their rivals. They want the Suicide Squad to overshadow films like Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers and I get that, I really do. What bothers me is the sheer disrespect and nonchalant decisions they are making for some of their female characters as of late, including Harley.

Whatever the final decision DC make about who plays Harley in the film adaption of Suicide Squad, I hope that they are respectful of Harley and stay true to her character. Harley is a big part of the comic book universe and her character is special to a lot of fans. The decision about who plays her should not be taken lightly or given to someone who is popular at this very moment, in order to draw in a bigger audience and copious amounts of press.

One thing I will admit is that I respect Marvel more than DC, for taking the time to match the right actor to the role they are looking to fill. Over the years, Superhero films have smashed the box office wide open. I am so happy to see more comic books being made into epic, ball busting films but I do feel that integrity of characters like Harley Quinn are being compromised in order to make a quick buck in Hollywood.


Halloween Haul: Accessories, Decorations, Homeware & More!

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The Beauty In The Breakdown.

I am going to be honest. I have no idea where this blog is going, all I do know is that there is something I need to get off my chest. My blog is the perfect place to express myself, so I hope that you can understand and possibly even relate to my muddled rambling that is about to ensue.

I am a YouTuber and blogger. While I can happily say that I love blogging and recording videos, I can admit that I find it really hard to fit in among the blogging community. I feel like an outcast, I am not super trendy, nor do I have money to buy the latest trends and make up palettes etc. Even though I have been a blogger for a long time now I still feel unworthy of the compliments of others in regards to my content. My YouTube channel began as a way to put myself out there and gain self esteem and  am still on that journey.

A lot of people tell me they would love to start blogging or posting videos online but they are too afraid of the scrutiny or judgement of others to even being typing that first word or hitting the record button. Putting yourself out there online is like standing under a microscope, it’s a vulnerable place to be in. I completely understand their worries.

All my life I have felt like I was weird. I just don’t feel like I fit in anywhere and YouTube and blogging have given me a place of solace to be creatively free and get things off my chest. Creating videos, blogs and other content online has been such a learning experience for me. To be honest, I know I am not the most trendy, fashionable or talented blogger out there but what I do know is that I love what I do and it brings me joy. I am not in it for the fame or the money, I just want to have fun and connect with people. I want to help people by sharing my life experiences, in the hopes that people can learn something from my personal stories. It can be difficult to talk about things online and share it with the whole world but if it helps one person out there (corny, I know.) it’s worth it.

At one point in my life I used to hate myself so much that I hurt myself. I wanted to punish myself for not being the way I thought I should be. I hated that I wasn’t seen as cool or pretty. I felt ugly on the inside as we as on the outside. I wanted to put myself in a neat little box to please everyone around me and finally feel like I was normal. Soon enough I realized that i’d never be normal. No one is and you know what the real kicker is? That’s the beauty of life.


When I go back and look at my F.A.Q About Pink Hair video, I realize how far I have come in regards to my self esteem. I’ll never be the most popular, trendy or interesting blogger and that’s okay because I am always myself. Believe me, that wasn’t always the case. What I am trying to say is, I want to help others. I want to inspire people to be themselves, to know that it is okay to be different and to not fit in. We are all unique individuals with something unique to offer the world and comparing ourselves to others just distracts from our life purpose and our lust for living.

I’ve been at rock bottom and I am climbing my way back up.

I am learning to love and accept myself as I am, each and every day.

I finally found the beauty in the breakdown.




My artRAVE Look! Aphrodite Lady.

This Friday I attended Lady Gaga’s artRAVE in the 3Arena, Co.Dublin. The concert was spectacular, i’ve seen Gaga live before and I knew that she was going to blow the roof off the place. The costume changes, the songs and the beautifully emotional speeches she did were all perfect. I am obsessed with her latest album, which is called Artpop. She preformed loads of new songs from the album on the night, which made me really happy and quite honestly, weeded out the real Little Monsters from the people who were just there to hear the hits and get drunk.

My artRAVE outfit was inspired by a track off Artpop, called “Venus”. I wore my silver Mermaid dress from romwe, along with a long pastel pink wig and starfish hair clip from ebay. mer

If you ever get the chance to see Lady Gaga preform live, I suggest you jump at the chance. She is a wonderful performer and is a rare breed of popstar, in the fact that she sings live and can put on a show while doing so. Her energy is contagious and her spirit even more so. She’s a true icon.


My London Experience!


On the 6th of October I flew over from Ireland to the UK, with my boyfriend, to attend the Cosmo Blog Awards 2014. In my short time in the UK (I returned home on the 8th) I soaked up the beauty and the unique surrounds of London City. It really is a very beautiful place, with breath taking architecture, a rich history and uber trendy people and shops! What’s not to love?

Upon arriving at Blackfriars train station from Gatwick airport, my boyfriend and I left the station excited to see the sights and soak up the British culture. After wandering down the road for about five short minutes, we realized that our hotel was a stones throw from the train station! We were booked in to the charming The Mad Hatter Hotel on Stamford Street. The hotel was originally a gentleman’s hat factory and shop, in the little quaint the reception area there are a few old fashioned hat advertisements hung on the wall. The lady who greeted us with reception was very polite and even pointed out to us that there was free WiFi at the hotel, should we need it!

Upon entering our hotel room, the first thing I noticed on the wall was the Alice In Wonderland picture above the bed. I believe that all rooms in the hotel have a different Alice In Wonderland themed painting. Our bed was comfortable and surprisingly, we heard no noise at night time, despite being insanely close to a train station and the city center. The hotel was in a fantastic location, as we soon found out the next day, we were right beside the OXO2 Tower. Which was where the Cosmo Blog Awards was to be held. Which was very handy indeed!

That evening we had dinner in The Mad Hatter bar, I had Nacho’s and Eoin had a Pie. He was seriously impressed with the pie, so if you ever get the chance to eat at The Mad  Hatter, give the pie a try! While we were eating, we decide to try and book tickets (last minute!) to a west end play. Initially, I wanted to go see Speed The Plow. Which is a production that Lindsay Lohan is currently preforming in, sadly, it was sold out. So we took advantage of the free WiFi and found another play to attend. We booked tickets to Charlie and The Chocolate Factory at  Theatre Royal on Drury Lane. We got a taxi to Drury lane and on the way we saw many signs for different theatre productions in the West End. Once we arrived at Theatre Royal, it was clear that there was a buzz of excitement in the air. Employees of the Theatre Royal were selling Wonka Bars and other Wonka themed goodies to excited children and adults alike.

Soon enough it was showtime and we took our seats at the front row of the balcony. The show was spectacular, the cast really captured the magic of Roald Dahl’s characters and the live orchestra moved and enchanted the audience with each note they played. The play was a lot different to what I expected, the Oompa Loompa’s were not orange and Willy Wonka had a moustache but it didn’t take away from the joy of the story telling, whatsoever. I can not begin to tell you how happy I am, that I got to tick see a West End play off my bucket list. Delighted!


The next morning we woke up early, to take advantage of the time we had during the day to get in a bit of sight seeing. We purchased two very expensive tickets for the Big Red Bus Tour. Two tickets, plus commission cost us approx £60-70. Which in the end, for us, wasn’t really worth it. It would however, be worth it for anyone who was staying for more than two days in London.

We only got to use our ticket for one day, not getting to take advantage of the cruise in the River Thames, which was part of the ticket price. If you do buy a tour bus ticket, use it to your full advantage. The bus stops in all the major spots and on the Big Red Bus Tour, there is a bus every 2o minutes or so from each stop off point. On the bus tour you get free headphones and ponchos to wear if you are sitting on the top floor of the bus. On one of the buses we took on our way to The London Bridge, there was an almost amusingly posh British man who was the announcer, he was very interesting to listen to and spoke about the rich history of London.SAM_3882

The London Bridge was one of the first sights we witnessed on our Big Bus Tour trip, it was a beautiful day in London, which allowed me to take some really nice pictures of the poppies in the moat at London Tower. The stunning art work represents blood swept lands and was created to mark the centenary of the start of the Great War. It’s visually stunning to see in person.SAM_3863

The next stop on our agenda was Big Ben! Every time I think of London I think of Big Ben. It’s always been a symbol of British culture for me and I was over joyed to see it in person. Big Ben is actually the name of the bell of the clock at the north end of the Palace of Westminster. The architecture of the entire building is astounding and the size of the Palace of Westminster is grandiose, displaying the power and wealth of the British empire.


The next night we attended the Cosmo Blog Awards which you can read more about by clicking the pink text. I previously posted a blog all about my experience at the award ceremony, so there is no need to go into detail in this blog. I was held in the super swanky OXO2 Tower, which had a beautiful view of London city at night. It was quite a beautiful scene to witness. 


Soon after we got off at the stop for Buckingham Palace, one thing I will say about London is that all the major sights are very close to one another. Chances are, if you are at one major tourist site, there is another close by. Buckingham Palace was crowded with tourists and strangely enough, a lone bride in a wedding dress! The palace gates are guarded by heavily armed guards, the giant guns they carry are quite intimidating. There was other guards outside the palace gates, who were also carrying guns among tourists who were taking photographs and admiring the beauty of the palace. It was a little off putting but that’s what you get when you visit the home of the Queen!


Beside Buckingham Palace is a small gift shop, which sells many touristy goodies and trinkets to remind you of our time in the United Kingdom. Including corgi teddy’s, the Queen’s guard lip balms & even an etiquette guide on how to greet the Queen herself! What more could you want?! Fotor0101122252

One of the places I would recommend anyone to visit while in London is The London Dungeon. Upon entering The London Dungeon you will be taken though a 90 minute journey through London’s history, brought to life by professional actors, a series of special effects and even two creepy underground rides. I for one was terrified while cowering though the fake hallways and sets of The London Dungeons, waiting for actors to pop out of the shadows and scare the life out of me! It’s not all horror and heart attacks though, there is lots of humor and fun to be had in the dungeons. The actors interact with the crowd, making learning history fun for once.

Even at the end of the tour, the people who work in the souvenir shops are completely in character! It’s an all round fun experience and it’s something that is not to be missed when visiting London city. A ticket for an adult costs £25.20 is well worth the money!

The last place we visited, before rushing back to make the train on time, was Covent Garden Market. Which is situated in the West End, beside all the theatre’s and plays. Eoin and I were annoyed that we hadn’t found this place sooner, as it was full of life and wonderful market stalls.


Covent Garden Market is unique in the fact that it is equally as quirky as it is trendy. There are loads of different shops around, including designer brands like Chanel and Burberry. Jamie Oliver even has a little restaurant within the market place, should you wish to stop for a bite to eat.


One of the best shops I came across in Covent Garden Markets was a Moomin shop, dedicated to the popular Finnish children’s cartoon series, which was based off a comic book and book series. I used to watch it as a child but never knew anyone else who watched it, so I was pretty astounded to see a full shop dedicated to the Moomins. The shop was full of everything my childhood self could have dreamed of! I bought a sparkly moomin pin & three beautiful postcards with artwork from the series, which I am trying to convince Eoin to let me frame & hang up in our place! haha.


Just across from the entrance of Covent Garden Market is Jubilee Market. Which is full of clothing, souvenirs and some unique finds. The Jubilee market is a little less elegant than Covent Garden Market but I did find a pair of TARDIS salt & pepper shakers for a steal at £5 which I was pretty pleased about! Next time I got back to London I am going to spend more time browsing these interesting markets and probably return to the Moomin shop and buy some more Moomin memorabilia, like the big dork I am. Don’t judge meeeee!ipp

When I return to London in the future I really want to do the Harry Potter Tour at Warner Brothers Studios and possibly the walking tour, which allows you to see where some scenes from the films were filmed on the streets of London. There is so much to see and do in London city that you’d need at least four straight days there to see and experience it all. Eoin and I did a pretty good job seeing what we could in the limited amount of time we had in the city. We saw loads of other famous sights like Westminster Abbey, Downing Street and the London Eye to name a few.

I had fantastic experience visiting London city and i’ll certainly be back again!


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Cosmo Blog Awards 2014

On Tuesday the 7th of October, I attended the much anticipated Cosmo Blog Awards 2014 in the London. My blog was shortlisted in the Best International Fashion Blogger with IFB category. There was over 46,000 entries this year and my little blog made it to the final stages of the coveted awards. I flew from Dublin to Gatwick airport, the day before the awards and I will admit, I was pretty nervous about attending the blog awards. The thought of being in a room with some of the UK’s most successful bloggers was quite an intimidating thought. No matter how long I blog or video blog for, I never feel worthy enough to be apart of these kinds of events.

So yeah, I was nervous to say the least & my anxiety was getting the better of me.ipp

I arrived at the swanky OXO2 Tower at about 7.30pm and immediately went to the free (thank god) cocktail bar for a bit of dutch courage. There was a selection of tasty cocktails flowing all night long and some cute nibbles where provided, like these yummy heart shaped cookies with the Next logo printed on the icing. I may have had more than one… *burps*ipp

There was quite a few stations set up, where brands let bloggers try out their services. I took full advantage of the fake lashes application by The London Dolls and got my nails done by IZ Beauty of London. Each company gave me some freebies to take home, which I was pretty chuffed with!


Soon afterwards, all bloggers were ushered into a small room where the awards would be announced. There was some small screens on either side that displayed each winner as they accepted their award. It was really hard to hear what the Cosmo Editor was saying over the giddy chattering of the finalists and everyone was tense with anticipation when their categories were being announced. Everything happened so quickly, all the awards were dished out in record time, under 20 minutes I believe. Then we went back into the previous room, where the winning bloggers got their pictures taken and the mingling resumed.

Unfortunately, I didn’t win in my category. Which was very disappointing of course, but oh well! I think it is natural to feel like that, as a blogger I spend an insane amount of time working on my content and it would be pretty amazing to be recognized for that hard work. Seeing as Cosmo had over 46,000 entries this year and I made it as a finalist in my category, is pretty impressive in itself.

So I can’t complain much!


Later, I got a goodie bag filled with bits & bobs from Blanx, Craze, St Moriz, Deep Heat, BlanX, Popchips, Footner, Clipper Tea, Radox, Kalo, Pinky Vodka, Montagne Jeunesse, Next, Emily Fruit Crisps, Sure, IZ Beauty of London, MUA Makeup Academy, The London Dolls, BeautyUK.

The event was very “brand heavy”. Which, quite honestly is expected when throwing an award ceremony for people who showcase brands on their blogs for a living or are trying to become a fully fledged, internationally recognized brand themselves. These events are usually all about making new connections and establishing business relationships for the future.


Afterwards, I went to a quirky Bar & Restaurant called Studio 6, which was just outside the OXO2 Towe. I ordered some fried Goats cheese. Yum Yum! I was starving after the awards and wanted to see more of London before I went home. Also, Eoin and I wanted to get a good nights sleep that night so we could get up early and take full advantage of our last day in London.


Al in all, I enjoyed my time at the Cosmo Blog Awards. I was very surprised at how small the event was, most bloggers were not allowed to take a plus one but I was lucky, being in the international category. Which allowed me to take a plus one, I decide to take my boyfriend along, so we could see London together and enjoy the experience together. Even though I didn’t win, I still got the chance to experience a very swanky blog awards ceremony, see all the famous London sites and make some great memories along the way.

Keep your eyes peeled for my next blog, which will be all about my touristy adventures around London, my favorites sites and attractions from my three day trip! I took loads of pictures and mental notes to share with you guys. It will be my first proper travel blog! #Excited



Old Hollywood/Retro Hairstyle!

Last night I attended the Blog Awards Ireland 2014 in the Westgrove Hotel in Clane, Co.Kildare. My YouTube channel was up for Best Video Blog on the night. Unfortunately, I didn’t win. However, I did meet loads of lovely Irish bloggers and had an excuse to dress up for the evening! haha. My good friend Glen Cullen did my hair prior to the event, I wanted a vintage inspired hairstyle for the event. Glen set my hair the night before, by pinning curls all over and I slept with them in over night before having it brushed out and styled the next evening. Here is the finished result!


SAM_3842I want to thank you all for your messages of support last night, it really means a lot to me! I was overwhelmed by the amount of well wishes I received last night through social media. I am really lucky to have such a wonderful viewership. When I started making videos I had no confidence at all, your feedback is so important to me, it helps me grow and learn as a YouTuber and as a blogger. Your support makes all the hard work that goes into blogging & vlogging worthwhile.

Thank you.


Halloween Outfit Inspiration: Goosebumps


AHHHHHH!! It’s October 1st and All Hallows Eve is beckoning closer and closer each day. Halloween is a time of mischief and fun, so I thought i’d shake things up a bit today and post a little Halloween fashion inspiration. Inspired by one of my favorite book series of all time, Goosebumps, by the wonderful R.L Stine. Goosebumps has very much so shaped me into the person I am today, the books and t.v series both terrified and fascinated me as child and their influence has stayed with me my entire life. I’ve always had a keen interest in the strange and unusual. October is the perfect month to celebrate all things weird and wonderful!

Surprisingly, a lot of people don’t like to dress up for Halloween. I for one will take any excuse to dress up in costume, but understandably it just isn’t for everyone. You don’t have to dress up as a sexy cat or a banana to get into the Halloween spirit, you just need to get creative!

Here I have chosen some colourful and quirky pieces, inspired by the Goosebumps book covers. Goosebumps book covers are always very bright, eye catching and spooky! The contrast between the funky colours makes everything pop right off the pages, so I choose this pretty purple dress, paired it with a slime green bag (VERY Goosebumps!) and spooktastic pair of eyeball shoes!


To finish off the look, creepy accessories are a must! You can find loads of fun Halloween inspired accessories for affordable prices in costume shops, retail stores and pound shops at this time of year. Eye ball earrings, spider hair clips…. the list is endless! Remember that colour is everything when creating a Goosebumps inspired look, don’t be afraid to play around with colour. A pop of bright pink lipstick or slime green nail varnish will help give you a ghoulish glow this Hallows Eve!

Whatever you wear out this Halloween, make sure you have fun with it.

You’ll be the prettiest ghoul at the party!

Stay screaming.