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3 Things I’m Loving This June!


I love Summer, I love the blue skies, ice cold cocktails and the rare chance to wear sunglasses for their actual purpose. To protect my eyes for the sun! And to make me look a little bit bad ass while doing so of course. I have always had a slight obsession with sunglasses but living in Ireland, I rarely get the chance to wear them. Thankfully, summer is here and I am finally getting the chance to break out my summer wardrobe and wear my favorite summer accessories. Today I am sharing with you, three things i’m loving this June:

uMy favorite eye wear this June is the Retro Circle Sunglasses & Letters Print SunglassesI really love the vintage look of each pair, they look unique and make any outfit look instantly chic. The detail of the lettering and the pointed corners make these sunglasses fun to wear, statement pieces. The correct eye wear can really help you complete a look!



As a self confessed lover of all things black, my wardrobe can sometimes use a pop of colour, especially during the summer months. I usually wear a lot of opaque lipstick shades but when the weather begins to heat up I switch to lip glosses and tinted lip balms. I find opaque lipsticks can dry out my lips during the summer, so I wanted to find something that was pigmented and moisturizing. Then I discovered the Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Lip Pen’s! Which provide me with the best of both words, they are pigmented and moisturizing. They come in a few different shades and are light weight. Perfect to carry around on sunny days!DSC_0567


Shoes! Glorious Shoes! It can be really difficult to find a stylish pair of shoes that are easy to walk in and suitable to wear during long, hot summer days. Well, I found them! They are the Bowknot & Tassels Embellished Black Platforms from ROMWE. They provide my feet with support and they look fantastic! I get a lot of compliments whenever I wear these shoes out. The fringed tassel/bow detail make them stand out while keeping on trend.Fotor0618214245

What are your fashion & beauty favorites this summer?

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I’m Speechless! Thank You!

This week I was linked to these two amazing drawings by two wonderfully talented women.

The artists are Marissa & Emma. I’d like to thank them for taking the time to draw my picture and I urge you to check out both of their work, they are unbelievably talented artists.



The Olsen Twins: Celebrating 28 Years Of Style.



Today marks the 28th birthday of my childhood idols, Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen. Mary-Kate & Ashley were my first ever style icons. I collected every single VHS tape (Yep, now I feel old!), book, DVD and product they ever sold! As the girls got older, they started to develop their own sense of style, they often styled themselves for their film roles. They were stylish, cool & fun.

I wanted to be just like them, they inspired me so much & I studied their style obsessively. I remember skipping straight to the DVD extra’s once I had watched the films, to see how they made some of the items they wore in the film and how they styled their looks for each scene.


The Olsen Twins have had very successful film careers through their many straight to DVD films, their own production company called Dualstar and a string of T.V series. They have now successfully transitioned into the world of fashion with open arms. By age 12 it was  estimated they had earned over $1 billion in retail sales per year. They are now the CEO’s of their own fashion labels called The Row and Elizabeth & James.

streMary-Kate & Ashley’s style progression has been so interesting to watch over the years. Even as young girls they had such awareness of their own sense of style. They always looked unique, interesting and had fun with fashion. One of the things I remember most about the girls growing up, was their love of accessories. They always wore several pieces at any given time and each piece was carefully chosen to compliment the outfit they wore. What I love about the Olsen twins style is their attention to detail. They treat each look they wear like walking art. Effective and deliberate, with something important to say.


Usually when we think of celebrity style we think of high fashion and red carpet looks. With Mary-Kate & Ashley it is their personal, every day style that interests people most. Their style is so poised and effortless, yet you can tell that each detail is intentional and poses as testament to their in dept knowledge of fashion. These girls know fashion like a surgeon knows anatomy.

And they know that precision is key.

mkkkMary-Kate Olsen’s unique style is almost as famous as she is. Her bohemian look is now her trademark! To get this modern day hippy look Mary-Kate keeps her long blonde hair natural looking, with beachy waves and lots of texture. Layering is also a huge part of her look, she loves to layer clothing and accessories alike. Her favorite accessories include, hats, scarves, chunky rings and over sized sunglasses. Oh and of course huge bags to match each outfit!


To get Mary-Kates look, play around with different textures, fabrics and layer different items of clothing. I would suggest opting for over sized clothing to really nail her look, you can do this by choosing a size bigger than you usually would. Accessories are very important to Mary-Kate’s style, don’t be afraid play around and mix ‘n’ matching different metals when choosing rings and bracelets. Mary-Kate is a huge fan of stacking her accessories, so get accessorizing!


ashhAshley Olsen’s style is very different to sister Mary-Kate. Her everyday, casual style is a lot more polished than Mary-Kate’s look. Each twin as her own way of taking casual style and making it fashion forward. Ashley likes to keep her outfits simple, by wearing key pieces and keeping her accessories minimal. Even when she’s out on a coffee run, Ashley looks stunning!

ashhWhat I love about Ashley’s personal style is that she always looks fresh and stylish, she dresses for success no matter where she is going. To get her look wear gold and bronze accessories with key items like a simple white t-shirt,  flannel shirts and crisp fitted shirts. Carrying on the Olsen tradition, Ashley loves over sized sunglasses and hand bags! The bigger the better.


Mary-Kate & Ashley continue to inspire and delight the fashion world to this day. Every time they step out front the door a new trend is born. Their effortless sense of style is classic, yet revolutionary. They are the fashion pioneers of this generation and I hope we continue to see more from these amazing style icons future. Here’s to 28 years of unbelievable style!

Happy Birthday Mary-Kate & Ashley!


QueenObscene Jewelry Review

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