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Convention & Cosplay Etiquette

If you have ever been to a comic con or a convention before, you know that there are a lot of different kinds of people who attend these events. Some people are just patrons who browse the convention floor in search of coveted comic book editions, some are there for the guests alone and others cosplay for enjoyment. These are just some of the people who attend conventions and they all deserve to be respected on the convention floor.

I would like to preface this blog by saying that conventions are for everyone.

In saying that, conventions are often held in large buildings with thousands of people attending the event at any give time. Being in situations with large groups of people, can often make for intense scenarios and lack of social decency at times. So it is important to remember that.

As a convention goer and cosplayer, I have picked up a few tips and tricks a long the way and have some of my own crazy convention stories to share. Some are good and some are bad, the bad ones usually occur when someone crosses the line and makes my experience uncomfortable. I thought it would be useful to advise people about proper convention/cosplay etiquette, so that everyone in attendance can have a comfortable and enjoyable experience at future cons.

Be respectful and ask for consent to take photographs.

If you see a cool cosplayer & you would really like to take a photo with them. Ask for permission to photograph them and if you wish to be included in the photo, ask the cosplayer if it is okay to pose with them in a certain way or put your arm around them etc. Most people will be happy to oblige but some people will deny your request to be photographed and that should be respected.

I once saw a guy take a photo of a girl dressed as Mystique from X-Men, without her permission. He took photos of her behind and followed her along the convention floor without her knowledge. If you see anything like this happening, you can inform the cosplayer of this crude behaviour and call out the total dirt bag who took the photos (which I did by the way) or you can report it to the convention staff. This type of behaviour is totally uncalled for and disgusting.

I must say, most of my experiences while cosplaying at conventions have been incredibly positive! I have met lots of my lovely subscribers/readers in person at conventions, which is always a wonderful experience. Cosplaying gives me so much self confidence, it makes me happy and I love to share my passion with other cosplayers and comic book fans at conventions.

Cosplayers and attendee’s alike should be respectful of one another.

Never, under any circumstances tell a cosplayer you don’t like their costume!

This is quite possibly one of the biggest dick moves you could ever make. All cosplayers operate at different levels of skill and you do not know how much time, effort and money someone has put into a costume. It is unfair to judge someone based on those factors and it is cruel to address your negative feelings towards their cosplays, especially to their face. No one want’s to hear that, if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Also, I can personally relate to this experience and it is a horrible feeling. I have had someone come up to me at a convention, pose for a photo with me and then proceed to tell me what they didn’t like about my cosplay! (you can check out my story about my worst cosplay experience over on my YouTube channel) Not only is it incredibly rude, it crushes you and lowers your confidence. I can tell you from personal experience, going out the door in full cosplay takes balls.

Not everyone has the nerve to do it, so be respectful of those who do.

Cosplay gives many people confidence, don’t take that way from them.

Think before you ask, say or do something.

Common sense, right? Well.. sometimes you wouldn’t believe the crazy things people say & do at conventions. I find this to be particularly cringe worthy when it involves convention guests. A lot of conventions invite popular actors, writers and illustrators to attend events, which is fantastic as it allows people to meet their hero’s and create a wonderful con experience. However, these guests may be some of our idols, whom we’ve admired for years but they are people and there has to be boundaries set in place. Think before you say something (believe me, I have said some cringey fangirl stuff to guests haha) and be respectful and polite.

When attending panels, where guests speak to fans and answer questions on stage, make sure you know what you are going to ask in advance (this is not only respectful of the guests time, but the audience also) and ensure that your question is respectful. Meaning: Don’t be a total creep.

You wouldn’t believe some of the weird questions I have heard people ask over the years. I have heard people ask guests about their weight, age, income and sex lives. This is not appropriate in the slightest. Also, if you are going to ask a question at a panel, make it interesting, guests have heard a lot of the same questions countless times. Make them remember you for a good reason and not a bad one. Be aware of how much time you are taking up when asking a question, it doesn’t have to be an epic sonnet about your love for them and the show they are in.

Be respectful of their time and give other fans a chance to ask questions too.

Hygiene is key.

Need I say more? Keep the convention clean. Comic Con’s and conventions are massive events and keeping the venue clean is very important. Clean up after yourself and be respectful of the event itself. This will not only keep locals happy but convention staff and attendees alike.

Also, there is not harm in carrying some deodorant, gum and wet-wipes around with you. It can get pretty hot on the convention floor and you will be thanking the demi-god’s that you decided to pack these essentials. Oh and while you are at it, bring some water! Hydration is so important, especially when you are walking around the convention floor all day long.

Be patient.

Every convention has one thing in common, long lines. Honestly, there is no point in complaining about it because it won’t make the line move any faster. I usually take this time to chat to other people in the line. It’s good to be friendly! If you are attending the convention with a friend, this is a great time to catch up or prepare yourself (or calm yourself) before meeting a convention guest. When attending panels or discussions, get there early. Believe me, the lines for these events can be huge and getting there early allows you to secure yourself a seat.

Once you make sure you and those around you are having fun, conventions can be the most amazing experiences! I have met some of the greatest people I have ever known at conventions. Most of my closest friends today are people I met through conventions. Everyone at a comic con’s/conventions is there for the same reason, their love of geek culture. So you already know that you have a lot in common with these people, just have fun and don’t be afraid to talk to people.

I hope this blog has been informative! Feel free to check my Dublin Comic Con Experience video if you’d like to get a more detailed look at what it is like to attend a convention & to cosplay at one.

Also, for more tips check out the podcast I co-host! It’s called Conversations with Geek People & it’s available for to listen to for free on itunes. Or if you prefer, you can listen to it online also!

What I Got For Christmas 2015!

It’s hard to believe that Christmas 2014 is done and dusted! We spend so much time rushing around to make sure everything is perfect for Christmas day and then in one little day it is all over until next year. I had a wonderful Christmas this year, I spent it with my family, eating, drinking and being merry. I was given some really wonderful gifts this year, I am so thankful for the thought that was put into them and for the generosity of others. I feel truly blessed.

Here are some of the amazing gifts I was given by friends and family this year.







 I hope you had a great Christmas this year and have a fantastic new year.

See you in 2015 dolls!


Whedon Fashion Week #7 Willow

Oh, I don’t get wild. Wild on me equals spaz. “

Willow Rosenberg, the scoobies secret weapon and in my opinion, one bad ass chick. In season one of Buffy The Vampire Slayer we saw Willow as a babbling computer nerd with a love for reading and all things Xander. She was coy and sweet and we all wanted her as our best friend. My favorite thing about Willow’s character is that she was the underdog of the scoobies at the beginning but over the course of the seven seasons we got to seen her grow into this insanely powerful and self assured woman. Willow’s story inspires me and I am sure many other people out there. She showed us that people who seem “together” all the time can sometimes lose their way too, with her addiction to magic and the loss of the love of her life Tara, Willow spiraled down a dark path but made it out the other side thanks to her strong bond with the scoobies and her deep inner strength.

willow fashion willow2

 “Hard to believe such a hot mama-yama came from humble, geek-infested roots!”

Over the years her fashion style has evolved with her, really telling the story of her journey to self confidence and self acceptance. We saw her graduate from her childish dungarees into figure hugging trousers and body complimenting  sweaters and tops. When Willow started college she cut her hair short and rocked a pretty trendy bob, wore shorter skirts and experimented with her look more. She broke the rules too! Usually red heads avoid wearing the colour red but not Willow, in fact it was one of her staple colours! She wore a lot of red coloured necklaces and chokers too, chokers where a staple accessory for Willow. Her make up was kept natural most of the time, she usually had on a shimmery gold coloured eye shadow and opted for a red lip colour on occasion.

I can relate to Willow on many levels, on a emotional level I can understand how she felt struggling to find herself and feeling like she never fit in. I think over the years Willow decided it was okay to be herself and she just let go of feeling forced to be “cool” or trendy and that is something I think most of us can relate to on a personal level. Willow represents ever one of us who felt weird or different in school and grew up to feel much more self assured in later years and that is why I dedicated this final post to her, Willow proves that being cool is not about wearing the latest trends or the most expensive clothing, it is about confidence and the journey you take to get to a place of true self acceptance.

Anya: I swear, I am just trying to find my necklace. 
Willow: Well, did you try looking inside the sofa in hell? “

I hope you enjoyed reading these Whedon Fashion Week posts! They where a lot of  fun to write and I will use any excuse to combine my love for sci-fi, fantasy and fashion. ^_~

Whedon Fashion Week #6 Giles

“Don’t you like my mask? Isn’t it pretty? It raises the dead!! …..AMERICANS!!”

Rupert Giles, possibly the greatest father figure in all the whedonverse. With his poised mannerisms and quick wit, Giles was a prominent figure in the scoobies lives from the beginning and became one of the gangs most respected and loved members. Before Giles became Buffy’s watcher he had an experimental rebellious phase after dropping out of the prestigious Oxford University in England, he began to dabble in dark magick, sorcery and the rock music scene and he was given the nickname “Ripper”, but he soon came to understand that being a Watcher was his calling.

gilesfashionSome might say that Giles might not be the most fashion conscious whedonverse character ever but I beg to differ. I think he always dressed to impress! He usually wore 3 piece suits, even when he was fighting evil! His signature fabric was tweed but he also wore beautifully tailored waist coats and sometimes he took a day off from being dapper and looked equally as handsome wearing casual sweaters and sometimes simple t-shirts along with a casual blazer. Giles wore simple accessories, such as a brown leather strapped watch with a gold rimmed clock and a simple gold ring with a square black face on his baby finger.  With his vast knowledge in demonology and witchcraft and slayer hand to hand combat, it was rare to see Giles without a trusty book in his hand, re searching demons, conjuring spells, protection spells and special dates that might effect the fate of humanity etc!

Watcher, protector and bad ass.

Whedon Fashion Week #3 Buffy

“We saved the world i say we party.”

Buffy Anne Summers, Sunnydale’s golden haired champion and she-ro to millions of girls and guys through out the whedonverse! Buffy’s fashion sense always fascinated me, through the show’s amazing seven seasons she wore some pretty interesting numbers, some where good and some where bad but they where all very BUFFY. That’s what I love about Buffy, she was always just herself and she experimented with many different looks through out the years.
buffy summers fashionOne of my favorite Buffy outfits was her classic prom dress from the episode “Prophecy Girl”. It really showed Buffy’s innocent side and how she longed to be a normal girl for even just one night. She wore a beautiful white prom dress & classic high heeled mary jane’s. Buffy’s make up was always kept really minimal, she usually wore a lot of warm tones on her eyes and lips and her everyday look was very natural and pretty. When I think of Buffy’s staple accessories I think of her Claddagh ring given to her by Angel, her assortment of silver hoop earrings and her trusty crucifix necklace. Her look was very “of it’s time”, Buffy for me is one of the biggest 90s fashion icons ever and her hair was always perfectly styled and gave me a serious case of hair envy. If I had to describe Buffy’s style I would call it “Girl Next Door With A Secret”. Her fashion sense, like Joss & his episode plots, always kept us guessing!

Whedon Fashion Week #2 Faith

“Five by five”

When I was younger I remember seeing Faith Lehane on my television screen and thinking “I want to be her”. Her whole persona gave off this bad ass rock ‘n’ roll vibe and it showed in her outfit choices. When I think of Faith I think of leather jackets, heavy boots and a no nonsense “fuck you” attitude to go with it. Biker chick chic with a feminine twist.faith fashion

Make up wise she usually opted for a clear lip gloss and subtle eye shadows but sometimes added a little edge to her look with some black eyeliner and ruby red lips. She usually had her nails painted black and wore simple accessories. Out of all the whedonverse women I relate to Faith’s style the most. Her look was always minimal yet stylish and she incorporated her tom-boy and girly side to create a look that was tough but feminine at the same time.

Whedon Fashion Week #1 Drusilla

“Do you love my insides, the parts you can’t see?”

To start off my Whedon Fashion Week posts I decide to firstly post about my favorite whedonverse character, Drusilla. Her fashion sense has always captured my attention and I love the classic vampire related colouring of her outfits, mostly blood reds with textures such as silk and lace to encapsulate the romanticism of her personality and her flowing movements. She has a child like quality about her and also a longing for violence which really shows in her outfit choices.
dr fash

Her make up was always very minimal, sometimes she added a splash of colour with a dark lip colour, usually a dark red or a dark burgundy. Her eyes usually kept very simple most of the time, with some nude and natural looking eyedshadow, although she has been known to go a bit 80s and throw on some electric blue eyeshadow! You never know with Drusilla! Her look was always so effortless and her style was timeless like her immortal self.


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