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Harley Quinn Cosplay!






Alien Khaleesi ♥



The only go†h in the village

First off, the title of this post is a joke, just in case anyone thinks I actually consider myself a real goth. I was recording a video yesterday and I tried out some really simple make up that I actually really liked. Although I think wearing black lipstick would take some getting used to, It definitely requires the person wearing it has the confidence to do so! I like how the black lipstick contrasts really against my skin colour.

I got a bit of slack for wearing it. I was called a “hipster” which made me laugh because I am far from a hipster. Oh well, I like to try out new looks so not everyone is going to like what I do no matter what.

I will be uploading a video on Monday, I recorded two videos yesterday as well as taking some pictures. (I was very bored!) I even got started on cutting out a pattern for a dress I want to make. It is a bit complicated but hopefully I can figure it all out.











Hey everyone!

So last night I decided to announce the name of my up and coming store Riottt Gear!

And to celebrate the announcement I am doing a giveaway on tumblr where I am going to be giving you the chance to win one of the very first printed shirts from the line. I am so excited about getting the store up and running. I still have a few kinks to work out before it is all ready to go but I wanted to give you guys a sneak preview of the shirts that will be on sale in the store.

The Riottt Gear logo was created by my good friend Marie Viktoria.

I highly recommend her as a graphic artist, her portfolio of work is very impressive. Please click the link with her name if you wish to contact her for work/design related enquiries. I am hoping to have everything set up before Christmas time. I will keep you all updated on here with regular blog posts and news!

Thank you for all the positive feedback and comments so far!

If you want to enter the giveaway on tumblr click the link here and follow the instructions.

EllieJayden xoxo