Valentino Pre-Fall 2015

She walks in starlight in another world. It’s just a dream.

I literally gasped when I saw these images of the Valentino Pre-Fall 2015 Collection.

There is something truly magical about these floral designs. I love how the collection embraces the life cycle of nature with the vast array of colours, fabrics and textures within the collection. My favorite aspect of the Pre-Fall designs, are the dresses that feature a more cosmic beauty. The exquisite embroidery comes to life against the sheer fabrics showcasing the planets, stars and the moon cycle of our solar system. It is safe to say that this collection is out of this world.

I’m excited to see which fashionistas will be wearing these breath taking designs on the Oscar’s red carpet this awards season. I guess we’ll have to wait and see!


Hair Growth Progress Update Using Mane N’ Tail!

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Steal Her Style: Taylor Momsen

It’s hard to believe that Taylor Momsen is only 21 years old. She has already been apart of one of the worlds most popular t.v shows of all time (Gossip Girl, duh!) and is the front woman of a bad ass rock band called The Pretty Reckless. Taylor’s style transformation from her Gossip Girl days, playing fashion obsessed Jenny Humphrey, to her ball busting rock chick persona has been really interesting to watch. In 2011 she quite acting and happily left behind her Gossip Girl persona to start her rock band and finally free herself from the character that made her famous worldwide.

Near the end of her time on Gossip Girl, it was clear that Taylor had enough of catering to the role of Jenny. She has said in the past that Gossip Girl was just a job and nothing more. Soon enough, Jenny’s character was starting to morph into Taylor Momsen, wearing heavy black eyeliner and blonde hair extensions, which she is famous for. Taylor began expressing herself through her own personal style and it was the polar opposite to Jenny Humphrey’s girly girl style.


Taylor’s style is so brave and daring, it’s hard not to love it! I personally love her trademark knee high cyber boots, with the thick buckles going all the way up the boot. To make her look really stand out, she usually pairs her boots with some sexy thigh high tights and a garter belt. A lot of her clothing choices are classic rock chick pieces, like a studded belt, band tee and leather jacket.

She adds her own flare to them by accessorizing.


Accessories can really make and outfit and Taylor Momsen knows this. She loves to accessorize her outfits by layering rosary beads over pendant necklaces and leather chokers. Chokers are a staple item of Taylor’s. She likes them all, studded, spiked, lace, you name it!

Taylor also loves wearing stacks of rings, she usually wears silver and gold, sometimes even together! She isn’t afraid to mix it up and take some risks but she can also keep it casual in a black knitted beanie hat during sound checks and when she’s out and about on her days off.


Another staple accessory for any rock chick is her tinted sunglasses, Taylor usually wears a pair of classic tinted black Aviators sunglasses. Sunglasses really are a fun way to change up your look without over accessorizing and can be helpful to keep your anonymity, especially when you are a famous celeb. Plus, they make you look stylish without having to make any effort at all!


Taylor Momsen’s make-up look is my far the most striking thing about her entire look in my opinion. Her bold, statement make-up really makes an impact and her dark, smokey eyes are a key component if you are trying to recreate her look. This heavy eye make up isn’t for everyone but it’s actually quite a simple look to achieve once you have a solid black eyes shadow and the patience to blend it out! Sometimes Taylor changes it up by wearing a burgundy eye shadow.

On her lips, Taylor mostly keeps it neutral by wearing a nude lip but if she’s feeling daring, she usually applies a red lip for more drama. The thing I love about Taylor is that she isn’t afraid to play around with her look, so sometimes she can be seen sporting black or purple lips.

Makeup is supposed to be fun, so take a leaf out of Taylor’s book and play around with it!


I think it is safe to say that Taylor Momsen doesn’t give a fu*ck what others think of her style and isn’t bravery and a carefree attitude towards fashion the best accessory of all?

I think so anyway!


The Secret Diary Of A YouTuber TAG! | EllieJayden

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Girly & Geeky Haul! Lush, Funko’s, Rat Queens & More!

Rat Queens Graphic Novel:


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Eye catching outfit details!

 Today I wore this sequinned crop top by Romwe. I was drawn to the beautiful mix of colours in the sequins, they reminded me of Mermaids. I love how the blue and the green bounces light and creates a beautifully, dreamy effect. I thought the eye pattern on the crop top was strange and quite frankly, a little ugly! I think that it is fun to take risks when it comes to clothing and even though I knew this top wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea, I knew it would be a fun piece to wear. Fashion is all about trying new things. Plus, I love a good conversation starter!


A good way to really give some life to an outfit, is to focus on one specific piece that you want to focus on. A piece that is going to be the first thing anyone see’s when they look at your outfit. This can be anything, such as a statement necklace, handbag or in my case, a sparkly top!

You can’t deny that it is eye catching! Pun intended ;)


Trans Lives Matter: Shiloh Jolie-Pitt & Leelah Alcorn Double Standard

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt recently made headlines when she appeared a the premier of her Mother’s film “Unbroken.” The reason the eight year shocked the media was because she turned up at the event wearing a suit. For a long time now it has been known that Shilohs parents, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, follow their child’s wishes to dress in boy’s clothing. The Jolie-Pitt’s have publicly said that Shiloh identifies more with boyish and masculine things, it has even been reported that Shiloh has asked her family members to refer to her primarily as, John.

After the eight year old’s appearance on the red carpet, the internet was buzzing with opinions. A lot of people referred to the Jolie-Pitt’s as a crazy, messed up Hollywood family, who are ruining their kids lives by going along with Shiloh’s wishes. Other’s blamed celebrity culture.

Model, Amber Rose has received a lot of backlash for referring to Shiloh as a “transkid” on social media. Amber, posted a message of support for Shiloh on social media and was met with dismay. It’s safe to say that everyone has an opinion on this issue, including me.

I like to think of myself as a very open minded and accepting person. I pride myself on being a member and supporter of the LGBT community and there isn’t a lot that shocks me any more, including the ignorance that some people display. I can however, understand why some people do not understand what being Transgender means and can sometimes be confused or uneducated about the subject of gender and gender identities.

I have heard people say things like “Why are there so many gays/weirdo’s now days? There was never this many years ago!”. This is the kind of thing people say when they are ignorant to other peoples lives and struggles.

The reason why there are so many openly out and proud people now days, is because society is slowly but surely becoming more accepting. It’s not because LGBT people “didn’t exist” back in the day. There have always been LGBT people in communities, most of them were and are too afraid to be themselves, due to fear of rejection. Even more harrowing, people sometimes fear for their lives. So, I think it is safe to say that anyone who opens up to their family, communities or even the world about their sexual preference or gender identity is very brave indeed.

Many people are slating the Jolie-Pitt family, for allowing their child to make their own decisions about how they live their life. I personally think that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt should be proud that they are such open minded parents, who are allowing their child to explore their identity on their own accord.

Sadly, the same cannot be said for Leelah Alcorn, a transgender teenager from Ohio. Leelah’s Mother was a devout Christian, who refused to accept her child’s gender identity. Leelah, had been forced by her Mother to undergo conversion therapy. The “therapy” aims to change sexual orientation through counselling. Leelah left behind a suicide note and walked in front of an oncoming truck in order to take her own life.

Leelah’s story is tragic and sadly, not uncommon. The suicide rate within the Trangender community is high. In a survey done by UCLA, it has been reported that 41% of the Transgender people who took part in the survey, have attempted suicide, which is nine times higher than the national average.

What shocks me is, people expressed their disgust and sadness for Leelah’s story and agree that her Mother could have done more, to accept her child and to educate herself about her child’s gender identity. However, many people seem to believe that the Jolie-Pitt’s are brainwashing their child into thinking that she is a boy, by allowing their child the freedom of self expression. Double standard much?

The thing I hear people say most, in regards to Shiloh Jolie-Pitt is, “She’s just going through a phase, her parents shouldn’t encourage it.” So what if Shiloh is going through a phase, in fact, lets assume it is a phase. Is it really so bad that a child wears clothes that are not assigned to the gender they were born into physically? Does if effect your your life in any way? The answer is a booming, NO. If it is a phase, Shiloh will move on and can rest on the knowledge that her parents truly love her for who she is. I for one, don’t think that is a bad thing.

If Leelah Alcorn’s parents reacted in the way the Jolie-Pitt’s reacted to Shiloh’s decision to identify as John, then Leelah might still be with us today. Acceptance goes a long way, all anyone wants is to be loved by those closest to them. Being Transgender is nothing to be ashamed of and I think if more parents accepted their children for who they are, this world would be a much better place to live in.

I think it is time that schools educated children and adults alike on the topic of gender identity and the LGBT community in general. Education is key and knowledge is power.

Knowledge saves lives and trans lives matter.




Happy 2015 & A Little Update!

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What I Got For Christmas 2015!

It’s hard to believe that Christmas 2014 is done and dusted! We spend so much time rushing around to make sure everything is perfect for Christmas day and then in one little day it is all over until next year. I had a wonderful Christmas this year, I spent it with my family, eating, drinking and being merry. I was given some really wonderful gifts this year, I am so thankful for the thought that was put into them and for the generosity of others. I feel truly blessed.

Here are some of the amazing gifts I was given by friends and family this year.







 I hope you had a great Christmas this year and have a fantastic new year.

See you in 2015 dolls!


VLOGMAS: The Twerking Santa!

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