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Apparently, Stranger Things isn’t “feminist enough”.

The Sun Sexualize Zoella For Posting A Harmless Snapchat Pic

Yesterday I came across a piece of so called ‘journalism’ The Sun published about Youtube sensation Zoe Sugg AKA Zoella. The post ridiculed the 25 year old woman because she posted a harmless snapchat image of herself lying in bed and showing a section of her Calvin Klein briefs.

The sub title of the post proclaimed “Vlogger is beloved by young girls – but they’ve NEVER seen her like this!”. When I read this I couldn’t help but exhale slowly in sheer annoyance.


Zoe Sugg is an adult. She is a grown woman. She wears underwear like the rest of us do. 

In the post they describe the photograph as if it is some sort of pornographic image by saying “Lying in bed, the 25-year-old flashed her toned midriff, going braless in a tight white top.” The Sun said that this image was “sexy” and that Zoella was “scantily-clad”. Wow..


Way to sexualize a completely not sexual photograph just for the sake of it.

I don’t consider The Sun to hold a high standard when it comes to journalism but I am disappointed in how they have turned a harmless snap chat image into a scandal and a way to try to defame Zoella’s character by sexualizing her. It is journalism like this that negatively effects young girls all around the world, not Zoella posting a snap chat in her briefs. It’s publications who write crap like that, who are the real problem.

The Sun claim that by posting this kind of image Zoe is doing a disservice to her young fan base but it is articles like what  The Sun posted about Zoella that make young women feel ashamed of their bodies. Articles like that dehumanize YouTubers and bloggers, who at the end of the day are just normal people. Normal people with feelings and people who are allowed to love their bodies and not be ashamed for showing the slightest bit of skin.

Shame on The Sun for posting such a horrid write up about something so petty.

Zoella has nothing to be ashamed of.