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Dublin Shopping Guide: George Street Arcade, Dublin 2.

George’s Arcade is possibly my favorite shopping destination in Dublin City. I always get excited to have a leisurely browse through the shops and stalls on display. There is a lot of culture to soak in, loads of fun places to shop for clothes and little nick nacks for tourists to relish in and take home as unique gifts. It’s a pretty fun place to take people, especially if they’ve never been there before.

I always recommend George’s Arcade to anyone who’s visiting Dublin, it’s a really unique spot in the heart of the city. I particularly love the Japanese inspired stalls, full of kawaii plushies, accessories and ornaments. You can find some really fantastic items in George’s Arcade.

 If you are a fan of alternative fashion & funky cafe’s, George Street Arcade is perfect for you.

I enjoy having a look around the shops and grabbing a nice, refreshing bubble tea afterwards in Bubbilicity. I always order myself a passion fruit bubble tea with tapioca pearls, it’s soooo yummy! I recommend checking out Bubbilicity, the drinks are tasty & the staff are friendly.

Oh Look is one of my favorite shops in George’s Arcade, the shop has some really interesting clothing inspired by Japanese fashion and K-Pop style. I am a big fan of their pin’s & badges, they have a huge selection pinned to the front entrance of the shop. I love to stick them on leather jackets and backpacks. They also sell hand painted converse, which I always drool over.

Over in New Moon you can find some spectacular hand crafted and antique jewellery. They sell stunning pieces with a wide range of gem’s to choose from. They source gem’s from all over the world, to provide a truly beautiful selection of well made and visually stunning accessories.

Those are just some of my favorite shops & stall’s in George’s Street Arcade, there are many other wonderful spots to browse and relish in the arcade. Whether you are a fan of fashion, music or food, George’s Arcade has something for everyone. Get shopping & support local businesses!



 Winter has rolled around  faster than any of us could imagine, the days are shorter, the air is crisp and most of us are feeling the festive vibe as we count down the days to Christmas. Personally I’m a Summer girl but what I love about the Winter, is how stunningly beautiful the scenery can be. December is a time when we find our way through the haze and into the New Year.


Winter solstice is upon us and the world “solstice” literally means “Sun Stands Still”. My outfit was inspired by the magic and mystery in the air during this festive season.

My Amethyst Night Spell necklace is from Night Venus and my blue Agate, spiraled necklace is from Moonbeams in Tullamore, Co.Offaly. What I love about my spiraled necklace is that it is adjustable, so I can change the stone instead to suit my mood. It’s one of my favorite accessories.

DSC_0556.jpgyes This year I have discovered one of my favorite fashion accessories, midi rings. They are just so incredibly comfortable to wear! I am in love with my Three Line Midi & Crescent Moon Midi rings.


 This Sun & Moon Dress from Romwe is currently my favorite dress to wear, as it is loose fitting and very comfortable. I really love the print, I have always been fascinated with Astronomy and the Solar System, so this dress really shows off my personality. I paired the dress with this stylish Black Bowknot Hat (also from Romwe) and long black cardigan from Dunnes Stores.

done3To complete the look, I wore some barely black tights from Pennys/Primark, along with my favorite pair of black boots from New Look. My square handbag is from Anne Smith, this is my go-to bag this season because it is practical and simple, it goes with almost any outfit!


My Halloween Wishlist!

All Hallow’s Eve is almost here! Most of us are preparing costumes, stocking up on festive candy and watching scary films to get us into the spirit of the season. Though for a lot of people, Halloween isn’t just a yearly event, it’s pretty much a life style! For those of you who find the beauty in the creepy side of life, I have complied together a wishlist of some of the cutest and spookiest Halloween inspired bits & bobs I could find, to celebrate the spooky season.

Just click on the collages to find out where each item is from! 🙂


Halloween is the perfect time of the year to experiment with your look and play around with colour. One of the easiest ways to play around with colour, without going too far out of your comfort zone, is by having fun with different shades of nail polish. You can wear one or many shades at once depending on your mood. I like the black and orange combo for Halloween and more rustic reds for that Autumn feel. Of course, my favorite nail polish shade all year round is black! You can’t go wrong with black nail polish, it goes with pretty much everything!



Bags, glorious bags! A good bag can make or break an outfit, so why not take advantage of this festive season and indulge your inner goth girl by adorning a Halloween inspired bag. There are so many unique and interesting bags you can pick up from alternative shops and online that will make you stand out from the crowd, for all the right reasons. Fashion is all about having fun and what’s more fun than a kooky bag? Fun accessories are also great conversation starters, so you are sure to be the ghoul of the hour at any party, carrying one of these unique bags.



One of my favorite things about October is the availability of Halloween/Autumn inspired pieces, that can be found at no other time of the year. It is a special time to celebrate all things weird and wonderful, which is great for finding unique items so decorate your home with as well as fun statement pieces for your wardrobe. Halloween is a time for creativity and fun.

So let you imagination run wild this season!





My biggest fashion inspiration right now is American Horror Story: Coven! I love everything about the show, including the fashion. The girls at Miss Robichaux’s Academy always look fierce.

I took inspiration from one of the Coven’s finest members, Zoe Benson.

I wore a black vintage style hat like she did in the show, along with a peter pan collared dress. To give the look a more gothic feel I wore distressed black tights along with a pair of dainty black wedges. To complete the look I accessorized with a pair of round black sunglasses and a small black and gold shoulder bag. Oh! And of course every witches best friend, her spell book!




Wig // Ebay

Tights // Pennys

Shoes // Dolly Dynamite

Peter Pan Dress // ASOS.com

Hat & Sunglasses // ROMWE.com

Bag // Red Herring at Debenhams

Watch my OOTD Video on Youtube



Queens Of Halloween #3 Wednesday Addams

“I’m a homicidal maniac, they look just like everyone else.”

She’s the queen of all things macabre, Wednesday Addams. She’s mysterious and spooky but definitely NOT PERKY! In the 19060’s pilot of the Addams Family t.v show, Lisa Loring was cast as Wednesday, portraying  Wednesday Addams as sweet young lady, who’s hobbies included ballet & raising spiders. As a child of the 90’s the most memorable portrayal of Wednesday Addams for me was by actress Christina Ricci, in the films The Addams Family & The Addams Family Values. I literally thought she was the coolest person ever!

Christina’s portrayal of Wednesday was far more moody and grim. Which  really added to the character and made her one of the most lovable and oddly relatable members of The Addams family. She wore her trade mark Peter Pan Collar dress, along with black tights and leather shoes. In the film’s Wednesday wore red nail polish and carried around a headless doll, aptly named Marie Antoinette. Her hair was plaited into two neat braids and she was usually up to something sinister, like trying to electrocute her poor brother Pugsley!

The most memorable Halloween I ever had was when I dressed up as Wednesday for Halloween one year when I was a kid. I loved pretending to be her for even just one night. She was every future goth girl’s hero and style icon from a young age. She still inspires me to this day. I own loads of Peter Pan Collared top’s and dresses and whenever I wear then I feel like I am channeling my inner Wednesday! I really do feel that  watching The Addams Family as a child has really influenced me as a child as well as an adult, style wise and personality wise.


I decided that I will dress up as her this year for old times sake!

Happy homicide everyone! I mean… Halloween! 😉


Casual Gothic Inspired OOTD

Today I am wearing a black vampire inspired t-shirt from pennys/primark I got it for the bargain price of €3! My black jeans are from Pull & Bear, they cost me approx €17 and my boots are from Aldo, I have had them for years & they cost €120.


This is the type of outfit I would wear on a normal day, lougning about! I really like t-shirts with illustrations on them, I wear a lot of black (as you can probably tell!) and an illustrated tee can add some pop to a casual outfit. I prefer to wear heavier boots in the winter to keep warm. I actually used to hate the boots I am wearing in this picture but they grew on me over time and are now one of my wardrobe staples.



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QueenObscene Jewelry Review

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