How to Help Someone Having a Anxiety Attack ft. Laura Lejeune & Kiera Rose

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My First Period Story!

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My Feature in Kultur Magazine!

I am very excited to announce that I am featured in the latest issue of Kultur MagazineKultur Magazine is an alternative magazine based in Cape Town, South Africa. Kultur features many different creative people such as alternative models, artists, musicians and this month …me!

 My article is all about my love of dressing up, fashion and cosplay.

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A chat with talented Irish Artist, Emma Williams .

art9Hi Emma! Tell us a bit about yourself and your work. 

First off I’d like to say a huge thank you for this interview! I’m super excited to see it up on your blog, my names Emma, I’m originally from Dublin and I live in Westmeath now. I’m 16 so I’m still in school which is a bit of a down side to my art because I’m restricted with the time I get to spend on it due to school. I’ve always been really headstrong, and open minded. I’m an extremely quirky person and I think that’s why my art is usually always out there, I usually never stick to just drawing what I see, most of my pieces have their own characteristics and a lot of the stuff I drew, when I was a bit younger got a lot of negative feedback since they were creepy and weird, I’m still a fan off drawing things with a horror type theme but I tend to focus myself more on colourful art pieces now as it keeps me more at ease with myself. My art used to always be dark and negative and it represented myself during that time. Like many artists, I express myself through my art.

How long have you been drawing for and have you always been interested in art?

I remember growing up I used to be fascinated with sweet wrappers and the different colours, how some where shiny and others weren’t, I used to collect them and make collages with them and bring them round with me in a sketch book that was probably twice the size of me. I was only about 4 when I started this. No matter what toys I got for Christmas my parents used to tell me all I ever done was open the crayons I got and the markers and draw for hours, so I think there’s always been apart of me that’s been interested in art even when I was a toddler now that I’m older I’m completely fascinated by art and I’d let it take up every hour of my life if I could. I did go through a stage where I refused to draw for about a year, I’m not sure what happened there but I’m beyond glad I left that stage! I can remember growing up being fascinated with the things around me and used to bring a sketch book everywhere I went in case I seen something interesting, or someone with an interesting look about them.


Where do you draw inspiration for you art work? 
I get an awful lot on inspiration from people themselves, especially people that would turn your eyes on the street. Someone you’d noticed in a group of people for whatever reason they stand out, style, hair, makeup, really different facial features etc, would be someone my arts based on. More so my life like portraits. The portrait I done of you I actually done it because your style fascinated me, the fact that you’ve probably dyed your hair just as much as me made me want to draw you even more. I’ve noticed I’ve always had such a huge admiration for people who weren’t afraid to be themselfes as cliche as that sounds! So from that a lot of my portraits on people come about. My portrait of Natasha Lillipore is probably one of my favourite pieces I’ve done and I done it cause her whole appearance and style just made me fall in love with her! Most of my others pieces that arent excatly portraits, they’re more unrealistic looking women come about from my own representation of myself and I usually do them when I’m angry. Some of my best pieces have come about from me feeling low/angry but I’m glad to say I can turn something negative into a piece of art.

 You do a lot of portraits, is that unintentional or do you have a personal interest in portraiture?
Its definitely intentional! I’ve a huge fascination with facial features and I love drawing portraits from about the shoulders up. A lot of times I do portraits I tend to draw them of people who’s style and appearance I love, I tend to draw a lot more girls and women cause I find their facial structures more interesting and feel as if I have more to put into the piece, with the different ways they do their makeup and hair out of all the portraits I’ve ever done of women I’ve never once drawn one who’s had the same or even similar makeup and hair. I love the variety and experience I can get through portraits.
What are your favorite tools/supplies to work with when creating a piece? 
Oh wow this is such a hard question, I’m always jumping from one to another. At the moment I’m really enjoying working with oil pastels and pens, they’re what I’ve been using for my past few pieces and I adore the texture and consistency of them and the colour ranges of them are flawless. I love my standard pencils as well, all my life like portraits are done in dark pencils, I very rarely do colour. I used to work with paints a lot but I don’t use them as much any more I don’t think they show my skills as well as other mediums.
I use a lot of water colour paper and sugar paper when I’m working with oil pastels, other than that I tend to just use regular paper because I never have the money to buy canvas.
Do you take on commissioned work/custom requests? 
Yes I do! I tend to only take on custom requests during the summer though when I’ve more time on my hands, and they’re usually portrait requests and tattoo designs which is perfect for me and suits me just right!
What are your hopes for the future in regards to your art and do you intend on selling prints online? First and fore most I’m hoping to become a tattoo artist, seeing my art on someones skin would be amazing, it seems so surreal. I’ve done a bit of work experience in a tattoo parlour and I knew straight away its what I want to be doing for the rest of my life. As to selling prints online, I would love to do that but for the moment I won’t be able to do cause I’m not sure how to go about it for one but Its something I really want to look into! I see a lot of big artists I love doing it and its always been something I’ve wanted to start myself.


You can support Emma’s Art by liking her facebook page.

STELLAR Shine Awards, Goodie Bag Haul & Thank Yous!

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STELLAR Shine Awards 2014!

Last night I attended the first ever STELLAR Shine Awards in the Spencer Hotel, Dublin City. The Shine Awards is dedicated to recognizing young Irish women aged 18 to 35 in categories such as best actress, singer, t.v presenter, sports star, author etc. I was truly honored to be nominated in the Best Blogger/Vlogger category, which felt like such an amazing achievement.

I was nominated alongside some of the best and brightest female bloggers in Ireland. I come from a small rural town, so being recognized at the Shine Awards really was a dream come true for me.


The event was sponsored by John Frieda and drinks on the night were provided by Stolichnaya Premium Vodka. Needless to say I had a few beverages, I can never say no to a cocktail, especially if it’s free, Yum Yum! Before the awards were announced I mingled with a few other guests and met some lovely people. It wasn’t long before the awards were underway and STELLAR editor Susan Vasquez took to the stage to announce the winners from each category.


The room was buzzing with excitement and everyone was cheering and clapping as each winner took to the stage. Unfortunately, I didn’t win in the category I was nominated for. My category was filled with big names in blogging, so I knew I wasn’t going to win, to be totally honest with you.

I was just glad to be there, experiencing the event and knowing that it was an achievement in itself to get this far. Being at the Shine Awards among such talent has only made me even more motivated to become a better blogger/vlogger and hey, you know what? There’s always next year!

SAM_4173There was so many wonderfully talented women at the event, it really was hard not to be inspired. During the night I met some really great people, including a lovely woman named Caroline Finnerty who was nominated for Best Author. She has written three books titled ‘In a Moment’ & ‘The Last Goodbye’ & ‘Into the Night Sky’. Check out her published work at

At the end of the night we were given a goodie bag filled with beauty products. Which of course featured some hair care products from John Frieda. I must admit that I was pretty chuffed with the Real Techniques brushes, I can’t wait to use them. They match my hair, haha! I’m so lame.

DSC_0562.jpgdoneI’d like to thank STELLAR for inviting me to such a wonderful event, I had a blast! A special thank you to Susan Vasquez and Kirstie McDermott, two wonderful women who have been nothing but kind & generous to me. I am delighted that I was able to achieve my goal of being featured in STELLAR this year and to somehow mange to be nominated at the Shine Awards 2014.

Thank you so much to everyone who nominated me and voted for me. It means the world to me.

Who knows, maybe i’ll be luckier next year? ;)


30,000 Subscribers GIVEAWAY!

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Review Of The Week: The Book Of Life (NO SPOILERS!)

I don’t usually do movie reviews but I decided I am going to try a few new things my blog and see how it goes. So feedback is appreciated! Plus, i’d a good excuse to try writing a film review, this week I went to see The Book Of Life at my local IMC Cinema. I’d seen the film advertised on t.v and the beautiful imagery on screen really drew me to see the film, I had to check it out. I took full advantage of one of IMC’s midweek movie deals, by booking my cinema ticket online I only had to pay €5! Which in my opinion, is the perfect reason to go to the cinema on a cold, rainy night.

I have always been a huge fan of animated films and I was so excited to see this one. The Book Of Life is set in Mexico, it is a story about two boys, Manolo (voiced by Diego Luna) and Joaquin (Channing Tatum) who have loved a strong minded young girl called Maria (Zoe Salanda) all their lives. The boys are constantly trying to win her over and out do each other to impress her by wearing fake moustaches and serenading her with love songs. What the three amigos don’t know, is that the La Muerte and Xibalba, the Queen and King of the underworld have made a wager over which boy will win Maria’s heart. Sadly, Maria is sent away to Europe to continue her schooling and to become a lady. The boys are crushed and vow to win her heart once she returns home in the future.

As time passes, Manolo becomes a bullfighter in order to carry on the family tradition, to make his father proud. However, Manolo’s true passion is music but his father won’t allow him to pursue his love for music. His father urges him to become the most fearless bullfighter in Mexico but Manolo is compassionate and cannot possibly kill a bull for sport. Joaquin however, has grown up to become the town hero, this time sporting a real moustache. Joaquin has a big ego and an even bigger secret. We soon find out that Xibalba will go to any lengths to win the wager against La Muerte, thus causing a lot of problems for the three amigos!

This film is a beautiful tribute to Mexican folklore, the story line is based around Dia de los Muertos, the day of the dead. It really shows the beauty of life and death, without being morbid. This film really is a celebration of life, the colourful animation really brings to life the beautiful story telling of the Mexican folklore and the attention to detail in this animation is truly spectacular. I loved how La Muerte’s skin glittered and how detailed the animators made the Sugar Skulls. The depiction of the after life was also simply breath taking, showing many of Manolo’s loved ones, who had passed away, enjoying the rest of their eternity in a colourful, happy place, filled with joy and celebration for life.

Although, there was The Land of the Forgotten. Which was a much more depressing side to the after life, where poor souls who had no one living to remember them to keep their spirits alive, perished in a dark and dreary place for eternity. Director Jorge Gutierrez did a fantastic job creating this visually stunning world, The Book of Life is by far the most visually stunning film I have seen all year, animated or otherwise. It’s a feast for the eyes and for the soul alike.

Another great aspect of the film was it’s soundtrack, the animation showcased some unique renditions of popular songs which was a great way to draw in the audience and relate the film to modern culture. One of my favorite parts of the film was seeing how the character of Maria had grown from strength to strength, from being a strong minded little girl to becoming a strong, independent woman who knows what she wants out of life. I think it is important for children to witness characters like Maria because she sets a great example for young boys and girls alike.

The only qualm I have with the film is that it might have run a little long, in regards to being a film aimed at kids, at 95 minutes long it it has the potential to lose some children, who might find it hard to follow the animations deep story line. However, in saying that, the film is hard to look away from, with its vibrancy and beauty, it really is a stunning film to watch visually. I also like the fact that the story teaches children to follow their heart and to never compromise themselves to please others. Besides the beautiful homage The Book of Life pays towards Mexican culture, it is also a great story of friendship, true love and the courage it takes to be yourself.

The Book Of Life is a film that every family should see, i’d highly recommend it.




Body Shaming Advertising Campaigns. When will it end!?

As if it wasn’t hard enough to be a girl in a world obsessed with beauty and body weight, Victoria’s Secrets ‘Perfect Body Campaign’ has sparked complete outrage all around the world and online. The ad campaign is meant to advertise a new range of bra’s that give you the perfect ‘body’. The word body is in quotations to try to illustrate a clever pun, that the bra’s provide body and shape. Although it is quite safe to say that upon first glance, the advertisement seems to be telling us that the scantily clad models in the image have the perfect ‘body.’

Subliminal advertising? I think so, anyways.

I mean let’s be real, the models look great, there is no denying that fact. What is upsetting a lot of people is the fact that Victoria’s Secret are setting a standard for women and young girls to achieve in order to have the ‘perfect’ body. Advertising is powerful, it is a multi-billion dollar industry that understands how to entrap people into buying products and feeling like they ‘need’ certain products to make their life better and to look better. I understand that the advertising world, fashion industry use models to sell their products but do they really have to make women and men feel terrible about their bodies when doing so? Ugh. *shakes head*

We have to deal with seeing adverts like this on a daily basis in store windows, billboards and our television screens on a day to day basis. I think it is important that we come together as women and men alike to show the advertising and fashion industry that there is no ‘perfect’ body type and to stop shoving these unhealthy standards down our throats. Not so long ago Dove produced their own body shaming campaign called the “Real Beauty” campaign, showing women who were considered to be a “normal” shape.

What is “normal” anyways? We are all individuals. No one person is the same.

What are your thoughts on these advertising campaigns?

Do you find them empowering or do you think they are promoting unhealthy standards?

Feel free to tweet me @EllieJayden and share your opinions.


October Favorites 2014: Makeup, Music, Clothes & More!

South Beach Kendal Bag:

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