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Cosplaying as Harley Quinn is offensive to the mentally ill?

Convention & Cosplay Etiquette

If you have ever been to a comic con or a convention before, you know that there are a lot of different kinds of people who attend these events. Some people are just patrons who browse the convention floor in search of coveted comic book editions, some are there for the guests alone and others cosplay for enjoyment. These are just some of the people who attend conventions and they all deserve to be respected on the convention floor.

I would like to preface this blog by saying that conventions are for everyone.

In saying that, conventions are often held in large buildings with thousands of people attending the event at any give time. Being in situations with large groups of people, can often make for intense scenarios and lack of social decency at times. So it is important to remember that.

As a convention goer and cosplayer, I have picked up a few tips and tricks a long the way and have some of my own crazy convention stories to share. Some are good and some are bad, the bad ones usually occur when someone crosses the line and makes my experience uncomfortable. I thought it would be useful to advise people about proper convention/cosplay etiquette, so that everyone in attendance can have a comfortable and enjoyable experience at future cons.

Be respectful and ask for consent to take photographs.

If you see a cool cosplayer & you would really like to take a photo with them. Ask for permission to photograph them and if you wish to be included in the photo, ask the cosplayer if it is okay to pose with them in a certain way or put your arm around them etc. Most people will be happy to oblige but some people will deny your request to be photographed and that should be respected.

I once saw a guy take a photo of a girl dressed as Mystique from X-Men, without her permission. He took photos of her behind and followed her along the convention floor without her knowledge. If you see anything like this happening, you can inform the cosplayer of this crude behaviour and call out the total dirt bag who took the photos (which I did by the way) or you can report it to the convention staff. This type of behaviour is totally uncalled for and disgusting.

I must say, most of my experiences while cosplaying at conventions have been incredibly positive! I have met lots of my lovely subscribers/readers in person at conventions, which is always a wonderful experience. Cosplaying gives me so much self confidence, it makes me happy and I love to share my passion with other cosplayers and comic book fans at conventions.

Cosplayers and attendee’s alike should be respectful of one another.

Never, under any circumstances tell a cosplayer you don’t like their costume!

This is quite possibly one of the biggest dick moves you could ever make. All cosplayers operate at different levels of skill and you do not know how much time, effort and money someone has put into a costume. It is unfair to judge someone based on those factors and it is cruel to address your negative feelings towards their cosplays, especially to their face. No one want’s to hear that, if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Also, I can personally relate to this experience and it is a horrible feeling. I have had someone come up to me at a convention, pose for a photo with me and then proceed to tell me what they didn’t like about my cosplay! (you can check out my story about my worst cosplay experience over on my YouTube channel) Not only is it incredibly rude, it crushes you and lowers your confidence. I can tell you from personal experience, going out the door in full cosplay takes balls.

Not everyone has the nerve to do it, so be respectful of those who do.

Cosplay gives many people confidence, don’t take that way from them.

Think before you ask, say or do something.

Common sense, right? Well.. sometimes you wouldn’t believe the crazy things people say & do at conventions. I find this to be particularly cringe worthy when it involves convention guests. A lot of conventions invite popular actors, writers and illustrators to attend events, which is fantastic as it allows people to meet their hero’s and create a wonderful con experience. However, these guests may be some of our idols, whom we’ve admired for years but they are people and there has to be boundaries set in place. Think before you say something (believe me, I have said some cringey fangirl stuff to guests haha) and be respectful and polite.

When attending panels, where guests speak to fans and answer questions on stage, make sure you know what you are going to ask in advance (this is not only respectful of the guests time, but the audience also) and ensure that your question is respectful. Meaning: Don’t be a total creep.

You wouldn’t believe some of the weird questions I have heard people ask over the years. I have heard people ask guests about their weight, age, income and sex lives. This is not appropriate in the slightest. Also, if you are going to ask a question at a panel, make it interesting, guests have heard a lot of the same questions countless times. Make them remember you for a good reason and not a bad one. Be aware of how much time you are taking up when asking a question, it doesn’t have to be an epic sonnet about your love for them and the show they are in.

Be respectful of their time and give other fans a chance to ask questions too.

Hygiene is key.

Need I say more? Keep the convention clean. Comic Con’s and conventions are massive events and keeping the venue clean is very important. Clean up after yourself and be respectful of the event itself. This will not only keep locals happy but convention staff and attendees alike.

Also, there is not harm in carrying some deodorant, gum and wet-wipes around with you. It can get pretty hot on the convention floor and you will be thanking the demi-god’s that you decided to pack these essentials. Oh and while you are at it, bring some water! Hydration is so important, especially when you are walking around the convention floor all day long.

Be patient.

Every convention has one thing in common, long lines. Honestly, there is no point in complaining about it because it won’t make the line move any faster. I usually take this time to chat to other people in the line. It’s good to be friendly! If you are attending the convention with a friend, this is a great time to catch up or prepare yourself (or calm yourself) before meeting a convention guest. When attending panels or discussions, get there early. Believe me, the lines for these events can be huge and getting there early allows you to secure yourself a seat.

Once you make sure you and those around you are having fun, conventions can be the most amazing experiences! I have met some of the greatest people I have ever known at conventions. Most of my closest friends today are people I met through conventions. Everyone at a comic con’s/conventions is there for the same reason, their love of geek culture. So you already know that you have a lot in common with these people, just have fun and don’t be afraid to talk to people.

I hope this blog has been informative! Feel free to check my Dublin Comic Con Experience video if you’d like to get a more detailed look at what it is like to attend a convention & to cosplay at one.

Also, for more tips check out the podcast I co-host! It’s called Conversations with Geek People & it’s available for to listen to for free on itunes. Or if you prefer, you can listen to it online also!

Harley Quinn Haul!


I have no words. My body is ready for his movie and eyes have been blessed with perfection.

I demand that this footage is played at my funeral.


Gotham Sirens Style Lookbook

Harley Quinn, Catwoman & Poison Ivy are three wonderful characters that inhabit the city of Gotham, reeking havoc and looking fabulous while doing so. I wanted to do a blog post that combined my love of fashion and comic books together and what better way to do it, than to get some serious style inspiration from the my favourite female anti-heroines, The Gotham Sirens?

Harley Quinn

She’s goofy, funny & she could kick your ass! Harley Quinn is by far my favourite female villain of all time. Her style is cute yet sexy and she can rock a jumpsuit like no other. You don’t have to dress like a clown princess to pull off her amazing look, try incorporating hints of Harley into your look by adding her distinctive costume colour combination of red and black, into your outfit.

One of my fave ways to do this, is to paint my nails red and black. You can get makeup inspiration from Harley by wearing a bright red lipstick with black winged eyeliner. The way to get a really simple and wearable Harley Quinn inspired look, would be to combine a pair of Harlequin leggings with a simple black top, try wearing black heels to take this outfit from day to night.

Poison Ivy

She’s the worlds most notorious eco-terrorist with some seriously enviable style! Poison Ivy is by far one of the most interesting characters in the DC universe, she’s obsessed with plant biology and environmentalism and it shows in her style. Just like her partner-in-crime, Harley Quinn, her style is made easily wearable when you incorporate the right key pieces and colours.

The key to nailing Poison Ivy’s s style is getting the colour’s right, try wearing earth inspired tones like mossy green’s, deep red’s and earthy brown’s. You can find some really beautiful accessories that are inspired by flowers and nature, which will add a nice touch to the look. To make your lips look as dangerous as Ivy’s toxic lips, wear a deep coloured lipstick like Envy Us by KA`OIR.


Catwoman is Gotham’s most notorious burglar and jewel thief, as well as being one of Batman’s  most enduring love interests. Her style has influenced popular culture, especially after the release of the film Batman Returns, where Michelle Pfeiffer’s portrayal of Catwoman made everyone excited about wearing tight & shiny material again! Catwoman’s style is distinctive and sexy.


When channeling your inner Catwoman, you can never wear too much black! Catwoman loves to wear leather and latex, her outfits are always sleek and skin tight. The only other colour she wears is on her lips, so make sure to make your lips pop with a sultry red lipstick and keep your nails on point (literally) by wearing black stiletto nailswhich you can press on/glue on over your nails. If you prefer you can use a nail file to shape your natural nails into cat-like claws! Meowwww!

Harley Quinn Cosplay Shoot!

Give Poison Ivy & other female comic book characters the justice they deserve.

As a female who reads comic books (yes, we actually exist. In fact, estimates suggesting that 46.67 per cent of comic fans are women) I am always looking for female protagonist to look to for inspiration. That is not to say that I find male hero’s any less inspirational but lets be real, there are less female characters in comics. Especially leading characters, who have the upper hand and kick ass skills to match, let alone rival their male counterparts.

As a child of the 90s, I became infatuated with Batman: The Animated Series, which began my love for Harley Quinn and many other Gotham/Arkham residents, including Poison Ivy. Ivy was usually included in episodes along side Harley, she added something to the story and she did have some great episodes that really showcased her character. Even so, I always thought it was a shame she never got as much air time as Harley because she is an incredibly interesting character.

Poison Ivy made her first appearance in Batman ##181 in June 1966 and has been a hit with fans of the comic books and films ever since. How is it that she doesn’t have her own stand alone comic book series yet!? Seriously.

Even though Ivy is depicted as a villain in the comics, she is such an important character to many women across the world and has a pivotal role in the Batman universe. Ivy is one of Batman’s greatest enemies and uses biology and science as her greatest weapon against him. She’s one smart chick and she’s passionate about her job. Okay, so she may be a little more passionate than most..

But that doesn’t take away from the fact that Ivy deserves her own stand alone comic book series, heck, she deserves her own movie, merch and more respect. It’s not enough to just include her in Gotham City Sirens & Birds of Prey. Female characters have a strong market, if only DC, Marvel & other publishers would give them a chance. Marvel comic’s new female Thor is outselling the old, male version by 30 per cent. You know why? Because people are hungry for change. They are hungry for strong female characters.

Even after the release of the blockbuster hit Avengers: Age of Ultron, fans were perplexed by the lack of Black Widow merchandise available, yet there was plenty on offer for fans of her male team mates. What are these publishing companies afraid of? There’s a demand for more stand alone female hero/villain comics & films. So, why not give the people what they want?

Reading comics and watching t.v shows about hero’s and villains inspired me to study Criminology in college. I have heard from a friend of mine, that Poison Ivy inspired her to study science. Reading comics like Rat Queens and Ms Marvel have given me hope that there is a future and a market for kick ass, girl power comics. Reading can be a very powerful experience, teamed with the visual artwork that comes along with comic books and graphic novels, it can move you. It can take you away from your everyday life and you can imagine what it is like to be unapologetically powerful, just like a women on the pages of the comics we read.

We are slowly moving forward in the right direction. I can only hope that the fans are heard and that DC finally give this character the stand alone series that she deserves.

I think Alice Walker said it best when she said, “The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” Let DC and other publishing companies know how you feel about the lack of female hero’s/villains because, sometimes hero’s need help too.