Whedon Fashion Week #6 Giles

“Don’t you like my mask? Isn’t it pretty? It raises the dead!! …..AMERICANS!!”

Rupert Giles, possibly the greatest father figure in all the whedonverse. With his poised mannerisms and quick wit, Giles was a prominent figure in the scoobies lives from the beginning and became one of the gangs most respected and loved members. Before Giles became Buffy’s watcher he had an experimental rebellious phase after dropping out of the prestigious Oxford University in England, he began to dabble in dark magick, sorcery and the rock music scene and he was given the nickname “Ripper”, but he soon came to understand that being a Watcher was his calling.

gilesfashionSome might say that Giles might not be the most fashion conscious whedonverse character ever but I beg to differ. I think he always dressed to impress! He usually wore 3 piece suits, even when he was fighting evil! His signature fabric was tweed but he also wore beautifully tailored waist coats and sometimes he took a day off from being dapper and looked equally as handsome wearing casual sweaters and sometimes simple t-shirts along with a casual blazer. Giles wore simple accessories, such as a brown leather strapped watch with a gold rimmed clock and a simple gold ring with a square black face on his baby finger.  With his vast knowledge in demonology and witchcraft and slayer hand to hand combat, it was rare to see Giles without a trusty book in his hand, re searching demons, conjuring spells, protection spells and special dates that might effect the fate of humanity etc!

Watcher, protector and bad ass.

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