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Shielo Hair Products Review

I recently received the the Shielo volumizing shampoo and hairspray to test out.

The shampoo is best teamed with a conditioner in my opinion, after using the shampoo my hair did feel thicker than it normally does which was quite a surprise to me as volumizing treatments never normally make a difference to my hair. After i dried my hair i used the Shielo Flexible Design hairspray which helped lift my roots and keep my hair in place nicely.

One of my favorites things about these products is that they are not tested on animals.

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Homevideo Mixtape!

Just some clips I had on my laptop of me with some of my family & friends!

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So this week i created a lookbook page & posted my first look!

A few people have asked to to start posting on it so i decided why not!

Here are some pictures I took today of my first look titled “The Only Goth At Prom!”

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Some silly fun with make up! We didn’t add any blood or anything because we were just playing around with Read More →

Bed Head Dumb Blonde Reconstructor Review


“Reconstructor For After Highlights, Damaged or Chemically Treated Hair”

When i first dyed my hair blonde my major concern was the damage bleaching would do to my hair, so i decided to invest in a new treatment to keep my hair in top shape. I was out shopping one day and i came across this little beauty!

I got it at a discounted price in TK MAXX for around €8.00. You can buy bed head products in most good pharmacies and some hair dressers stock them, I have seen then in the windows mainly at peter marks.

The name “Dumb Blonde” kind of gives off the impression that this product is only aimed at blondes but after reading the other side of the tube it says that it can be used to treat many different hair colours. This treatment is packed with protein, keratin and Pro-Vitiam B-5 and should be left in the hair form up to 5-10 minutes to help restore the hair. I have used this product a few times, mainly after my hair has undergone bleaching or I feel it needs a bit of a boost. It smells nice and has sort of a buttery texture. My advice would be to make sure that after using this product, that you wash your hair thoroughly, if you don’t it can leave your hair feeling a bit greasy due to the excess product still being in your hair.

This product is really nice and it helps my hair a lot after bleaching, It is best not to use it too often because too much protein for the hair can be bad, so i only use this when my hair really needs a pick me up. The only con’s for me are that Bed Head Products can be expensive but like i said, I found this one at a discounted rate so that wasn’t too bad for me, so shop around before you buy it if you feel the salon price is too expensive for you. Also after reading other reviews on this product, I found that the people who enjoyed this product the most were people who’s hair has been sufficiently damaged by chemicals (dying hair) and people who’s hair has been damaged by using heat (straightening, curling etc).

You can check out other Bed Head Products at:

L’Oreal Elvive Colour Protect Illuminating Serum Review

Recently i purchased this hair serum on a whim while shopping with my friend, I have actually never used serum before really so i was interested in buying some to test the waters a bit! This serum cost €5.00 at my local pharmacy. I first  applied it  to towel dry hair and i let my hair dry naturally, usually when i let my hair dry naturally it goes very puffy but after using this serum it felt really soft, it made my hair much more manageable and easier to style than usual.

I think this serum is ideal if you want to give your hair a little boost after the wear and tear of harsh weather, heat damage etc, it is a really nice little product just to have really! I use it after every wash now and it keeps my hair in good nick until my next wash. As well as making my hair feel soft and smooth it also adds shine to my hair, the serum uses a light reflecting system that smooths  hair cuticles and helps protect the hair fibres.

If you are looking for a new product to try i strongly recommend this, It is the best thing i have bought for my hair in a long time. It’s small enough to carry in your handbag for when you have a frizz emergency that needs urgent treatment (lol) and it’s affordable.

You can find the product here:

Or at most pharmacies.

Korpse Kosmetics Review

I recently purchased and received some goodies from Korpse Kosmetics!

I was really excited to try the products out and I must say they did not disappoint. The shadows are so pigmented and beautiful, I love all the bright colours, Korpse Kosmetics have some cute and fun collections to choose from!  The delivery was quick and when I opened the package the products were in cute containers with the Korpse Kosmetics Logo on top, as well as being sealed and wrapped in some lovely pink wrapping paper, the products were literally sealed with a bow!








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No Scrubs/Edge Of Glory/Super Bass Helium Cover!

Glen & I giggling messing about with helium! (Links below) Glens Channel: (He will be making videos soon!) My Read More →

Holiday Adventure: Marmaris Turkey!

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