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Goodbye, Septum Piercing?

7 Simple Aftercare & Hairecare tips for bleached/damaged hair!

  • Wash your hair less. Yes, I know it sounds crazy but after I bleach my hair I only wash it once a week until I feel like my hair has relaxed a little. Bleaching is harsh on the hair, so leave as much time between washes as you can. If you wash your hair daily, consider washing your hair less after bleaching as this will let your natural oils replenish your hair.
  • I usually use a hair mask right after bleaching to lock moisture into my hair and replenish the moisture that was lost. In the days/weeks after bleaching it is good to use a hair mask after each wash instead of just using a regular conditioner. Believe me, you will notice the difference!
  • Be careful when drying your hair with a towel. Instead of roughly drying your hair after a bath or shower, instead try to use gentle blotting motions with the towel to extract moisture from your hair. This will help minimize breakage. Also, if possible allow your hair to dry naturally.
  • Use a wide-toothed comb instead of a brush and stat brushing from the bottom of your hair, up towards the roots. Be gentle, as bleaching can make hair more elastic!
  • Invest in a good heat protecting spray if you decide to use any hair styling tools after bleaching your hair. Honestly though, the less heat you use on your hair, the better.
  • Be careful of using yellow based oils or sprays after bleaching. Opt for clear products instead, this will prevent any possible staining after bleaching.
  • If you are going swimming, use coconut oil! It acts as a natural SPF and minimizes the absorption of chlorine. I sometimes slick some coconut oil onto my hair before swimming and then wear a swimming cap over it. The heat from the cap can help the product absorb into the hair and acts as a moisturizing hair mask! Woohoo!

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