Whedon Fashion Week #2 Faith

“Five by five”

When I was younger I remember seeing Faith Lehane on my television screen and thinking “I want to be her”. Her whole persona gave off this bad ass rock ‘n’ roll vibe and it showed in her outfit choices. When I think of Faith I think of leather jackets, heavy boots and a no nonsense “fuck you” attitude to go with it. Biker chick chic with a feminine twist.faith fashion

Make up wise she usually opted for a clear lip gloss and subtle eye shadows but sometimes added a little edge to her look with some black eyeliner and ruby red lips. She usually had her nails painted black and wore simple accessories. Out of all the whedonverse women I relate to Faith’s style the most. Her look was always minimal yet stylish and she incorporated her tom-boy and girly side to create a look that was tough but feminine at the same time.

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