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SUICIDE SQUAD: Harley Quinn’s Outfit Revealed!

My thoughts on Harley Quinn & Her New Suicide Squad Outfit.

Let me start this off my saying that I have been a fan of Harley Quinn since the day I saw her on Batman: The Animated Series. Her lovable personality and goofy sense of humor enchanted me from an early age and I have loved her character ever since. Even though she is portrayed as a deranged woman who fell in love with a psychopath clown, she’s strangely relatable.

Many people have uttered the words, “Harley doesn’t set a good example for women”.

You know what, I don’t disagree in the slightest. I am well aware that Harley isn’t the perfect example of a stable woman, functioning well in society and within relationships. She is far from it.

She is insane. 

Anyone who is a fan of Harley will know that her relationship with the Joker is far from perfect. The more emotionally and physically abusive he is to her, the more she craves his approval and love. I honestly think those who romanticize their relationship are missing the point entirely.

She represents something seriously dark and twisted. She represents a lot of fucked up things like domestic violence, toxic relationships and mental illness. Make no mistake, Harley Quinn is one of the most popular female characters in the DC universe, hell, she’s probably is the most popular.

The reason why so many people love Harley is because she’s relatable. She speaks to the deepest, darkest parts of a lot of people’s minds and she provides the comic relief that people dealing with these kinds of issues need. One of her costumes (which I love!) in the new Suicide Squad film, is in direct relation to all of this. Her outfit shows her obsession with the man she loves. Her choker says ‘Puddin’, which as a lot of fans will know is her pet name for The Joker & her t-shirt say’s ‘Daddy’s Lil Monster’ represents her obsessive and submissive behaviour towards The Joker.

Harley Quinn never tries to be a hero to women, she simply represents a lot of our fears and secrets. She is an extremely animated metaphor for a lot of physical and emotional struggles people live through on a daily basis. Art is created to evoke feelings, these feelings can either be negative or positive and all art is subjective.

In a lot of way’s she is art imitating life and that terrifies people.

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My Feature in Kultur Magazine!

I am very excited to announce that I am featured in the latest issue of Kultur MagazineKultur Magazine is an alternative magazine based in Cape Town, South Africa. Kultur features many different creative people such as alternative models, artists, musicians and this month …me!

 My article is all about my love of dressing up, fashion and cosplay.

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Cara Delevingne set to play Harley Quinn in new Batman film!?

News has broken out that the model of the moment, Cara Delevingne, has been lined up to play comic book character Harley Quinn in a future adaption of DC’s Suicide Squad. The film was confirmed by Warner Brothers this month and is rumored to be released in 2016. As a lot of you know, I am a huge Harley Quinn fan, so this news has been quite a shock to me and quite honesty,

I am not happy about it.

Cara Delevingne is a great model, i’ll give her that, but the role of Harley is not something that should be handed out like candy by DC. Harley Quinn is possibly the most popular female DC character of all time, every single time I attend a convention there are at least ten people cosplaying as her. The release of the Arkham video games have also given Harley a boost in popularity over the past few years and she is probably more popular than ever nowadays. The first time I ever saw Harley Quinn was on Batman: The Animated Series, as a child. She was so popular with fans in the animated series that DC crossed over her character into the Batman comic book series. It is safe to say that Harley is a beloved character in the DC universe as well as the comic book universe in general.

I have grown up with this character, i’m invested in this character emotionally, so it is safe to say that I have some qualms about Cara portraying my favorite comic book character of all time on the big screen. More so, I am hurt by DC’s handling of Harley’s character in recent times. Like the horrific idea of hosting a drawing contest, where entrants had to draw Harley in various scenarios, committing suicide. Not to mention they have also been disrespectful towards the character of Batwoman, telling their artists that they are not allowed to portray Batwoman and her girlfriend marrying in a same sex ceremony, but that is a whole other blog post in itself.

I honestly have no ill will towards Cara, I just feel that she is not the right choice for this role. In my opinion, DC saw an opportunity to get the model of the moment on board with this film because her face is pretty much plastered on every street corner the world over and she is affiliated with some of the worlds biggest brands. Not to mention her status as a celebrity and connections to some of the top dogs of almost every major industry in the world. Sure, she is a marketing dream but is she right for the role for those reasons alone?! Harley has never featured in any major Batman film because honestly, the boots are too big to fill. The character is so beloved by the fan base that choosing the right actress for the role is almost like finding a needle in a haystack.

Of course there are other factors, like where would she fit into the story line of the franchises films but I think there would have been some chance of her appearing in one of Christopher Nolan’s Batman films, if Heath Ledger was alive to be in the final film of the Nolan series. In my mind, as a fully fledged Harley Quinn fan girl, the only person to play the role of Harley Quinn would have been the late Brittany Murphy. Oh and let me tell you, I am not alone in that thought. I found an entire fan base online, who feel the same. In fact, there are many fan art depictions of Heath and Brittany portraying the iconic couple together. In my opinion, they would have been perfect to play Harley & The Joker in the Nolan franchise, but hey, that’s just me. Unfortunately, tragic circumstances prohibit my Harley/Joker dream team from ever happening.

Another reason I think DC are so quick to latch on to the idea of casting a popular model is because Marvel have them quaking in their boots after the phenomenal response to their latest hit film, Guardians of the Galaxy. It seems that DC will do anything to get their name in the press and cause a buzz around their announcement of their plans to release a film adaption of the Suicide Squad comics. Cara has millions of followers on social media and her rumored relationship towards the film is bound to generate some press and opinions about the up coming film and hey, I guess they were right because they sure got me fired up enough to write a blog about it!

I just think that DC no longer care about their female characters, all they want is money and through the roof sales and to compete with their rivals. They want the Suicide Squad to overshadow films like Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers and I get that, I really do. What bothers me is the sheer disrespect and nonchalant decisions they are making for some of their female characters as of late, including Harley.

Whatever the final decision DC make about who plays Harley in the film adaption of Suicide Squad, I hope that they are respectful of Harley and stay true to her character. Harley is a big part of the comic book universe and her character is special to a lot of fans. The decision about who plays her should not be taken lightly or given to someone who is popular at this very moment, in order to draw in a bigger audience and copious amounts of press.

One thing I will admit is that I respect Marvel more than DC, for taking the time to match the right actor to the role they are looking to fill. Over the years, Superhero films have smashed the box office wide open. I am so happy to see more comic books being made into epic, ball busting films but I do feel that integrity of characters like Harley Quinn are being compromised in order to make a quick buck in Hollywood.

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