Whedon Fashion Week #3 Buffy

“We saved the world i say we party.”

Buffy Anne Summers, Sunnydale’s golden haired champion and she-ro to millions of girls and guys through out the whedonverse! Buffy’s fashion sense always fascinated me, through the show’s amazing seven seasons she wore some pretty interesting numbers, some where good and some where bad but they where all very BUFFY. That’s what I love about Buffy, she was always just herself and she experimented with many different looks through out the years.
buffy summers fashionOne of my favorite Buffy outfits was her classic prom dress from the episode “Prophecy Girl”. It really showed Buffy’s innocent side and how she longed to be a normal girl for even just one night. She wore a beautiful white prom dress & classic high heeled mary jane’s. Buffy’s make up was always kept really minimal, she usually wore a lot of warm tones on her eyes and lips and her everyday look was very natural and pretty. When I think of Buffy’s staple accessories I think of her Claddagh ring given to her by Angel, her assortment of silver hoop earrings and her trusty crucifix necklace. Her look was very “of it’s time”, Buffy for me is one of the biggest 90s fashion icons ever and her hair was always perfectly styled and gave me a serious case of hair envy. If I had to describe Buffy’s style I would call it “Girl Next Door With A Secret”. Her fashion sense, like Joss & his episode plots, always kept us guessing!

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