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Dublin Comic Con 2014!



On the weekend of August 9th & 10th, I attended the second annual Dublin City Comic Con for the first time. I traveled to Dublin with two friends of mine, we stayed in a hotel close by to the convention and were ready for a fun filled weekend of geeky enjoyment and cosplaying!

There was so much to see and do at Dublin City Comic Con, such as movie props & costumes, fake sets, interactive sets, vendors, artwork, merchandise, archery, a zombie survival course, panel discussions and autograph signings etc. It was an amazing weekend event for all.

On Sunday I cosplayed as a female Quicksilver (above) and on the day I met loads of amazing cosplayers who cosplayed as some of my favorite characters. It was amazing to see so many people enjoying cosplay and getting excellent feedback for their costumes.
Cannon download 11Aug14 862

My friend Tom did a rule 63 Catwoman cosplay which was fantastic! (below)
Cannon download 11Aug14 885

One of my favorite cosplays of the entire weekend was this Batman/Gotham inspired family Cosplay! I thought the kids make up was fantastic and the attention to detail of each of their costumes was amazing. I also saw other family cosplays, there was a few Dad’s dressed up as Batman while pushing strollers around the convention floor and there was toddlers and babies dressed in all in one superhero costumes. It was adorable to say the least!

A family that cosplays together, stays together!

One of the coolest things to ever happen, happened to me. I MET XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS!

And of course, I bowed in worship. “I’m not worthy! I’m not worthy!”

All the cosplayers I met during the weekend were so lovely and happy to take photo’s with people who admired their costumes. There was a really great atmosphere, especially on the Sunday. Everyone bonded over their love for sci-fi, it was such a fantastic experience.


There was so many fantastic sets on display on the floor of the convention. There was so many stalls selling different kinds of merchandise from all kinds of fandoms. You could buy custom artwork from artists, comics, autographs, pretty much everything and anything you can think of in regards to geek related culture, Dublin Comic Con probably had it.Fotor0815202428

If you’re thinking of attending Dublin Comic Con next year, or any convention for that matter and want to cosplay ,I strongly advise you to take the plunge and cosplay! It really adds to the con experience and gives you a confidence boost as well as a great way to start conversations with other con goers. Soon enough you’ll get the cosplay bug! WARNING: IT’S AWESOME.


DSC_0512There was some amazing sets & props to take pictures with at Dublin Comic Con. My friends and I had a blast taking silly pictures with sets from some of our favorite t.v shows & films.Fotor0816131911

I had a wonderful time experiencing my first time at Dublin Comic con, it definitely won’t be my last visit! I already can not wait for my next opportunity to cosplay at a convention. I also out together a Dublin Comic Con Vlog if you’d like to hear more about my convention experience.

Dublin Comic Con, i’ll see you again next year!

Tate Langdon: American Horror Story

“I painted it black. I know how you don’t like normal things.”

For me, Tate Langdon represents my ultimate favorite style on a guy. Grungey!

I am a big fan of the 90s grunge look and I personally love it on blonde men! When I first watched American Horror Story Tate’s style reminded me a lot of Kurt Cobain’s personal style and I do think the stylists on the show based a lot of Tate’s wardrobe off Kurt Cobain. Tate even made a few references to the singer in the t .v show. His hair was a beautifully tousled mess and his eyes always looked liked they had been bruised by sleepless nights. He wore a lot of black and solemn colour pallets to represent his mood. Sometimes he wore ripped denim jeans with slogan t-shirts, stripped jumpers and he always wore a silver thumb ring.


There is something truly horrifying about Evan Peter’s portrayal of psychologically disturbed spirit of Tate Langdon. American Horror Story is a show well known for pushing the envelope when it comes to what can and what can not be shown on television. The show really challenges it’s viewers to widen their perception and connect with characters who are taboo to root for and Tate Langdon’s character is the definitely not someone people would usually sympathise with.

Tate is someone that people can strangely relate too, he was abandoned by his father and neglected by his mother and felt a sense of injustice in his life. His story really began in 1994 when Tate reached his limit and lost control when he set his mothers boyfriend on fire and then went on to shoot up his local high school, thus becoming a mass murderer taking the lives of fifteen students. In the famous AHS episode “Murder House” we see Tate walk down the hallways of Westfield High donning Rick Genest inspired make up, a heavy trench coat and a shot gun. It was a very powerful scene and is still one of the most recognized looks of the t.v shows history thus far.

Although we did see the softer side to Tate in season one of American Horror Story when he falls in love with Violet Harmon. I found Tate’s personality to be really honest and raw, he represents the side of ourselves that we try to keep locked up for a reason. His character really embodies the rage that a lot of people feel when they feel trapped in themselves and feel like prisoners of their daily lives.

As horrific as Tate’s actions where in season one of America Horror Story there is a sense of understanding about his cries for help. Tate craved love and attention and used violence to get it, he let his demons roam free and they haunted him for the rest of his days.