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A little update.

Hello lovely reader,

It’s been a while. The last written blog I posted on here was published in July and I wanted to write this post, to explain to you where I have been and why I have been neglecting my blog over the past few months. Honestly, a lot has been going on. I have had a lot of setbacks and a some little victories, but most of all I have been trying to find my footing in the blogging world.

As some of you know, I have recently changed the direction of my YouTube channel. I started making videos where I give my social commentary on issues that are going on in the world. I have always been a very opinionated person and for a long time, I was feeling unhappy with the content that I posted on YouTube. If I am being totally candid here, I can admit to you that my channel wasn’t doing so well and I was no longer enjoying the content I was creating. It wasn’t enough for me. Don’t get me wrong, I still absolutely love fashion and beauty but they are not the only topics I want to talk about anymore.

I needed to shake things up and I did. I’m glad I did.


My channel is doing much better now and I feel excited to make videos again. That is not to say that I won’t be posting beauty, hair or story-time related videos ever again. I will! I still do. My channel is going to be a mixed bag, it is going to be a mishmash of my interests, personality and life. I have also been thinking a lot about how I can keep my old and new audience happy, and I think I have discovered a way to do just that! I’m going to use my blog to house a large majority of my beauty reviews, hair posts and fashion blogs, etc.

In fact all of my content will be posted here on this site, my videos and my blogs. There are different categories on my blog (check the top, right-hand corner of my site) to choose from and it’ll be a one-stop-shop for all of my content to be viewed and (hopefully) enjoyed.

So if you only enjoy my social commentary or geeky related content you can find it easily. Or, you are a fan of my beauty, hair & fashion content, you can find all of it on one page, at the click of a button. It will be a fully fledged lifestyle blog and I really hope you enjoy it.


I hope that EllieJayden.com can become something different for everyone. A hub of advice, opinions and information. I’m currently working on some new blog posts and hope to get back on track with everything as soon as possible. I’m excited about it and I hope you will be too!

Stay tuned for new content and thanks for sticking around 🙂



Hair Dye Fail! :(

Get Ready For ​​Rihanna’s New Makeup Range, Fenty Beauty!

Rihanna has been getting ready to WERK WERK WERK WERK WERKKKK on her new makeup line in collaboration with LVMH. The range is to be called Fenty Beauty by Rihanna and it’s rumored that Rihanna signed the deal for a cool $10 million. The makeup line is set to launch in autumn 2017.

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna is a beauty rocket ship that will appeal to a huge and diverse global audience. We are aiming for the stars,” David Suliteanu, CEO of Kendo, a division of LVMH, said.

This isn’t Rihanna’s first time working in the beauty industry. In 2013 she collaborated with MAC Cosmetics to create a limited edition run of her RiRi Hearts Mac collection and she also worked with MAC as Viva Glam ambassador in 2014, creating a lipstick to raise funds for AIDS research.

Rihanna has been a busy lady, juggling her music career, working as a creative director at Puma, filming a documentary and running her very own styling agency. How does she do it all?!

Are we really still shocked by Kim Kardashian’s naked selfies?

Anyone who has a twitter account was bound to see the crazy tweets Kim Kardashian was posted the other day, as well as her naked selfies. As we all know, Kim is not shy about her body and has no problem sharing her naked flesh with the entire world via her social media pages.

Not long after she posted the sultry images, Kim was met with praise and criticism from her fans and the celebrity world alike. Bette Midler and Chloe Grace Moretz tweeted their dismay towards the selfies and Kim fired back with some sassy tweets in response.

Honestly, I thought Kanye had taken over her account because the tweets were so out of character for Kim and it was clear that she gave zero fucks that day.

And I guess the real question is, should she care?!

Whenever Kim posts a naked or raunchy selfie, everyone freaks the hell out over it and I don’t know why. We have seen Kim naked before and we have seen her naked plenty. It isn’t anything new. In fact, if we are being brutally honest it is exactly what we expect from Kim Kardashian.

Many will argue that Kim is a 35 year old mother of two, who is successful and content with her self, so why does she feel the need to share her naked body with the world all the time? As it was International Women’s Day on the day she posted the selfie, was she just trying to feel liberated as a woman? I honestly don’t think there is a right or wrong answer to any of these questions. It’s all subjective.

Lets be honest, Kim Kardashian sells sex. She sells beauty, glamour and a lifestyle that many of us could only dream of living. Kim gained international fame from a sex tape she did thirteen years ago and has the most famous ass in the world. No, not Kanye. I mean her derriere! (see what I did there?) Some of us may not agree with Kim posting naked selfies or even like her as a person but whether we like it or not, this kind of stuff is her bread and butter. It’s what she does.

Kim fired back at haters by writing a statement on her website saying “It’s 2016. The body-shaming and slut-shaming—it’s like, enough is enough. I will not live my life dictated by the issues you have with my sexuality. You be you and let me be me.”

Is Kim Kardashian really liberated by posting naked selfies or is she compelled to do so?

No matter what way you look at it, it’s Kim’s body and it is Kim’s decision to post photos of herself online. Despite what many people would like to think, Kim Kardashian is no fool. She knows what generates publicity and what better way to generate publicity than to start controversy? At the end of the day this sort of thing fuels her career and puts food on the table, money in the bank and keeps her name in circulation, thus promoting her brand.

As the famous quote goes ‘there’s no such thing as bad publicity’ and Kim knows it.

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Personally, I find it really hard to find products that suit my skin. My skin is super sensitive, I have combination skin and to top it all off, I am prone to blemishes. A lot of the products I have tried in the past are either too oily for my skin or are not hydrating enough for the dry areas on my face.

So, when The Body Shop contacted me to do a review of their new Drops of Youth range, I jumped at the chance to work with them. Just to clarify, I was not paid for this blog but I was sent these goodies to review. Which isn’t a bad trade-off, considering how big of a fan I am of their products! I tried and tested these products for an entire month and these are my thoughts..

The Drops of Youth collection is described as a Youth Enhancing Skincare routine, aiming to tackle the first signs of ageing, giving smoother, bouncier, and more youthful looking skin. The products from this range contain stem cells from three plants: Criste Marine, Sea Holly, and Edelweiss.

I did a quick google search to find out more about these key ingredients:

Criste Marine has skin toning properties and is said to be both anti-oxidant scavenging and firming. It’s great for stimulation circulation and is often used as a treatment for cellulite.

Sea Holly is a seashore plant that is native to Europe, it is used to help boosts epidermal cell activity, skin firmness, hydration and texture.

Edelweiss is said to be a powerful ingredient in anti-aging skin care and contains compounds beneficial to the skin. These include chlorogenic acid, luteolin, bisabolane derivatives, and beta sitosterol. If you would like to read about these compounds in dept you can do so here.

Here are my honest thoughts & opinions on some of the products from this range:

Youth Essence Lotion (£14.00/€23.95) 160ml

This lotion is by far my favourite product from the range. I will most certainly be repurchasing it myself in the future and keeping it as a part of my daily skincare routine. This gel-to-water formula is really easy to apply, I use a cotton pad to swipe the product across my face and neck, right after I cleanse my skin. Unlike most lotions, it doesn’t leave my skin looking greasy or oily. My skin looks refreshed and hydrated whenever I used this product and it is great for removing dirt and any pesky makeup that just wouldn’t budge during cleansing. It leaves my skin looking refreshed and youthful, I am so impressed by this product. It has become my favourite face lotion!

Youth Day Cream (£20.00/€35.00) 50ml

Like I said before, I find it really hard to find skincare products that suit my skin. A lot of lotions are too heavy for me but this day cream is light and airy, it blends into my skin easily without leaving a shiny residue. It has a light, refreshing scent but the scent disappears as soon as the product blends into the skin. As I do not like heavily scented products, this is fine by me! It’s recommended that you apply a pea-sized amount to the face and neck, every morning and evening.

Youth Concentrate (£25.00/€52.50) 50ml

Out of all the products I was sent, this is the product I used most sparingly. For obvious reasons, including the fact that is the most expensive skincare product I have ever owned and for the fact that a little goes a long way with this product. It is recommended that you dispense 2-3 drops onto fingertips and pat gently over the face and neck.

This product is very hydrating and left my skin feeling smooth after each use. The product itself is silky and has the texture of a serum, while having the cooling effect of a gel. Since I am being completely honest, the only reason I might not repurchase this product in future, is because of the price, which is a little pricey for my budget. However, I will say that it does it’s job well and drys matte on the skin, which is a big plus for someone like me, who suffers with an oily t-zone.

Pro’s of the Drops of Youth range:

  • The products are hydrating while leaving the skin looking matte.
  • Drops of Youth products have helped make my skin look noticeably smoother.
  • A little goes a long way with all of these products! So you get great use out of them.

Con’s of the Drops of Youth range:

  • Products might not suit everyone’s price range, depending on your skincare budget.

Is The Body Shop cruelty free?

According to their website, Body Shop products are endorsed as cruelty-free by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and The Body Shopdoes comply with the Humane Cosmetic Standard which is dictated on products by a Leaping Bunny. However, The Body Shop supplies its products to different countries and the Humane Cosmetic Standard is currently only used within the UK, which means we are unable to place this label on our products.

Overall thoughts on the products:

After using these products for a month straight, I did notice a significant difference to my skin. There is an area on my forehead that is scarred and uneven from previous skin problems and I found that using these products reduced the redness in that problem area and made my skin appear a lot smoother overall. I suggest using these products straight after a bath or shower, to really get the best use out of them. The steam from the bath or shower will allow the product to really lock into your skin. I really enjoyed testing out this range and would recommend these products to anyone who wants a product that hydrates the skin wonderfully and drys on matte.

Pastel Pink Lace Front Wig ♥

Irish Beauty Blog Awards 2015

The Irish Beauty Blog Awards 2015

Last night I attended the Irish Beauty Blog Awards in Dublin. I was honoured to be nominated in four categories, alongside some other wonderful ladies. The ceremony was held in Lillie’s Bordello, the venue was absolutely jam packed with bloggers from all over Ireland. Some of the biggest names in blogging & vlogging gathered together to celebrate Irish bloggers in style.

I must admit that the atmosphere was relaxed at the Irish Beauty Blog Awards. Usually these kinds of events can be quite overwhelming, but there was really good vibes in Lillie’s Bordello. 

What I wore to the awards ceremony

On the night I wore a long black vintage dress, it was my great-aunt’s dress in the 1970’s. It think it is really glamorous, I love it so much! It was hand beaded and is still in perfect condition. I wanted to keep it simple so I wore no accessories, except for two midi rings I wore on each hand.

My hair was done by my friend Michelle, she attended the awards with me last night. What would I do without her, ehhh? I found some nice pictures of up style’s on Instagram a few days before and she braided a section of my hair, while pinning the rest to the back in a very cool swirly bun.

Getting the surprise of my life!

The awards ceremony started at about 9.30 pm and everyone gathered around the stage excitedly awaiting to hear who were the lucky winners. My blog was nominated in four categories, Best Fashion Blog, Best Vlogger, Best Overall & Readers Choice. I was sitting at a table with my friend and we were having so much fun, sipping some very strong rum cocktails (believe me, I needed some for my nerves!) nervously awaiting the results. I literally had my fingers crossed! Eeeep!

It was coming to near the end of the awards announcements and there was one category left that I was nominated in, readers choice. I was listening to the lady on stage explain how this category had a vote coming in almost every minute (wowww!) and the next minute I heard my name being announced over the microphone. WHAAA? I was literally in shock! I honestly couldn’t believe it.

I’ve been on such a high ever since last night and I just want to thank every single person who took the time out of their day to vote for me as Readers Choice. You have no idea how much it means to me. I know it sounds cliché but quite literally, if it wasn’t for the people who read my blog & the people who voted for me, this would never have happened & it means the world to me.

I am so thankful to such supportive people in my life, I honestly can’t believe my luck.

Thank you so much to the Irish Beauty Blog Awards, Tan Organic & BEUTiFi for this award.

Dreams really do come true!


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