Prom & Debs Dress Inspiration

It’s that time of year again! The event every girl in her senior year looks forward to, her Prom/Debs night. It’s a night where you get to let loose and go out with a bang by attending a swanky party at the end of the year with all your school friends. All while look fabulous in the perfect gown!

Not everyone knows what style they want choose for their big night, so I have put together two different styles and gowns that will hopefully inspire you to pick a look that is perfect for you.

The classic bombshell look is timeless, it works for almost any formal occasion and is guaranteed to make you feel like the belle of the ball! This look was made famous by Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe and is a go-to look for many Hollywood starlets, attending red carpet events, to this day.

Red was a well loved colour by Marilyn Monroe, she was rarely seen without her classic red lipstick and alluring cat-eye makeup. To get this look, make sure your skin is primed and prepped with a flawless base, then focus on the eyes and lips, which are the focus of this makeup look. Using black liquid liner, draw a pin-up inspired flick along each eye lid, then apply mascara and fake lashes to give your eyes that sultry, bombshell aesthetic. Finishing off with a bright red pout, use a red lip liner to define your lips and apply a blood red shade to your lips to complete to look.

As Marilyn Monroe famously sang, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!”. Keep your jewellery simple and chic by opting for timeless pieces like drop earrings, a dainty bracelet or a sparkly ring. Of course, they may not be real diamonds but no one will ever know! By matching your accessories will tie everything together nicely. Less is more when it comes to achieving a classic look.


And then we come to the most important aspect of every Prom look, the dress! I absolutely love these beautiful Prom Dresses in these timeless and flattering styles.


If you are anything like me when I was in High School, I wanted to attend my Prom wearing something a little less conventional. Of course, I still wanted to feel glamorous, so I opted for a dress and look that suited my own personal style. You can add elements of your personality to your looks by playing up key aspects of your look, like your makeup, nails and accessories.

A fun way to make your Prom style more edgy, is by getting a gothic inspired manicure. Why not try feminine black stiletto nails, with a hint of colour on one nail to make your manicure pop!


A dark smokey eye can really add drama any formal look or if your colour scheme is mostly black, why not add a pop of colour to your lips to draw attention to your face. Also, by carrying an eye-catching clutch or handbag, you can help break up the outfit and tie the entire look together.

bbb has some fantastic options for alternative girls looking for something chic and stylish to wear to Prom. I love the cuts on both of the dresses shown above, a high slit can really help lengthen your legs, while a body hugging dress helps accentuate your beautiful curves.

No matter what look you choose to wear to prom, remember to have the time of your life!


A Girl’s Guide to Graphic Novels & Comic Books!

Steal Her Style: Ruby Rose


Ruby Rose has been taking the world by storm since appearing in season three of Orange Is The New Black, as the mysteriously beautiful, Stella Carlin. Not to mention she is the face of Maybelline New York in her native Australia. Her career began when she entered a model search in Girlfriend Magazine in 2002, since then she’s become a popular DJ, model, actress & crush of the century.

The androgynous model is gender fluid and plays around with masculine and feminine aspects of her style, to create her stunningly unique look. I love the contrasts in her style, she has a way of mixing girly and urban clothing together perfectly, which suits her fun loving personality so well.


Ruby Rose is incredibly versatile. Her personal style combines a unique mix of feminine and masculine cuts and prints, to give her the edgy and stylish look she’s famous for. I love that Ruby isn’t afraid to experiment with her look & takes a lot of fun risks with her style. She loves to wear loud patterns and bright colours, wearing fun urban inspired clothing with designer pieces.

Accessories are a huge part of Ruby’s look, she is usually always wearing chunky gold necklaces and large watches. One of her signature fashion items is a funky baseball cap, which she usually pairs with a long vest top to show off her tattoos. Her tattoos up’s her style game even more!


As a world famous model, Ruby knows her makeup game has to be strong and boy, is it! She keeps her makeup simple and has fantastic bone structure, which makes her a makeup artists dream. To get Ruby’s look, apply a concealer and foundation to perfect the base of your look, use a highlighter on your brow bone and cheeks to give your face a natural glow and lift.

Eyebrows are a very important aspect of Ruby’s look, define and shape your eyebrows using a brow kit and applying a rusty brown eye shadow along your top lid and lower lid, blend it out to create a sexy, smokey look. Brown eye shadow really makes Ruby’s gorgeous blue eye’s pop!

On her lips, Ruby usually keeps it simple by wearing a nude coloured lipstick or a pretty rose shade, which compliments her lightly tanned skin tone. Sometimes she opts for a classic bright, bold red lip and keeps her eye makeup simple by wearing mascara and black eyeliner.


And last but not least, the most important aspect of her pulling off Ruby Roses’s edgy look, the hair! Her androgynous, short hair compliments her stunning features, she loves playing around with different hair styles and head shaving designs. If you’re brave enough to try out Ruby’s edgy look, just know that it’s only hair and it will grow back! And hey, you only live once.


Cosplay Hierarchy & Snobbery

Gotham Sirens Style Lookbook


Harley Quinn, Catwoman & Poison Ivy are three wonderful characters that inhabit the city of Gotham, reeking havoc and looking fabulous while doing so. I wanted to do a blog post that combined my love of fashion and comic books together and what better way to do it, than to get some serious style inspiration from the my favourite female anti-heroines, The Gotham Sirens?

Harley Quinn

She’s goofy, funny & she could kick your ass! Harley Quinn is by far my favourite female villain of all time. Her style is cute yet sexy and she can rock a jumpsuit like no other. You don’t have to dress like a clown princess to pull off her amazing look, try incorporating hints of Harley into your look by adding her distinctive costume colour combination of red and black, into your outfit.



One of my fave ways to do this, is to paint my nails red and black. You can get makeup inspiration from Harley by wearing a bright red lipstick with black winged eyeliner. The way to get a really simple and wearable Harley Quinn inspired look, would be to combine a pair of Harlequin leggings with a simple black top, try wearing black heels to take this outfit from day to night.

Poison Ivy

She’s the worlds most notorious eco-terrorist with some seriously enviable style! Poison Ivy is by far one of the most interesting characters in the DC universe, she’s obsessed with plant biology and environmentalism and it shows in her style. Just like her partner-in-crime, Harley Quinn, her style is made easily wearable when you incorporate the right key pieces and colours.


The key to nailing Poison Ivy’s s style is getting the colour’s right, try wearing earth inspired tones like mossy green’s, deep red’s and earthy brown’s. You can find some really beautiful accessories that are inspired by flowers and nature, which will add a nice touch to the look. To make your lips look as dangerous as Ivy’s toxic lips, wear a deep coloured lipstick like Envy Us by KA`OIR.


Catwoman is Gotham’s most notorious burglar and jewel thief, as well as being one of Batman’s  most enduring love interests. Her style has influenced popular culture, especially after the release of the film Batman Returns, where Michelle Pfeiffer’s portrayal of Catwoman made everyone excited about wearing tight & shiny material again! Catwoman’s style is distinctive and sexy.


When channeling your inner Catwoman, you can never wear too much black! Catwoman loves to wear leather and latex, her outfits are always sleek and skin tight. The only other colour she wears is on her lips, so make sure to make your lips pop with a sultry red lipstick and keep your nails on point (literally) by wearing black stiletto nailswhich you can press on/glue on over your nails. If you prefer you can use a nail file to shape your natural nails into cat-like claws! Meowwww!


Q&A: Tattoos, Cosplay & Pizza!?

My Dublin Comic Con & Cosplay Interview on TodayFM!

I was in Dublin yesterday to be interviewed on Neil Delamere’s Sunday Best on TodayFM!

It was my first time ever to be interviewed on the radio and I had such a good time chatting with Neil Delamere and Joe Griffin about this years Dublin Comic Con & my love for cosplaying.

If you missed the interview, you can listen to the podcast below:

Hair Chalking Tips & Tricks!



It’s festival season! You know what that means. It’s the perfect time to let your hair down and experiment with your look. Even if you are not attending any music festivals or concerts this summer, using hair chalks is a great way to shake up your look without the commitment of dying your hair. The cool thing about hair chalks, is that they work on almost every hair colour but for best results, having pre-lightened hair or naturally light hair is a bonus to make the colours pop.

You can find hair chalks in many shops at the moment, such as Boots, Topshop & other high street stores. They are really simple to use and a lot of fun!

For best results, here are some useful tips:

  • Make sure your hair is dry before applying the chalk to avoid staining
  • However, if your hair is very dark, dampen the hair slightly to create pigment
  • Wetting your hair will make the colour last longer, so be wary of that
  • If you’ve darker hair, use a white chalk as a base to make the colour pop
  • Be sure to protect your clothes with a towel/gown before applying the chalk
  • Twist the hair as you apply the chalk to release more colour onto the hair
  • Use a hair straightener over the chalked areas to seal the product
  • If you prefer, you can also use a hairspray to seal the colour onto your hair
  • To remove the chalk, use a brush to loosen the pigment before shampooing
  • Use a deep conditioning treatment after chalking to replenish the hair
  • Look up pictures to get inspiration and learn different chalking techniques!


hairchalk2Whatever chalking style you decide to try out, have fun experimenting with your hair this summer! You only live once and hair chalks give you the chance to try something new with your hair.

What are you waiting for? Get chalking!


Harley Quinn Cosplay Shoot!

Instagram has banned #Curvy?

Instagram is a place well known for well posed selfies and artistic content. It is also well known that Instagram are fond of blocking certain hashtags, rendering them unsearchable, especially when it is linked with content that goes against community guidelines. People are up in arms with their decision on their latest ban, Instagram have made the hashtag #Curvy totally unsearchable on their popular app but you can still search search tags like #CurvyBabe and #CurvyWomen etc.

Instagram believe that #Curvy was used to violate their nudity policy but #Skinny is still allowed?

I don’t understand why they can ban a hashtag for one body type and not the other.

The real kicker is, there are loads of other tags that haven’t been banned, which are arguably more likely to contain potentially offensive content on the app. Hashtags such as #fatpig or #fatfuck are allowed, which are often used on #thinspiration posts.

#vaginas, #dildo, and #clitoris are still searchable, but #nipple & #thighs isn’t.

It all seems a little bit messed up, doesn’t it?

There are many different body types but instagram doesn’t seem to care about that.

The blatant discrimination against body types is adamant. This kind of censorship only hurts people’s body image and their perceptions of body image, you can’t allow thinspiration posts to be shared but not allow body positive posts. What kind of message is that giving off to people?

I’ll tell you what. A very, very  harmful one.