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Karma Feeling Healing Gemstone Bracelet

I was feeling a little glum the other day, then THIS arrived in the post!

This beautiful bracelet is made from healing gemstones which you can tailor to your own personal needs. Some of the gemstones I picked out promote confidence, success and aid healing for personal issues such as anxiety & depression.

As some of you know, I collect gem stones & crystals and this is a beautiful addition to my collection. This bracelet is high in quality & is made with stretch wire. I love that you can personalize your gems if you wish by choosing the 6 emotions or ailments you need help with.

You can choose from ready to wear bracelets if you’d prefer, which deal with single emotions, feelings or ambitions such are creativity, fertility, love, etc.

I would recommended that you cleanse your bracelet once it arrives and on a regular basis. This will allow you to clear away any of the energies from people who may have handled it before you and will re-charge it. You can do this by leaving it on windowsill over night in the moon light or by using sage incense to ward away any negative energies. 

Check out the Karma Feeling website for more information.


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