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Justin Bieber DUI Arrest & My Experience With A Drunk Driver.

If you’ve been online at all over the last two days will you probably have heard about Justin Bieber’s DUI arrest. In all honesty, I don’t think anyone was surprised to hear it. Except all of his “Belibers who seem to have unwavering faith in him no matter what his actions are. Upon browsing twitter I seen many hashtags that his fans used to express their dismay about Justin’s arrest and continued to support him and make excuses for his actions.

I was going to make a video about this but I decided to post a blog instead to collect my thoughts properly and do my best to get across my point of view, without ranting in anger and getting upset in a video. I know I would get upset and with good reason.

This past summer I was almost hit by a drunk driver. My friend and I were walking along a pathway towards a local shop. It was a hot day and we decided to go and get some ice cream. We were walking and chatting together with not a care in the world, we came to a point where we needed to cross the road to reach the next pathway and we took our time looking right and left before we crossed. Once we decided it was safe, we began to cross over. Just as we reached the other side I heard a loud noise, it sounded like a vehicle was coming towards us really, really fast. Bare in mind this area is near a school and the speed limit is very low. Usually cars drive very carefully near this bend and proceed with caution. So I was surprised to hear a roaring exhaust coming around the corner. All of this happened in a matter of seconds. Just as our feet reached the curb, I grabbed my friend and pulled her arm to drag her off the side of the path as I knew what was about to happen. Because I pulled her arm hard, we both hit the wall with a thud and crouched against the bricks with our hands over our heads.

I remember screaming and thinking that I was going to die. I literally thought that was it, that was how I was going to go. It was seriously terrifying. The car zoomed past us, barely missing us and drove right into a Lorry/Truck. I remember thinking that the if she had hit us, we’d be under that Lorry, dead. There was no way we would have survived it.

After the car had hit the Lorry, everything fell silent for a while. The truck driver came running over to us and asked us where we alright. The woman was still sitting in the car, she turned the car’s engine back on and somehow managed to reverse her car back to the spot beside where she almost hit us. I figured she done this so when the police arrived she could somehow argue that she had in fact stopped before the bend. Her car was leaking petrol, yet she still sat in the car and refused to roll down her window to anyone who expressed concern for her. She kept looking straight ahead and kept her hands gripping the wheel. The look in her face really freaked me out. She looked dead inside.

I was so tempted to go over to her window and cuss her out. I was so angry that she had almost killed me and my friend. At this point, my friend and I had began to cry and were in a state of shock. The kids started to pour out of the school around this time and a police officer arrived at the scene. He managed to speak to the woman in the car and then came over to us to ask us would we take a statement.

It turns out the woman had been heavily drinking and she was in no state to drive.

When I seen the news about Justin Bieber I was outraged by his fans out pour about “poor Justin” and how he didn’t deserve to be arrested. Well I am here to tell you he deserved to be arrested. In fact, I hope he gets a good kick up the backside for what he has done. I may not have been hurt or injured by the drunk driver, but I damn well could have been.

I know for a fact if I had not pulled my friend and I out of the way at that very second, I wouldn’t be writing this blog post right now.

It was a really good job that the police pulled him over when they did or the headlines might have read something a lot more horrifying. It is time to stop glorifying celebrities and letting them away with such serious crimes. Justin Bieber not only endangered his own life, he endangered the general public. Justin deserves to be treated like everyone else, he needs to be punished and be thought a lesson before he kills himself with his reckless behaviour or some one else. He needs a serious wake up call. It sickens me to see someone walk around with a god complex about themselves and think they can do as they please.

He is not invincible. He should not be exempt from the law.

I understand what it is like to he a hardcore fan of some one in the media, I do. But what I don’t understand is how some people can stand by and watch their so called “Idol” commit acts such as this and still support their actions fully. How can you sit there and say that this is OKAY? It is not okay. If anything, his fans should realize that he is slowly but surely falling into the abyss.

Think about it his way Belibers, if Justin continues down this path, he will die. I hope it doesn’t come to that, I hope that this boy realizes that he is playing with fire. Stop worshiping false idols and following them blindly. Celebrities, like Justin, are just human beings who live extravagant lives and sometimes forget that they are mortal and accountable for their actions.


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