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Being pale is shameful?!

Getting my mojo back!

It’s Mental Health Awareness Month, so I’ve decide today that I will be open about some of my struggles recently. I’ve been finding it incredibly hard to find any kind of motivation, even in regards to the things I am passionate about. I have been making YouTube videos for over eight years now, and while it has been such a wonderful experience for me, it’s also been a constant struggle. A struggle to stay motivated and to stay true to myself.

I’ve come to terms with the fact I will never be a “big” YouTuber but the lack of change or channel growth can sometimes be incredibly disheartening. I’ve realised that I need to stop trying to fit in on YouTube, and online in general, for that matter. I need to start allowing myself to have fun again and stop desperately trying to fit the mold. It never works and it is never fun.

I have always felt like I need to be one thing, have one genre of content and focus solely on that. Although to me, that is just so boring. I get that it is great for continuity but, it’s just not me. I get bored easily and I like to express myself in different ways. So why hold back on that?

Life is too damn short to limit myself. 

Which is why I am no longer uploading videos on a tight schedule, I am uploading content, only when I feel inspired to share something with the world and when I have something to say. I have been having impromptu cosplay photo shoots (see photo above), recording videos when a light bulb of inspiration goes off in my mind, and in general, having fun being creative again.

Taking the pressure off myself to “keep up with the Joneses” is really sparking a new found passion within me. There is nothing more stifling than creating something, for the sake of it.

It’s time to get back to basics and just have fun.

Because its obvious when someone is passionate about something. That in itself, is inspiring.

Catastrophe Cosmetic Review

Since my journey towards a minimalist lifestyle began, I have slowly but surely been getting through a lot of my beauty products. Recently, I eventually used up a few of my Lush products and realised that I could recycle the pots in-store and receive a free face mask in the process. Huzzah!

I had heard great things about the Catastrophe Cosmetic fresh face mask and was excited to try it out. The first thing I noticed about it was the sweet smell. It smells wonderful. So fresh & fruity! Blueberries are one of the main ingredients in this face mask and they give it a really nice scent, as well as a light blue colour. The main ingredients are talc, Irish moss, blueberries, glycerine and almond oil. This face mask is used to calm and soothe the skin when disaster/breakouts strike!

The blueberries act as a natural antioxidant and the face mask also contains a mixture of vitamins and minerals that soothe any inflammation, as well as acting as a mild antiseptic to help heal the skin. It is important to remember to keep your Lush face mask in the fridge, as this will help to preserve the natural ingredients and also creates a cooling effect when applied on to the skin.


The fresh face masks only last a short period of time (approx 3-4 weeks) but you’ll get at least three uses out of each tub. A fun way to use it up, is to invite a friend around and have a pamper session! Make sure to apply the product generously to your face and neck, then sit back and relax.

Size & Price of Product:

This tub is 75g and retails at approx €8 or more, I believe.

Pro’s of the Catastrophe Cosmetic Face Mask:

  • It smells like heaven!
  • It feels lovely when applied on to the skin.
  • Reduces redness and soothes irritation.
  • Leaves me skin feeling fresh, clean & calm.

Con’s of the Catastrophe Cosmetic Face Mask:

  • The fresh face masks only last for a short period of time.

Are Lush products cruelty free?

Yes, they are 100% cruelty free!

Where can I buy this product?

At Lush stores nationwide!

Nia Calendula and Orange Blossom Cleansing Balm Review

A good cleanser is hard to find, especially when you have sensitive skin. I have tried many different types of cleansers over the years, but this is the first time I have ever used a cleansing balm. The Calendula and Orange Blossom Cleansing Balm by Nia, has quickly become one of my beauty routine staples. I came across this little gem at the Irish Beauty Blog Awards.

It was apart of the goodie bag I received at the event and I was pleasantly surprised to see that Nia was in fact an Irish brand! You’ll also be delighted to know, they are natural & cruelty free.


The product itself is creamy and has barely any scent. To use it, I apply a small amount to my face by allowing some of the balm to melt between my hands, by rubbing them together. Then, I massage the product in to my skin and wipe away the excess with damp towel or face cloth. It leaves my skin feeling clean, soft and hydrated. I would highly recommend this product to anyone with sensitive skin, as it is so gentle to use. Sometimes, cleansers can strip away a lot of our naturals oils from our skin but this balm leaves my skin feeling calm and invigorated.

Size & Price of Product:

This tub is 100ml and costs €19.95. It comes with a face cloth and a small wooden scoop.

Pro’s of the Calendula and Orange Blossom Cleansing Balm:

  • It’s soft and gentle on the skin.
  • It melts away makeup and dirt easily.
  • It makes my skin feel silky & soft after I use it.
  • The tub is a decent size and is lasting me ages, even with daily usage.

Con’s of the Calendula and Orange Blossom Cleansing Balm:

  • To be honest, I have no complaints!

Are Nia products cruelty free?

Yes, absolutely and are completely natural!

Where can I buy this product?

You can purchase it on the Nia website or from stockists nationwide!


Erika Jayne is helping me to discover my inner goddess!

I’m not sure if you know this about me but, I really enjoy reality television.

One of my favourite reality TV stars is Erika Girardi AKA Erika Jayne. Who features on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. At first glance, people are usually too quick to judge Erika. Lumping her in with other reality stars and assuming she has nothing of interest to say.

They couldn’t be more wrong.

Erika Jayne is the fabulous alter-ego and stage persona of Erika Girardi. She’s a Mom, a singer and a all-round entertainer, who exudes confidence and a youthful playfulness. Erika acknowledges that as people, we are layered, we are many different things, to ourselves and others, all at once.

In a recent interview with Nylon, she stated, “No one is one way all the time. No one is buttoned up all the time and no one is wild all the time. There are different parts to your personality, different layers – and that’s really what Erika Jayne is, another layer to a human being.”


Source: Nylon

Watching Erika on RHOBH has made me realize how important it is first and foremost, to be true to ourselves and secondly, to live a unapologetically authentic life. What I love about Erika, is that she doesn’t give a sh*t what other people think about her. This is made very clear in her popular, hit single How Many F**ks? and in her take-no-crap attitude.

I think it’s clear by now, that Erika Jayne represents something for me. She represents the opportunity to embrace self-love, instead of running away from it in fear of coming across as vain. She once said “I want to represent freedom; the courage to be yourself and to know you are perfect just the way you were meant to be.” Self-love is defined as regard for one’s own well-being and happiness. I think Erika sets a precedent for importance of feeling good about oneself, standing up for yourself and becoming the best version of you that you can be.

It might sound somewhat superficial, but when I listen to Erika’s music I often imagine myself being the most confident me I can be. I imagine myself in full-glam, wearing something fabulous and feeling great. The type of music that makes you feel confident and sexy, is referred to as mood music. It makes you feel something, it creates an experience, not unlike positive self-talk or developing a confidence habit.

I often use her music and the music of other, similar artists, to do this. I look at it the same way I look at my other self-care practices, such as yoga or meditation. It creates a mind/body connection and it helps me see myself in a more positive light. It allows me to understand that I can evoke the same feeling about myself at anytime, if need or want to.

This is not to say that Erika or I think that self-confidence should only come from what we see on the outside, quite the contrary. It’s incredibly important to work on how you feel on the inside. However, I do think that the two can go hand-in-hand sometimes. I think the author Roald Dahl said it best when he said “If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.” 

If by any chance Erika Jayne ever happens to read this, I would like to say…


And also, thank you. Thank you for helping me explore my own inner Erika Jayne.

It’s liberating!

Check out Erika Jayne on Instagram, YouTube & Twitter.


Gothic Couple Denied Entry to The Louvre Museum in Paris.

Goodbye, Septum Piercing?

The Sterling Silver hair dye by Arctic Fox turned my hair green!

To be honest, I wasn’t going to write this blog. I don’t like doing negative reviews but if it will save someone going through the hassle that I went through, then I will do it.

For a long time, I spent months fading and removing the Virgin Pink hair dye by Arctic Fox, from my hair and getting it back to a clean blonde. I somehow managed to achieve that, after much hassle and money spent. It was a lot of effort to remove the bright pink colour from my hair but once I had, I was ready to tone it to my desired colour of silver/grey.


Hair during the removal of the Virgin Pink hair dye


And after I fully removed Virgin Pink. (No toning)

I noticed that Arctic Fox had released a silver dye and after researching the best ways to tone your hair to silver, I discovered that the best option for me might be to use a silver dye, rather than a toner. As it would last longer and be easier to use. Or so I thought.

As I had used their products before and I trusted Arctic Fox as  a company, I looked up a few YouTube reviews of the product. I also checked the Arctic Fox instagram for photos of people who have already tried and tested the dye. I found it very difficult to find many videos or photos of people who had used Sterling Silver and I was about to find out why.

What happened next was a disaster.

I foolishly purchased the large bottle of Sterling Silver from the Arctic Fox website and applied it to my hair. It went on as a dark silver and I left it in for the recommended time. I thought all was well, until I washed it out. When I was washing my hair over the bathtub, I noticed from the corner of my eye, a flicker of green. My heart sank and I almost screamed with absolute shock.

I whipped my head up in that very instant and looked in the mirror. My hair was bright green.


Hair after using Sterling Silver by Arctic Fox

I instantly burst into tears. All my hard work of fading the pink and getting my hair to blonde, was gone to waste. Needless to say, I was absolutely furious and couldn’t understand what had happened. My hair was evenly blonde and the colour was the perfect shade of blonde to be toned to a silver tone.

In my rage, I tweeted about my misfortune and to my surprise, received a response from someone who had the same outcome with the same brand. I was then directed to several review sites, all with many other customers, claiming to have had the same issue as me.

I contacted the company and explained the situation. They responded to me within a few days and pretty much gave me no answers, other than that it must have been yellow tones in my hair. So, apparently it was my fault!?? They did give me a full refund (which I demanded), but I was still furious and frantically trying to remove the disgusting green tone from my hair.


I used ColorB4 to remove the bulk of the green and then proceeded to do two separate bleach baths on my hair. My hair was in pretty bad shape after all of the scrubbing and treatments I was doing to remove the green, but there was absolutely no way I was walking around with my hair looking like that. It looked horrendous.

I am still allowing my hair to recover and have since been to a hairdresser to ask for advice. She tested my a piece of my hair, to see if it could be toned and she told me that the Sterling Silver was possibly still stuck in my hair cuticle. Making the sample of my hair turn green again and making toning not possible at this time.

Since then, I’ve been wearing a wig in my videos and have been taking care of my hair with lots of deep conditioning treatments and shampooing it as normal. Hopefully I can tone my hair before Christmas, otherwise I will just have to wait and see what can be done with it or change the colour entirely, as I may have no other option.

Honestly, I am so furious about the entire situation. My hair was a at peak condition prior to adding the Sterling Silver hair dye to my hair. I wish I had just left it the way it was, as the hair dye caused my hair to change tone completely, taking me back to square one and leaving myself and two professional hairdressers baffled.

I am not posting this review to bad mouth Arctic Fox. However, I do want to warn people about this product. I am not the only one who has had this issue, as you can read in these amazon reviews and here on the HotTopic website. I’m not sure if I got a bad batch or if the formula hasn’t fully been perfected yet. Either way, it is not a product I would recommend to anyone.

Be very careful when researching and buying these types of products online. Sometimes it is worth saving your money and going to a professional. I wish I had!


Disney Princesses are a danger to children!?

Possibly, the best cruelty free make-up remover of all time?!

If you’re looking for the best cruelty-free makeup remover ever, this is it.

The Dizzolv’it Makeup Melt Cleansing Balm easily melts away make-up (including hard to remove waterproof liquid eyeliner!) and other skin products, including sunscreen and heavy foundations.

I became aware of this product through a goody-bag I received at blog award ceremony this year. I used the Dizzolv’it balm the night I came home from the event and was blown away at how well it removed my eye make-up, and how easy it made make-up removing routine. I was impressed!


The balm comes in a tub and has a small scoop, to allow you to pick up the product easily and apply it to target areas of your face. The best way I can describe the product, is that it literally feels like the balm is melting away your make up. The light pink balm responds to your body heat, melting into a silky liquid as you rub the product into your skin. It feels like a light, cleansing oil and is easily wiped away with a cotton pad, removing every single bit of makeup along with it!


Whenever I spend the day/night wearing make-up, I always use the Dizzolv’it balm when I get home. It makes removing my make-up so much quicker and prevents me from tugging on my eyes when removing resilient eye-makeup. All I have to do is apply a tiny amount of the balm across my eye lid and in one sweep, I can remove almost 90% or more of my eye-makeup.

Even thought the balm is cleansing, I would suggest cleansing your face with your usual face wash afterwards. Just to make sure you’ve removed all of the product and leave your skin feeling fresh.

A little goes a long way with this product and it is lasting me ages. I will absolutely be re-purchase this product in the future and i’d highly recommended it to anyone who loves stress free make-up removal and cruelty free beauty products.

Size & Price of Product:

This tub is 50ml & costs €25.00

Pro’s of the Dizzolv’it Makeup Melt Cleansing Balm :

  • Quick & easy to use
  • Works like a dream!

Con’s of the Dizzolv’it Makeup Melt Cleansing Balm :

  • Honestly, I can’t think of any.

Are Cailyn products cruelty free?

Yes, they are Leaping Bunny certified! And they’re Irish.

Where can I buy this product?

You can purchase it on the Cailyn Ireland website or in pharmacies nationwide!