Whedon Fashion Week #1 Drusilla

“Do you love my insides, the parts you can’t see?”

To start off my Whedon Fashion Week posts I decide to firstly post about my favorite whedonverse character, Drusilla. Her fashion sense has always captured my attention and I love the classic vampire related colouring of her outfits, mostly blood reds with textures such as silk and lace to encapsulate the romanticism of her personality and her flowing movements. She has a child like quality about her and also a longing for violence which really shows in her outfit choices.
dr fash

Her make up was always very minimal, sometimes she added a splash of colour with a dark lip colour, usually a dark red or a dark burgundy. Her eyes usually kept very simple most of the time, with some nude and natural looking eyedshadow, although she has been known to go a bit 80s and throw on some electric blue eyeshadow! You never know with Drusilla! Her look was always so effortless and her style was timeless like her immortal self.

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