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Steal Her Style: Gigi Hadid

She’s a Guess Girl & the new face of Maybelline, there’s no slowing down the hurricane of beauty that is Gigi Hadid. She is an unstoppable force in the fashion world at the moment, with many international campaigns under her belt and fashion shows to boot, she’s still a star on the rise.

Gigi’s personal style is understated yet chic, with feminine elements thrown in for good measure. She likes to feel comfortable in whatever she wears but also manages to keep on trend while doing so. Gigi is a big fan of crop tops, being a Californian girl, she knows how to rock a the look!

She usually pairs crop top’s with long pendants and simple accessories, like woven friendship bracelets and designer sunglasses. Gigi wears a lot of earth tones and monochrome clothing. She particularly loves white clothing, that compliments her beautiful skin tone & natural glow.

What I love about Gigi’s Hadid’s style, is that she manages to keep the perfect balance between style and comfort. She never compromises either one, when putting together a great outfit. To get her casual look, try pairing some some stylish key pieces with comfortable day wear. Gigi creates this kind of look by wearing fitted jeans with a loose t-shirt and a leather jacket. Even on a trip to the gym Gigi still manages to look great, by pairing a comfortable sweater with a pair of jogging pants, she keeps it stylish by wearing a funky pair of sunglasses and carrying a chic gym bag.

Gigi is a naturally beautiful woman but sometimes uses neutral make up shades to enhance her features & compliment her sun kissed skin tone. Gigi uses a medium coverage foundation on her face along with highlighter on key points on her face such as her cheekbones, forehead and nose. Her look is understated and effortless. When trying to recreate Gigi’s makeup look, less is more.

Focusing on key parts of your face when creating Gigi’s makeup look is essential. If you don’t like using foundation on your skin, try using a BB cream. Play up your eyes by using a natural looking mascara and a khol eyeliner. Using a brow gel, tidy up your brows by working the product through them with a brow brush. Keep the lips simple by wearing either a nude lipstick or lip balm.

Gigi’s hair is usually kept very simple. If you have a natural kink to your hair, you could try enhancing your natural natural hair by creating beach babe waves like Gigi’s. Try using a sea salt spray by spritzing some of the product onto damp hair and let it dry naturally. No heat, no fuss!

For more style inspiration from Ms. Hadid, check out her instagram page!