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Ealu Spa Therapy: Hot Stone Massage, Facial & Relaxation Bed

When I won the Readers Choice Award at the Irish Beauty Blog Awards this year, one of the prizes I received was a voucher for Ealu Spa Therapy and of course, I waited until the very last minute to avail of it! As the voucher expired this month, I decided to finally book an appointment and treat myself to a much needed spa session. The voucher I won included a hot stone massage, a half-hour on a relaxation bed and a facial.

I should start off by mentioning that the only beauty treatment I have experienced, is waxing. So, it is safe to say my experience with beauty treatments has been pretty limited and also, slightly painful! Needless to say, I was really looking forward to a bit of pampering!

The Ealu Spa I chose to attend was in Naas, Co. Kildare. I will admit that it was a little awkward to find the spa but the kind locals were very helpful and directed me and my Mam (who was also booked in for some treatments!) to the narrow archways that lead into a small market area where the spa was situated. Once we arrived at the spa we were greeted by two lovely young ladies, who took us up to the top floor where the beauty treatments are carried out.

First up was a half-hour on the relaxation bed, which is a for of heat therapy that aims to help relax the muscles. The lady who was looking after me was named Keelan (awesome name, right?) and she informed me that a half-hour on this special bed equals the equivalent of three hours sleep! Apparently this treatment is ideal for anyone who is suffering with anxiety, stress or sleep deprivation. The best way I can describe this treatment, is that it is like lying on a warm waterbed.

When the bed is activated, it sinks down and warms up, the bed molds itself around your body so all your muscles feel like they being gently massaged by the comforting heat. It was incredibly relaxing and I couldn’t help but wonder how great it’d be if this was my actual bed! Imagine how refreshed we’d all look like in the morning if our beds were like this!? I felt like Homer Simpson in that episode of The Simpsons where he says “Ah, I’m just a big, toasty cinnamon bun. I never want to leave this bed”. I highly recommend this treatment if you’ve trouble sleeping or have muscle pain.

Next, I moved on to another room to have a Hot Stone Massage, which I highly recommend everyone treats themselves to at least once in their lives. My beauty therapist used hot, smooth stones to target certain areas on my back. I have been suffering with some lower back pain recently and the massage really helped relieve the tension in my muscles. I’ve never had a massage before, so it was a totally new experience for me. It was a little strange at first to have a total stranger massage my back but it was also incredibly soothing and relaxing.

The last part of my treatment was the mini facial! The products used in the facial were all by Glotherapeutics, which I was happy to learn are a cruelty free company. The first thing I noticed about these products was that they smell absolutely amazing, seriously, they smell so damn good. During my facial, my beauty therapist used a Pumpkin Enzyme Scrub on my skin, it left it feeling smooth and even. The exfoliating scrub was my favourite product used during the facial.

By the time I had availed of all the wonderful treatments I had at the spa, I was practically floating out the door! It was a great experience, the staff were friendly and the spa itself was clean and relaxing. I will most certainly be booking myself into the Ealu Spa again in the future!



Essena O’Neill: Social Media Game Changer or Hypocrite?

The blogging world has been divided in opinion this week, after Australian Instagram/YouTuber star Essena O’Neill decided to delete her incredibly popular Instagram account (she had over 612,000 followers!) and retreat from all forms of social media. Except of course, she will still be using her new website and video hosting site Vimeo to host her new content.

So… how does that work exactly!?

Don’t get me wrong, I admire her for making the decision to use her influence for doing good and showing people that the life of a social media star isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I do however, believe that some of her statements are a little contradictory and dare I say, slightly dramatic.

Essena deleted over 2,000 photos from her Instagram page and re-captioned many of the remaining images with more “truthful” titles. For example, a photo of her studying outside while wearing a fashionable bikini now reads “Stomach sucked in, strategic pose, pushed up boobs. I just want younger girls to know this isn’t candid life, or cool or inspirational.” I think it takes guts to tell it like it is, to tell your adoring fan base that you aren’t perfect and you have your bad days just like everyone else but personally, I do think Essena is being a little harsh on her self.

Let’s face it, most of us only post photos of ourselves in happier times and when we think we look nice on a particular day. Not many people post photos of themselves in their PJs, without makeup and feeling like shit. That doesn’t mean those people are liars because they don’t post images of them looking like they do on an average day or off day, it makes them human. Of course we would prefer that people only ever see us when we are at our best and that is usually how social media works. It is a snapshot into our lives, it shouldn’t be our lives.

I can admit that I usually only post photo’s of myself when I have nice makeup on or when I feel like I look decent enough to take a selfie. Essena admitted that a lot of the time she wasn’t happy when taking certain photos and admitted to yelling at her sister to take several photos until she took the perfect photo to post online. I have to commend her for sharing this particular instance, as it does create an accurate description of what it can be like when blogging and social media becomes a persons only sense of value and way to obtain self esteem.

I agree with her that it can be difficult to feel pressure to uphold a certain image online, I’m sure many other bloggers can also hold their hands up and say that they too feel this pressure too sometimes. Honestly, I can’t imagine what it must be like to have a following as large as hers, it would be overwhelming but also incredibly liberating to have so many people hanging on your every word and post. It just goes to show how incredibly powerful social media can be.

Essena seems to feel guilty that she made money off social media, admitting she was often paid large sums of money to post photo’s of outfits she was sent by companies who paid her to promote their clothing. She admitted to being paid up to 1,000 Australian dollars for endorsing a product or company in some of her posts.

Quite honestly, as large as that fee is, bloggers being paid to promote companies is not a huge revelation to most people. Most bloggers make some kind of money off the content they post, no one was forcing Essena to accept money or clothing from companies and if she wanted to be honest with her followers, she could have informed them when posts where sponsored content.

Blogging has become a legitimate career and way of making money for some people and I don’t think that is a bad thing and it doesn’t make you a bad person. It may not be the most conventional job on the planet but it is still a job. If your job includes you having to post paid promotional content in order to pay your rent, that’s fine, as long as you are honest about it you shouldn’t feel guilty about using it as a means to putting food on the table.

Essena also posted a tell all  video entitled Why I REALLY am quitting social media – The Truth, all about her experiences as a social media star and how it made her obsess over her body and self image. The video has since been deleted but has been re-uploaded by another user. There are several response videos posted since her announcement to leave YouTube & Instagram, both praising and questioning her reasoning for these decisions.

In the video, Essena directs people to her new website Let’s Be Game Changers, she wants the site to be a place of truth and honesty. She mentioned that she plans to leave YouTube so she can make videos on Vimeo instead, which she feels she can make more honest content. I have to admit, I can’t understand why a person would make a grandiose announcement about boycotting social media, just to move to another platform of social media? I can appreciate the sentiment but still, it seems a little bit like she’s just changing the scenery but not the situation.

Some people might say that this is all just a clever marketing strategy, to build up a buzz and redirect others to her new site. Ironically, her decision to quite social media has now made her more popular than ever! I think Essena could benefit from a little break from social media, heck, we all could. She is still very young and I think it is a positive thing that she realized now rather than later, that gaining approval from social media will never make her truly happy on the inside.

I think it is important to remember that social media isn’t inherently negative, we need to be careful with how we use social media and how we let if affect our perception. Social media becomes a problem when you let it effect you by misguiding your perceptions of reality. Once you take every filtered post with a grain of salt, you can move on with your day and try not let other people’s representations of their lives effect yours.

As a Blogger and YouTuber I feel like I can relate a lot to what Essena stated in her emotional video and instagram posts, there can be a lot of pressure to look pretty and confident online. As much as bloggers like to give off the impression that everything is rosey and we’re all the best of friends, that isn’t the case. However, I think our biggest hater can often be ourselves. As the great Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “no one can make you feel inferior without your consent”.

Well calculated marketing strategy or not, I for one am incredibly interested to see what Essena O’Neil does with her new website. Even though she will still have a presence online, I hope it makes her happier to create content that both fulfills her and inspires others.

I wish her the very best of luck in the future.


Steal Her Style: Kiera Rose


Kiera Rose is a YouTuber from the UK, who has a wonderful sense of style and happens to be a good friend of mine! I really enjoy her casual style and the hints of girly glamour she adds to each outfit. Kiera makes videos documenting her life, cruelty free beauty and speaks from the heart about many topics such as mental health and many other struggles people face in their daily lives.

I love how her style reflects her lifestyle and personality! She wears clothes are fashionable yet comfortable and she knows how to accessorize her looks to add an element of glamour and style to everyday looks. She has her own online shop named Little Doe, where she sells beautiful necklaces, plugs and tunnels. You can sometimes see Kiera wearing some of her own designs in her videos but she also wears a pair of simple black tunnels that go perfectly with every outfit.


Kiera is a fan of comfy flannel shirts and loose fitted vest tops, she usually pairs simple key items of clothing with pretty accessories to create a really nice dressy casual look. To transform a day time look to a night time look, she sometimes will pair a statement necklace with a vest top, along with a faux leather jacket to create a a stylish yet wearable look. Kiera gets a lot of inspiration from nature, so her preferred colour palettes for clothing usually include a lot of earthy tones. She also loves clothing with pretty patterns inspired by nature and animals such as deer, owls & bee’s.


Make-up wise Kiera always keeps it fresh and simple. On days when she doesn’t want to wear much makeup she applies Superdrug CC Cream in the lightest shade on days when she doesn’t want to wear much makeup, she then uses Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade to fill in her brows. To accentuate her lashes she curls them with an eyelash curler and applies Gosh Double Precision Mascara Black and uses the Sleek Face Form Palette to add some colour to her cheeks!

You can check Kiera’s cruelty free makeup tutorials and beauty tips on her YouTube channel!


I think it is safe to say that Kiera’s favourite beauty product of all time is Coconut Oil! Kiera uses it as a moisturiser as well as an effective makeup remover. You can buy Coconut Oil in all good food shops, I suggest buying an organic based coconut oil as it more natural to use on your skin. Kiera Rose is cruelty free vlogger, so all the products she uses have been sourced ethically, she loves cruelty free companies like Lush, Dr. Organic and Barry M.


The Emotion Revolution

Today I have been inspired by Lady Gaga and her call to action for a Emotion Revolution.

Gaga recently spoke at Yale University about how society has become almost inept of expressing emotion. We live in a world where social media rules our everyday lives, we claim to connect with people now more than ever, through mediums like Twitter, Facebook & tumblr but do we really?

I think it’s important to be able to connect with our emotions and with others. We live in a society that yells men to “man up” whenever they want to share their feelings and tells women that if they dress in a way that provokes a negative reaction that “they were asking for it.”

Self expression is something we need as humans, it’s so important and we need to share our feelings with others. It’s time we destigmatized the thought that emotions mean we’re weak, being able to express your emotions to another person is brave and isn’t something to be ashamed of.

Emotions make us human.

Social media can be a dangerous place in many ways, it’s a shark pool of trolls and haters but not only that, it can create a false world where we don’t connect with people on a one to one basis anymore. It can create solitude and limit our self expression in many ways. Don’t get me wrong, it most certainly has it’s perks but in a world where social media is our main form of connection, how can we get back to basics and connect with people in a more pure and simplified manner?

Four simple words: Random Acts of Kindness.

Being kind to others and yourself is a wonderful way to spread joy and connect with people on a deeper level. Kindness is one of the purest acts of self love a person can send out into the world, it creates a ripple effect and it only takes one drop to create a ripple.

  • Give someone a genuine compliment, you might make their day
  • Call your parents/grandparents or anyone you love for that matter
  • Put your phone away when speaking to someone, it’s usually much appreciated!
  • Take someone you love out to lunch for a catch up
  • Hold the door for someone
  • Smile at a stranger
  • Buy a homeless person some food or a warm blanket
  • Genuinely ask someone how they’ve been lately
  • Text an old friend and reconnect with them
  • Make someone a handmade gift
  • Plant a tree or some plants to help save the worlds bees
  • Send someone a hand written letter or postcard
  • Stand up for someone who is being bullied
  • Encourage people when they are passionate about something
  • Give someone a hug
  • Tidy the house for your parents or wash their car
  • If you see someone alone at school/a party etc. talk to them
  • Support a friends blog or business by sharing it with other friends
  • Write a note telling a loved one that you appreciate them & leave it on their desk or pillow

and sometimes we need to be kind to ourselves.

  • Run a hot bath, use your favoruite bubble bath and relax
  • Curl with in a blanket and read a book
  • Treat yourself to a hair cut or a facial
  • Learn to say “no” to things that don’t serve you
  • Say “yes” to things that excite you & inspire you
  • Spend time with your loved ones
  • Take a walk in nature and connect with yourself again
  • Listen to your body and take a rest when you need to
  • Watch your favourite comedy and laugh your ass off
  • Take the time to ask yourself what are you thankful for
  • Tell a friend how you are feeling and get things off your chest
  • Join a class you’ve always wanted to try out or learn a new skill
  • Only hang out with people that lift you up and don’t drag you down
  • Listen to music that makes you happy and dance like no one is watching
  • Tell yourself that you are strong and that you can get through the though times
  • Watch videos that will restore your faith in humanity like Zion’s Story

There really is an unlimited number of ways that you can be kind to yourself and to others.

Let’s reconnect with ourselves as humans and get back to spreading kindness and joy, instead of feeding into negativity, be it online or in real life. Change is not possible without action, we must actively make the effort to change, to express ourselves and to be kinder to one another.

Watch Lady Gaga speak about the emotion revolution at Yale University:


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