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A little update.

Hello lovely reader,

It’s been a while. The last written blog I posted on here was published in July and I wanted to write this post, to explain to you where I have been and why I have been neglecting my blog over the past few months. Honestly, a lot has been going on. I have had a lot of setbacks and a some little victories, but most of all I have been trying to find my footing in the blogging world.

As some of you know, I have recently changed the direction of my YouTube channel. I started making videos where I give my social commentary on issues that are going on in the world. I have always been a very opinionated person and for a long time, I was feeling unhappy with the content that I posted on YouTube. If I am being totally candid here, I can admit to you that my channel wasn’t doing so well and I was no longer enjoying the content I was creating. It wasn’t enough for me. Don’t get me wrong, I still absolutely love fashion and beauty but they are not the only topics I want to talk about anymore.

I needed to shake things up and I did. I’m glad I did.


My channel is doing much better now and I feel excited to make videos again. That is not to say that I won’t be posting beauty, hair or story-time related videos ever again. I will! I still do. My channel is going to be a mixed bag, it is going to be a mishmash of my interests, personality and life. I have also been thinking a lot about how I can keep my old and new audience happy, and I think I have discovered a way to do just that! I’m going to use my blog to house a large majority of my beauty reviews, hair posts and fashion blogs, etc.

In fact all of my content will be posted here on this site, my videos and my blogs. There are different categories on my blog (check the top, right-hand corner of my site) to choose from and it’ll be a one-stop-shop for all of my content to be viewed and (hopefully) enjoyed.

So if you only enjoy my social commentary or geeky related content you can find it easily. Or, you are a fan of my beauty, hair & fashion content, you can find all of it on one page, at the click of a button. It will be a fully fledged lifestyle blog and I really hope you enjoy it.


I hope that EllieJayden.com can become something different for everyone. A hub of advice, opinions and information. I’m currently working on some new blog posts and hope to get back on track with everything as soon as possible. I’m excited about it and I hope you will be too!

Stay tuned for new content and thanks for sticking around 🙂



ALFAPARF Milano Fantastic Hairdresser Awards 2013

This weekend I attended the ALFAPARF Milano Fantastic Hairdresser Awards 2013 in Silver Springs Moran Hotel, Co.Cork. This is the fourth year in a row the competition has been open to Ireland’s leading and up and coming hair stylists, with a wide range of creative categories such as Fantastic Stylist, Fantastic Colourist, Fantastic Salon etc. The Fantastic Fantasy Hair Stylist Award was won by my friend & MoHH student, Glen Cullen on the night. His model Katie Brill wore the piece entitled “Mystique” with beautiful poise and the final looked breath taking.

The competition was intense and there was so many beautiful looks created on the day. My favorite category by far has to be the Fantasy category, it is really inspirational to see the creative visions of so many talented stylists. I decided to document the preparation at the start of the day, right through to the final judging.


Glen preparing his model for the competition. (Above)

The competitors where given time to fine tune and prepare their look for the final judging in the convention center. The scene was very hectic and electric with energy. The intensity in the room was undeniable. Each stylist was carefully putting together their creative vision with perfect precision and passion. It was inspiring!

Glen’s mood board for the final look. (Below) 







After the final looks where prepared, the stylists lead their models onto the judging floor. The impressive judging panel included, Richard Ashforth, International Creative Director of SACO, Desmond Murray, award-winning stylist and photographer, Desmond Murray Photography; Vivica Davie, Colour director for ALFAPARF Milano; Roberta Artó, ALFAPARF Milano Research & Development Technician and Fiona Connolly, Manager of the Year winner at the British Hairdressing Business Awards.

















After the judging had taken place, the models posed for some pictures.



Glen’s model Katie wears a stunning dress created by Luke Keating (above)







Model’s Rachel, Laura & Katie stroke a fierce pose! (below)


After the day’s competition was complete, there was a special show which was presented my Off The Rails presenter Brendan Courtney, the show showcases innovative and on trend hair styles for this season, the show had everything, fashion, style, dancing & even some on stage hair cuts! Which where demonstrated by the talented Alan Keville.





After the show was over it was on to the most awaited part of the evening, the awards!


The awards ceremony was full of thrills and screams! Each winner was as deserving as the next and after the awards where handed out, each stylist celebrated with their fellow competitors at the after party at one of Cork’s top night clubs, The Bodega.


I had a really enjoyable experience at The Fantastic Hairdresser awards, the creativity and high energy really inspired me. The entire event was entertaining and visually stunning. The stylists showed incredible skill and innovation through their designs and the competition pieces where a testament to how far Irish Hairdressing has come along in the last few years, the pieces where on trend, unique and show stopping.

Until next year, happy hairdressing! ; )


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