A.H.S Coven Style Profile: Madison Montgomery



In American Horror Story season three, episode two, we see a lot more of Madison Montgomery, played by Emma Roberts. Teen film star and super bitch extraordinaire, with telekinetic powers that can literally flip over moving buses. Her style is very current but she adds a little sass to her outfits with punk and gothic inspired pieces.madison

In the Coven episode “Boy Parts” we see her wearing a very grungey inspired outfit. She was wearing a green camo gold studded jacket with leather sleeves, long t-shirt with a tiger print on the front and black riding boots. She accessorized her outfit by wearing large black sunglasses, a simple gold necklace and a black leather back pack. In the episode I am pretty sure her nails where painted a dark purple and her make up was kept simple and natural.

Being the most egostistical young witch in this season, it is no surprise that her style is the most impressive so far, out of all the girls from Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies. I am really looking forward to seeing her character develop and to see  what else she will be wearing in this seasons Coven episodes.


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