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10 Emotional Stages of Cleaning Out Your Closet.

As you stand with your hands on your hips and stare into the abyss that is your closet, just remember that you’ve done something most people haven’t the courage to do, you’ve taken the first step. Give yourself a pat on the back, put your ipod on shuffle and let’s get to work!

Cleaning out your closet can be a big deal.

A lot of emotions that are going to arise as you search through old items of clothing. You are going to have long, serious debates with yourself. You’re going to wonder why you ever wore certain items and worst of all, you are going to convince yourself you need to keep items that are no longer of any use to you. Nor are they in style in this century, let alone this season.

Let’s face it, there are many emotional stages to cleaning out your closet…

1. You’re enthusiastic and ready for action, you’ve got your bin bags ready. LET’S GO!

2. You’ve put your favorite song on in the background, everything’s going great! 

3.  You find a dress you don’t even remember buying & it’s really, really ugly. 

4. You toss it away because you definitely will never be wearing it again!

5. But wait…. what if there is a perfect occasion to wear it again?

What if it comes back into style?

6. You take it out of the bin bag and add it to your “keep” pile.

But let’s face it, you know you’ll never wear it again.

7. You decide all of this is just TOO much and take a coffee/wine break to re-group.

8. You procrastinate about finishing what you’ve started.

9. But no, you MUST carry on. You can do this! WARGGGHHHH!

10. Once you’ve finished, you feel so much satisfaction, you got rid of 3 tops! 

YAAYYY! You did it! Well done. *flops onto bed in exhaustion*

Bright Light PR AW14 Dublin Press Day

Yesterday I attended the Bright Light PR AW14 Press Day at the beautiful venue of Cliff Townhouse in Stephens Green, Dublin City. The showroom displayed previews from the latest collections by brands such as Lands End, Olsen and Annie Haak. The Lands End collection displayed a variety of clothing for men’s wear, women’s wear and children’s wear.

Fotor0611223119The quality of the Lands End brand is obvious at first glance. The colour’s are rich and the fabrics feel strong and resilient. The menswear collection offers a variety of colours, patterns and textures to choose from. The collection provides a good selection of day wear, which maintains an essence of sophistication while still remaining casual.

The women’s wear collection is also very casual and colourful. Lands End are all about eye catching colour palettes and patterns for AW14. The women’s wear collection is definitely aimed at the woman on the go, using comfortable fabrics that are breathable and fashionable. In my opinion, Lands End is a brand that is aimed at today’s busy, modern families. The clothing is practical and comfortable while still being style savvy and fashion forward.





Another clothing brand that was featured on the day was, Olsen. Olsen’s collection varied from loud, brightly coloured prints to simplistic cuts. Their collection is perfect for transitioning from stylish, work friendly day wear to dressy/casual evening wear. In my opinion Olsen is aimed at the working woman. This brand is a perfect match for women who want to be comfortable in the work place, while till staying true to themselves and keeping on trend at the same time.


 My favorite items in the Olsen collection are these printed blouses. They are light and loose fitting, with fun, eye catching prints. The Zebra print blouse was my favorite item of clothing displayed at the press day. It would be perfect to wear with some leather look leggings!



At the press day there was a beautiful display of sterling silver jewellery by Annie Haak. Her designs are girly, dainty and easy to wear. Most of her bracelets and rings are elasticated, which means there is almost no need to size or custom fit her jewellery. Which makes it a lot easier when purchasing any of her items as gifts for friends or family!DSC_0532

My first impression of Annie Haak’s collection was that all of her items are perfect for casual wear as well was special occasions. I like that you can stack bracelets to create your own unique look and personalize bracelets by adding charms. My favorite item’s from her collection are the simple, colourful beaded bracelets. I really like simple, fuss free accessories and eye catching colours. I think they would be perfect as friendship bracelets!


I’d like to thank the lovely people at Bright Light PR for inviting me to their wonderful press day and also for providing me and my friend with fab VIP goodie bag’s on the day. DSC_0549

For more information on the brands featured in this post click the links below:

Lands End Olsen / Annie Haak



Whedon Fashion Week #6 Giles

“Don’t you like my mask? Isn’t it pretty? It raises the dead!! …..AMERICANS!!”

Rupert Giles, possibly the greatest father figure in all the whedonverse. With his poised mannerisms and quick wit, Giles was a prominent figure in the scoobies lives from the beginning and became one of the gangs most respected and loved members. Before Giles became Buffy’s watcher he had an experimental rebellious phase after dropping out of the prestigious Oxford University in England, he began to dabble in dark magick, sorcery and the rock music scene and he was given the nickname “Ripper”, but he soon came to understand that being a Watcher was his calling.

gilesfashionSome might say that Giles might not be the most fashion conscious whedonverse character ever but I beg to differ. I think he always dressed to impress! He usually wore 3 piece suits, even when he was fighting evil! His signature fabric was tweed but he also wore beautifully tailored waist coats and sometimes he took a day off from being dapper and looked equally as handsome wearing casual sweaters and sometimes simple t-shirts along with a casual blazer. Giles wore simple accessories, such as a brown leather strapped watch with a gold rimmed clock and a simple gold ring with a square black face on his baby finger.  With his vast knowledge in demonology and witchcraft and slayer hand to hand combat, it was rare to see Giles without a trusty book in his hand, re searching demons, conjuring spells, protection spells and special dates that might effect the fate of humanity etc!

Watcher, protector and bad ass.

Whedon Fashion Week #5 Inara

“We’re all running from something, I suppose.”

Inara Serra, exotic, beautiful and witty, she sure knew how to put Captain Mal Reynolds in his place! What I enjoyed most about her character was that she knew how to take care of herself, she was alluring and a fierce all at the same time. As Serenity’s resident companion she brought an element of glamour aboard the beat up ship and her presence alone brightened the crew’s day.

inara fashion picsShe had very expensive taste. Her  beautiful appearance was like mirage to her customers, inviting and magical, it transported them to a world of beauty and seduction, away from the doom and gloom of the corrupt universe they where living in on a daily basis. She dressed like a powerful queen, her gowns where always made of fine material, she usually wore red which is know to be the colour of passion and seduction, she also wore expensive jewelry, usually given to her by a wealthy and generous client. Her make up was always on point, she wore colours that complimented her features, deep red’s stained her lips and smoldering brown’s to enhanced her intensely beautiful eyes, which where her secret weapon!

Whedon Fashion Week #1 Drusilla

“Do you love my insides, the parts you can’t see?”

To start off my Whedon Fashion Week posts I decide to firstly post about my favorite whedonverse character, Drusilla. Her fashion sense has always captured my attention and I love the classic vampire related colouring of her outfits, mostly blood reds with textures such as silk and lace to encapsulate the romanticism of her personality and her flowing movements. She has a child like quality about her and also a longing for violence which really shows in her outfit choices.
dr fash

Her make up was always very minimal, sometimes she added a splash of colour with a dark lip colour, usually a dark red or a dark burgundy. Her eyes usually kept very simple most of the time, with some nude and natural looking eyedshadow, although she has been known to go a bit 80s and throw on some electric blue eyeshadow! You never know with Drusilla! Her look was always so effortless and her style was timeless like her immortal self.

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