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Warhol’s, Banksy’s & Robots!

This Tuesday, both my boyfriend & I traveled to Dublin, to feast our eyes on the Andy Warhol & Banky collections that were being displayed at Gormley’s Fine Art, on South Fredrick Street. I have actually witnessed a Banksy original when I was in Brighton a few years ago (It was the famous image of the police men kissing). His work is eye-opening and has really influenced me and many people I know. Warhol is also someone who’s work I admire. I love the bright colours he uses in his imagery and how he both mocks and enjoys pop culture in a humorous way.

The exhibition is completely free and is worth a look if you are a fan of  Banksy and/or Warhol. It also hosts artwork from other contemporary artists such as Bambi, Jeff Koons and Damien Hirst.

Afterwards, we walked over to the Science Gallery at Trinity College. I love popping in to see what cool and interesting exhibitions they have on. The most recent exhibition is called Humans Need Not Apply and speaks about the immense possibility of machine ruling man, in the future.

In the modern day world, our smart phones have almost become apart of our person and some of us even suffer from withdrawal when we are away from our phones for too long.

It begs the question, do we control technology or does technology control us?

One of my favourite aspects of the exhibition, was the Doppelgänger robot. Once you stood in front of the robot, it was able to mimic your actions and follow your bodily movements. It creates a strange connection between human and robot, much like the rest of the exhibits at the gallery. The most eerie aspect of the exhibition for me, was the talking typewriters.

The reason I found it so unnerving was because the typewriters were having a conversation all by themselves, without the need for a human controlling the situation. It makes you wonder, does our technology really need us tell it what to do? Or, does it already know what it wants to do/say?

The Science Gallery is a fantastic place to visit and is perfect for a family day out or as a way to broaden your thinking. A lot of the exhibits are interactive and allow you to get involved in the science behind the message they are designed to deliver. Check out Science Gallery for more info.