Giuliana Rancic Disrespects Zendaya On Fashion Police

Zendaya’s statement:

Giuliana’s apology:

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Brit Awards Red Carpet Looks

Madonna fell over, Kanye was effing and blinding like a sailor on stage and Ed Sheeran made the world melt, with his angelic vocals. I think that it is safe to say red carpet fashion was just as random as the show itself! Here are some of the stand out looks from the Brit Awards 2015.


Lady Gaga to star in American Horror Story season five!


Lady Gaga is to star in American Horror Story season five this coming October. Gaga’s role in season five is being kept under wraps for now but it is confirmed that this season will be based around a Hotel setting. Gaga tweeted a video last night of her wearing a creepy beaded head piece, confirming her role on the next season. I literally jumped around my house screaming with excitement when I watched it and according to social media, everyone else did the same!

Gaga is just hot off the heels of her recent, breathtaking performance from this years Oscars and I think her career is doing better than ever right now! She is forever changing an evolving as an artist and as a performer. I think her weirdness and willingness to try anything will really aid her performance in AHS Hotel. She is such a talented woman with a unique take on life. She can transform so easily and I think those qualities she has will make season 5 really special.


Giuliana Rancic apologizes to Zendaya On-Air Over Disrespectful Comments

We all know that the Fashion Police t.v show on E! is controversial, but a recent comment made by Fashion Police critic Giuliana Rancic, pushed that ‘light hearted’ banter over the edge. Fashion Police is a show that judges major fashion events on the Celebrity social calender and pokes fun at outfit choices made by certain celebrities. In a recent episode, Giuliana made a comment about singer/actress Zendaya and her choice to wear dreadlocks on the Oscars 2015 red carpet.

Giuliana commented on Zendaya’s hair style by stating, “I feel that she smells like patchouli oil… or weed. Yeah, maybe weed.” Zendaya was shocked and offended by this comment and quickly took to twitter responded in a poised and eloquent manner, to the immature comment made.


After being heavily criticized for her comments, Giuliana apologized on air Tuesday by stating, “I’d really like to address something that’s weighing really heavy on my heart and I want to apologize for a comment that I made on last night’s Fashion Police about Zendaya’s hair.” 

She then went on to say, that Fashion Police is a show that pokes fun at celebrities in good spirit, but she does realize that what she said did cross the line.

I understand that Fashion Police is supposed to be a show with light hearted banter, that makes us laugh and poke fun at fashion but where do we draw the line? At what point does a comment become too hurtful and offensive? I think the cast of fashion police get away with a lot of offensive comments they make and I am glad that Zendaya stood up for herself and for her culture.


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Oscars 2015 Red Carpet Looks

It’s that time of year again! Oscar’s mania was well underway last night and my twitter feed was booming with opinions on this years red carpet looks, worn by some of the worlds most talented actors & actresses. Here are some of my favorite looks from the Oscar’s 2015 red carpet!


Steal Her Style: Charli XCX

charCharlie XCX is my new style queen. I bow down to her fashion choices!

This woman is a risk taker and fashion is all about having fun, being creative and taking risks. Her playful approach to fashion is invigorating. It is so refreshing to see someone in music today is is so wholeheartedly enjoying discovering their own personal style! Charli XCX is all about living life as if it is one big party. And Hey, you gotta get dressed up for your own party, right?

Her album Sucker embodies that mindset & is fantastic to listen to while getting glammed up!


I love that Charli’s style pays homage to cult classic 90s chick flick films such as Clueless & Jawkbreaker. She wears a lot of teen movie inspired clothing such as fluffy crop tops, cross chokers and shredded tights to name a few. In regards to style inspiration Charlie says, ‘I draw inspiration from pop culture like Wednesday Addams and the Spice Girls, but present it in a raw environment on stage. It’s kind of like baby-cake goth. I’ve always put thought into what I’m wearing, because as an artist it’s really important for the look to translate into your sound.’

To get Charlie XCX’s girly grunge look, try combining colourful crop tops with gothic inspired jewelry. Charli is most inspired by the 90s fashion era, ‘I feel like the ‘90s had the best period for style because it was the best of both worlds like grunge and then Girl Power pop as well’.

Charlie is a shoe fanatic and loves to wear super high platform shoes in bright, solid colours and platforms with funky patterns on them. Her style is also influenced by the London rave scene, where she used to preform at parties when she was a starting out as a musical artist.


Charli’s makeup go-to makeup look is usually a red or pink bold lip and sultry eyes. She brings out her brown eyes by using gold and metallic eye shadow’s to really make her beautiful eyes pop, her brows are always defined and on fleek , come on I had to say it!. She sometimes experiments with colourful eye shadow’s to add a some more playfulness to her look (as if she needs too!)

charliexcx2If there is anything I’ve learned from Charli XCX, it is that life is too short to care about what other people think about your fashion choices. Style is personal and it’s influenced by a lot of different mediums of art and life. Experimenting with your style is so much fun and taking influence from your favorite style era’s is a great way to discover who you are and what you like to wear. Fashion allows us to show the world who are are and who we want to be and Charli XCX gets that.


Reem Acra Fall 2015 Collection at New York Fashion Week

Reem Acra’s Fall 2015 presentation at New York Fashion Week was like a modern day fairy tale. The models looked like royalty, as they glided down the runway in beautifully beaded and embroidered, dresses and coats. I love the Victorian inspired elements to this collection.

The slight nod towards Gothic glamour and Marie Antoinette in some of the pieces, really makes this collection special. Be prepared, embroidered and beaded clothing will be huge this Fall!



Dublin Shopping Guide: Om Diva Boutique, 27 Drury Street.


Since the success of my last shopping blog (5 Unique Places To Shop In Dublin) I thought it’d be fun to do more posts about some of my favorite places to spend money in Dublin, in more detail. 

Under the spotlight today is vintage boutique, Om Diva. Located at 27 Drury Street, Dublin. This is probably my favorite clothing store in the city, it’s full of unique fashions and one of a kind pieces. The day I went into the shop to take pictures for this blog, they had an amazing promotion on. Everything in store was €10! EVERYTHING I TELL YOU, EVERYTHING! I couldn’t believe it.


Needless to say, I ended up buying myself a few items because ‘TREAT YO SELF!’ was what my brain was yelling out, as I scanned the rails of gorgeous vintage clothing. A lot of the clothing on sale were in beautiful shades of pastel, perfect for this season. I purchased a lavender coloured, chiffon dress, which was previously priced at €55. Sure how could I pass it up for savings like that?



Downstairs there is a beautiful Vintage Basement, stocked full of one-of-a-kind goodness. Quiet honestly, it’s absolute heaven for any fashion lover. A song from Willy Wonka began to play in my head, as I descended down the pink stairs into the gloriously fashionable abyss. *cue the music* 

‘If you want to view paraaaadise, simply look around and view it!”


In the Vintage Basement there are so many unique vintage pieces! They have dresses, designer purses, handbags, sunglasses (I bought two pairs!) and many other items of clothing to browse your way through. My advice is to take your time and enjoy the vintage shopping experience!


Okay, okay, I couldn’t resist a selfie with my new pair of vintage sunglasses. I love them!


The Vintage Basement has the prettiest dressing room I have ever seen. Whenever I am shopping in Om Diva, I feel like I have the key to a time machine, where I can dig through the closest’s of some of the most fashionable women from back in the day. I am always so excited to see what is new in store, every time I shop at Om Diva. There is a really relaxed shopping environment/vibe in store and the staff are always happy to help with any queries you have. Which is fantastic!


The shop’s decor is also something that really makes Om Diva a fun place to shop. It’s furnished in a way that makes you literally feel at home, it feels like it’s someone’s bedroom. With the soft lit lamps, vintage photographs in cameo frames and coffee table books to inspire you while you browse. Om Diva really does create a unique shopping experience in the heart of Dublin.


Above the Om Diva Boutique, there are designers studio’s and showcase rooms. Om Diva often host fashion related workshops in this space. Where fashionistas and budding designers can learn many useful tips and tricks about things like sewing, alterations and jewelry making.

What are you waiting for? Get your butt down to Om Diva, for some serious retail therapy!

For more information, check out the Om Diva Boutique website.


Valentines Day OOTD


‘You give me that kind of something, want it all the time, need it everyday‘ – Arianna Grande







Shoes // Primark

Sunglasses // Pimark

Flower Crown // Primark

Heart Shaped Bag // H&M

Striped Peplum Top // H&M

Chunky Chain Necklace // H&M

Faux Leather Trousers // Dunnes Stores