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My Feature in Kultur Magazine!

I am very excited to announce that I am featured in the latest issue of Kultur MagazineKultur Magazine is an alternative magazine based in Cape Town, South Africa. Kultur features many different creative people such as alternative models, artists, musicians and this month …me!

 My article is all about my love of dressing up, fashion and cosplay.

If you want to read the article in detail just click on the images below to enlarge them.



Queens Of Halloween #3 Wednesday Addams

“I’m a homicidal maniac, they look just like everyone else.”

She’s the queen of all things macabre, Wednesday Addams. She’s mysterious and spooky but definitely NOT PERKY! In the 19060’s pilot of the Addams Family t.v show, Lisa Loring was cast as Wednesday, portraying  Wednesday Addams as sweet young lady, who’s hobbies included ballet & raising spiders. As a child of the 90’s the most memorable portrayal of Wednesday Addams for me was by actress Christina Ricci, in the films The Addams Family & The Addams Family Values. I literally thought she was the coolest person ever!

Christina’s portrayal of Wednesday was far more moody and grim. Which  really added to the character and made her one of the most lovable and oddly relatable members of The Addams family. She wore her trade mark Peter Pan Collar dress, along with black tights and leather shoes. In the film’s Wednesday wore red nail polish and carried around a headless doll, aptly named Marie Antoinette. Her hair was plaited into two neat braids and she was usually up to something sinister, like trying to electrocute her poor brother Pugsley!

The most memorable Halloween I ever had was when I dressed up as Wednesday for Halloween one year when I was a kid. I loved pretending to be her for even just one night. She was every future goth girl’s hero and style icon from a young age. She still inspires me to this day. I own loads of Peter Pan Collared top’s and dresses and whenever I wear then I feel like I am channeling my inner Wednesday! I really do feel that  watching The Addams Family as a child has really influenced me as a child as well as an adult, style wise and personality wise.


I decided that I will dress up as her this year for old times sake!

Happy homicide everyone! I mean… Halloween! 😉


Queens Of Halloween #2 Sarah Sanderson

“I. Am. Beautiful! Boys will love me!”

Salem’s infamous blonde bombshell, playful, sensual, beautiful and a little bit evil! Sarah Sanderson had a singing voice that quite literally enchanted and lured poor children away to their inevitable demise, so that she and her sisters can suck the life out of them and stay young forever! Played by Sarah Jessica Parker, Sarah Sanderson is my favorite witch from the Sanderson trio. Her ditsy personality and strange beauty enticed me when I first saw Hocus Pocus as a child. I remember playing games with my friends, pretending we where witches and we used to all fight over who got to pretend to be Sarah Sanderson!
Sarah Sanderson styleI remember thinking how cool her outfit was in the film, she wore a bronze bodice that had bits of light pink showing through the fabric and a laced up front. She had tattered red sleeves and a long skirt which was slit up the side and was made up for different fabrics, in the colours purple, red and gold. She also wore a spooky long flowing purple cloak! Accessories wise, she wore a yellow and gold necklace along with some jeweled rings. Her hair was a tousled blonde mess! Which went along well with her wickedly insane personality. Her make up was very bold, she wore dark black eye make up, heavily lined with eyeliner, complete with dark brows and her lips where a painted blood red.

She will eternally be a queen of Halloween.

“Come little children, I’ll take thee away, Into a land of enchantment.

Come little children, the time’s come to play,

Here, in my garden of magic.”


Wednesday Addams Make Up ☠


Halloween is almost here! I am so exited. This year I am dressing up as one of my favorite goth girls, Wednesday Addams. Check out my Wednesday Addams Make Up Tutorial on youtube!



Have a Happy Halloween!


Queens Of Halloween #1 Elvira Mistress Of The Dark

“It’s OK. My appearance is kind of a shock to everybody.”

What would my Queens Of Halloween post’s be without mentioning Elvira?! HORRIBLY WRONG, THAT’S WHAT! She is one of the coolest goth chicks to ever grace the silver screen. Horror’s number one hostess, with killer legs, boobs, figure, you get the picture! She is a sizzling hot eternal beauty with an amazing sense of humor. The film Elvira Mistress Of The Dark is a brilliant mix of slapstick humor, horror and light comedy, if you haven’t seen it already I suggest you do.  The movie starts off with Elvira finding out her great-aunt Morgana has left her a mansion and a mysterious book in her will. The Gothic Queen packs her bags and moves to Fallwell Massachusetts where she sticks out like a sore thumb!

Elvira’s style is a mixture of 80s fashion & gothic glamour. Her signature long black hair is full of height and is styled in a gothic version of the mullet! Her nails where always long, sleek and covered in black nail polish. She wore a long black wrap style dress and accessorized her outfit by placing a gold dagger on the front.

Oh and let’s not forget her greatest accessory of all, her trusty punk rock pet poodle, Gonk!

Elvira’s make up look is also very 80’s inspired, her eye make up is very dramatic and makes her stand out (even more!) from the crowd. She uses a mixture of pink and purple eye shadow, as well as very goth girl’s best friend, black eyeliner to create her vampy make up look. She also uses false lashes to make her eye’s really pop and adds her signature beauty spot below her right eye. Elvira creates a dramatic effect on her pale skin by contouring her cheek bones with a very bold maroon shade. She completes her look using a bright blood red lipstick.

(Above illustration by makeupgeek.com)

It is hard to believe that the film Elvira Mistress Of The Dark came out a year before I was born in 1988, as Elvira’s style and wit is still as fresh as it was back then. Her twitter account is filled with amazing one liners and ghoulish pictures. I love it! Elvira continues to be one of the most popular icons in horror to date and she still looks as fresh as a new grave!

“And if they ever ask about me, tell them I was more than just a great set of boobs. 

I was also an incredible pair of legs!” – Elvira


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Happy Halloween Everyone(: Facebook: www.facebook.com xxxx