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Dr Organic Hemp Oil Restoring Hair & Scalp Treatment Review

As a lot of you may know, I really love the Dr Organic range. They are cruelty free and I am loyal to their Rose Otto range and have tried several other products from their company over the years. Recently, I came across the Dr Organic Hemp range and was so intrigued by the benefits these products claimed to have. Hemp oil is a popular natural remedy that is high in Omega fatty acids and has a similar make up to skin lipids and it acts naturally as a anti-inflammatory.


The Hemp Oil Restoring Hair & Scalp Treatment is a mousse based product that contains hemp oil and a mixture of bioactive, natural and organic ingredients. It’s list of impressive ingredients act to stimulate hair growth and help prevent hair loss, as well as treating the scalp to a little TLC.

I have been using this treatment for a few weeks now and I have noticed that when I went to get my roots bleached recently, they were almost twice as long as usual! I am not sure if that was totally down to this product but I believe it certainly helped. Usually after bleaching my roots, my scalp can be quite tender and sometimes can become a bit flaky. However, I believe this product helped calm my skin over time and allowed it to heal after the trauma of bleaching.

The mousse also adds body to my hair as it lifts my hair up slightly at the roots after I dry my hair. I feel as though the health of my hair has significantly improved since I started using this product as a part of my hair routine. My hair looks healthier at the root and feels stronger.


I use this product in conjunction with the Hemp Oil Rescue Shampoo & ConditionerI discovered that when using this treatment, less is more. If you use too much mousse on your scalp it can dry hard and create a crispy texture to your hair. I usually only use three pumps of the mousse at a time and massage it into my scalp before using a comb to distribute some of the product throughout the rest of my hair. Another thing worth mentioning is the smell, some people find the scent of hemp to be very pleasant and others not so much. Honestly, once the product dries I can no longer smell it at all. Overall, the product works well for me and I enjoy the result it gives.

Size & Price of Product:

This bottle is 150ml & costs €20.69

Pro’s of the Hemp Oil Restoring Hair & Scalp Treatment:

  • Quick & easy to use
  • Helps stimulate natural hair growth
  • Keeps scalp healthy and moisturized

Con’s of the Hemp Oil Restoring Hair & Scalp Treatment:

  • Not everyone is a fan of the scent of hemp products

Are Dr Organic products cruelty free?

They most certainly are :)

Where an I buy this product?

You can buy the Holland & Barrett stores nationwide.

Overall thoughts on the product:

This is a great product creates a no-fuss way to treat your scalp and stimulate hair growth.

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