The Sterling Silver hair dye by Arctic Fox turned my hair green!

To be honest, I wasn’t going to write this blog. I don’t like doing negative reviews but if it will save someone going through the hassle that I went through, then I will do it.

For a long time, I spent months fading and removing the Virgin Pink hair dye by Arctic Fox, from my hair and getting it back to a clean blonde. I somehow managed to achieve that, after much hassle and money spent. It was a lot of effort to remove the bright pink colour from my hair but once I had, I was ready to tone it to my desired colour of silver/grey.


Hair during the removal of the Virgin Pink hair dye


And after I fully removed Virgin Pink. (No toning)

I noticed that Arctic Fox had released a silver dye and after researching the best ways to tone your hair to silver, I discovered that the best option for me might be to use a silver dye, rather than a toner. As it would last longer and be easier to use. Or so I thought.

As I had used their products before and I trusted Arctic Fox as  a company, I looked up a few YouTube reviews of the product. I also checked the Arctic Fox instagram for photos of people who have already tried and tested the dye. I found it very difficult to find many videos or photos of people who had used Sterling Silver and I was about to find out why.

What happened next was a disaster.

I foolishly purchased the large bottle of Sterling Silver from the Arctic Fox website and applied it to my hair. It went on as a dark silver and I left it in for the recommended time. I thought all was well, until I washed it out. When I was washing my hair over the bathtub, I noticed from the corner of my eye, a flicker of green. My heart sank and I almost screamed with absolute shock.

I whipped my head up in that very instant and looked in the mirror. My hair was bright green.


Hair after using Sterling Silver by Arctic Fox

I instantly burst into tears. All my hard work of fading the pink and getting my hair to blonde, was gone to waste. Needless to say, I was absolutely furious and couldn’t understand what had happened. My hair was evenly blonde and the colour was the perfect shade of blonde to be toned to a silver tone.

In my rage, I tweeted about my misfortune and to my surprise, received a response from someone who had the same outcome with the same brand. I was then directed to several review sites, all with many other customers, claiming to have had the same issue as me.

I contacted the company and explained the situation. They responded to me within a few days and pretty much gave me no answers, other than that it must have been yellow tones in my hair. So, apparently it was my fault!?? They did give me a full refund (which I demanded), but I was still furious and frantically trying to remove the disgusting green tone from my hair.


I used ColorB4 to remove the bulk of the green and then proceeded to do two separate bleach baths on my hair. My hair was in pretty bad shape after all of the scrubbing and treatments I was doing to remove the green, but there was absolutely no way I was walking around with my hair looking like that. It looked horrendous.

I am still allowing my hair to recover and have since been to a hairdresser to ask for advice. She tested my a piece of my hair, to see if it could be toned and she told me that the Sterling Silver was possibly still stuck in my hair cuticle. Making the sample of my hair turn green again and making toning not possible at this time.

Since then, I’ve been wearing a wig in my videos and have been taking care of my hair with lots of deep conditioning treatments and shampooing it as normal. Hopefully I can tone my hair before Christmas, otherwise I will just have to wait and see what can be done with it or change the colour entirely, as I may have no other option.

Honestly, I am so furious about the entire situation. My hair was a at peak condition prior to adding the Sterling Silver hair dye to my hair. I wish I had just left it the way it was, as the hair dye caused my hair to change tone completely, taking me back to square one and leaving myself and two professional hairdressers baffled.

I am not posting this review to bad mouth Arctic Fox. However, I do want to warn people about this product. I am not the only one who has had this issue, as you can read in these amazon reviews and here on the HotTopic website. I’m not sure if I got a bad batch or if the formula hasn’t fully been perfected yet. Either way, it is not a product I would recommend to anyone.

Be very careful when researching and buying these types of products online. Sometimes it is worth saving your money and going to a professional. I wish I had!


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