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My Favourite Bisexual Bloggers!

Bisexuals aren’t always acknowledged in society, sometimes not even in the LGBT community. It pains me to say that I’ve seen many a tweet/article/video diminishing the validity of many people’s bisexuality. It is something that both enrages and saddens me. We’ve even seen this type of bi-erasure in popular culture and some of my favourite t.v shows are no exception to this kind of bi-phobia. I even wrote a blog post about this called bi-erasure & why it has to stop.

As a bisexual woman, I wanted to do something positive and show people that bisexual people do in fact exist (I know, you were second guessing us there for a hot minute, weren’t you?) and we come in all different shapes, sizes, backgrounds and cultures. That’s right, we aren’t unicorns. No matter how much some people (and sometimes we) wish we were. We are people, just like you.

So, in celebration of the bi community. I’d like to share some of my favourite bisexual bloggers! These people have bravely shared their stories online and fight to empower others who are struggling with their sexual identity and inform people that it is okay to like both men and women. It isn’t a myth, some people prefer both and they aren’t just saying it for attention.

– Rachel Whitehurst –

This chick is seriously one of the coolest people on YouTube. I have been a subscriber of her’s for years and she cracks me up. Her beauty reviews have me in tears laughing and I love that she curses like a sailor, just like me. Rachel is real and she doesn’t give a fuck what people think about her. I would strongly suggest that you check out her Bye Phobia video series on YouTube, where she discusses her coming out story and her journey to self acceptance, as well as answering viewers questions about bisexuality. I love this video series because it is so stripped down and informative, there is no bullshit with Rachel. She is happy to speak openly to her audience about being bisexual and offers some solid advice on how to accept and love yourself for who you are.

– Kiera Rose –

As well as being one of my best friends, Kiera Rose is a wonderful blogger who is so genuine and beloved by her audience, it is hard not to love her. Kiera has made some wonderful videos about bisexuality, including Bisexuality: Myths vs Facts, which debunks horrendous stereotypes about bisexuality. Kiera’s YouTube channel is one of my favourite channels to watch online. She posts a diverse mix of videos, including beauty, lifestyle and more. Kiera Rose is also one of the best (if not the best) Xena cosplayers in the entire world. You can see proof of this here! *fangirl alert* 

– Melanie Murphy –

Okay, okay. A lot of these recommedations may seem slightly biased because some of these people are friends of mine but Melanie is honestly one of the best Irish YouTubers out there. Melanie has a variety of fantastic skincare and beauty videos on her channel, as well as videos speaking openly about bisexuality. My Sexuality & How To Come Out and Sexuality Myths With Riyadh K are both fun and helpful videos where Melanie discusses her own coming out story and advice for other people who identify as bisexual. Her videos are full of advice & useful info!

– Connor Manning –

I know, I know. ‘A GUY ON THIS LIST’ you say, ‘FINALLY!’ Connor Manning is a YouTuber I have been subscribed to for a long time, even before Connor announced to his audience that he is bisexual. His videos are thought provoking and often times, I will walk from away one of Connor’s videos pondering certain issues and looking at things differently. One of my favourite videos of his is Bisexual Myths, which is very interesting to view through a bisexual male’s perspective.

– DrNeevil –

Niamh AKA DrNeevil (how great is that username!?) is one of the most amazing people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She is an amazing person, as well as being a strong, opinionated woman, who identifies as bisexual. Niamh is my (wonderful) podcast co-host on the Conversations with Geek People podcast and a very dear friend of mine. Niamh is a fantastic blogger, who deserves many more readers to flock to her site, her content is always honest and enjoyable to read. She posts blogs about geek culture and hosts the award winning Leeds Book Club in the UK. 

So, there you have it everyone! My favourite bisexual bloggers. If you have any recommendations for me, I would love to hear about them. I love discovering new bloggers & new content!

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Bi-Erasure & why It has to stop.

Bisexual erasure is term I recently learned, I’ve always known it was a ‘thing’ but I never knew a term had been coined to describe the tendency to dispute a person’s bisexuality. There is a ‘B’ in LGBT but I feel like bisexuals get the short end of the stick in the community sometimes.

Personally, I have been told by other members of the LGBT community, as wells as those who identify as heterosexual, that bisexuality doesn’t exist. I must admit, hearing these words hurts more when it comes from another member of the LGBT community. It hurts more because as a community, I feel like we should try harder to understand and accept each other for who we are.

According to the popular website Urban Dictionary, bisexual erasure is described as:

The tendency to ignore, remove, falsify, or reexplain evidence of bisexuality in history, academia, the news media, and other primary sources. In its most extreme form, bisexual erasure can include denying that bisexuality exists. 

There have been many bisexual  characters on T.V and in films over the past few years. Even though these characters identify themselves as bisexual, other characters often refer to them as homosexuals. There is a big difference between being homosexual and bisexual.

Bisexuals prefer both male & female, while homosexuals prefer their own gender.

I think one of the reasons for the confusion about bisexuality and the questioning of it’s legitimacy, is because many people use it as a pit stop before coming out.

Most people feel that it is a lot easier to say that they are bisexual, than admit to themselves and others that they are homosexual. I have many homosexual friends who’ve claimed to be bisexual at first, to ease themselves into coming out. That isn’t their fault at all, it’s societies fault.

It does however, make bisexuality seem illegitimate at times.

Calling bisexuality a “phase” or “just being greedy” is also extremely inconsiderate and ignorant. Even some of my favorite show’s have had bouts of bi erasure in their scripts. Willow Rosenberg, from Buffy The Vampire Slayer was referred to as a being gay because she dated Tara. Willow also had a deeply loving relationship with a male character named Oz, in previous seasons.

Yet, she was never referred to as a bisexual character.

Or take the popular Netflix series Orange Is The New Black, where main character Piper Chapman is referred to as a “former lesbian”, despite her past relationships with men.

True Blood actress Anna Paquin shut down Larry King after he questioned her bisexuality, referring to her as a “nonpracticing bisexual”. Skip to the 11 minute mark for her response!

So let’s get this straight (pardon the pun!) women who identify as bisexual are not straight when they are dating a male, nor are they lesbians when dating a female. The logic applies to bisexual men also, of course. Bisexuality is a legitimate sexuality, regardless of what the media and social norms may lead people to believe.

Bisexual people have a lot to deal with, we get told that we are liars and are more likely to cheat on our partners because we like both sexes, which is just preposterous. We are not ripping off our pants at the sight of every person we meet on the street, like everyone else we have our preferences.

I suggest checking out this fantastic article about Bisexual Women Discussing Their Long-Term Relationships With MenNot to disappoint you but we’re not closet lesbians and we shouldn’t have to defend ourselves as part of the LGBT community.