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Getting my mojo back!

It’s Mental Health Awareness Month, so I’ve decide today that I will be open about some of my struggles recently. I’ve been finding it incredibly hard to find any kind of motivation, even in regards to the things I am passionate about. I have been making YouTube videos for over eight years now, and while it has been such a wonderful experience for me, it’s also been a constant struggle. A struggle to stay motivated and to stay true to myself.

I’ve come to terms with the fact I will never be a “big” YouTuber but the lack of change or channel growth can sometimes be incredibly disheartening. I’ve realised that I need to stop trying to fit in on YouTube, and online in general, for that matter. I need to start allowing myself to have fun again and stop desperately trying to fit the mold. It never works and it is never fun.

I have always felt like I need to be one thing, have one genre of content and focus solely on that. Although to me, that is just so boring. I get that it is great for continuity but, it’s just not me. I get bored easily and I like to express myself in different ways. So why hold back on that?

Life is too damn short to limit myself. 

Which is why I am no longer uploading videos on a tight schedule, I am uploading content, only when I feel inspired to share something with the world and when I have something to say. I have been having impromptu cosplay photo shoots (see photo above), recording videos when a light bulb of inspiration goes off in my mind, and in general, having fun being creative again.

Taking the pressure off myself to “keep up with the Joneses” is really sparking a new found passion within me. There is nothing more stifling than creating something, for the sake of it.

It’s time to get back to basics and just have fun.

Because its obvious when someone is passionate about something. That in itself, is inspiring.

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Alt Girl Christmas Gift Guide & Inspiration!

Ahhhh It’s that time of tear again, where we are frantically rushing around the shops looking for the perfect gifts for our loved ones. Let’s face it, Christmas shopping is hard work and looking for a gift without any clue what it is you are looking for, can make it a very stressful endeavour altogether. I’ve put together a little holiday gift guide/inspiration for the alt girl in your life!


She’s creepy and she’s kooky, mysterious and spooky! The Goth Girl, in my opinion is actually pretty easy to buy for and contrary to belief, goth girls enjoy a pop of colour every now and then. I’d recommend checking out shops like kreepsville 666 who sell amazing accessories and clothing to make any Goth Girl happy. Personally, I love their Elivra Mistress of The Dark collection.


You can’t go wrong with a good pair of shoes. A Goth girl fave is IronFist! They also sell clothing, handbags & accessories. Goth girls love makeup, I recommend checking out Urban Decay for their amazing palettes and pigmented eye shadows. The most pigmented black eye shadow I have ever used is from Urban Decay, you can also purchase singular eye shadow pots as stocking fillers!

cybWhen it comes to buying a gift for a Cyber Goth, think COLOUR! The more neon the better. In my opinion, one of the best brands for colourful, pigmented makeup is Sugarpill Cosmetics. They offer a range of neon and pretty pastel eye shadows, as well as cute makeup brushes that would make a great addition to any makeup lovers collection. Plus, they are cruelty free! YAY!


 Accessories are a Cyber Girl’s best friend, a great place to find some quality raver gear is Cyberdog. It is a great site for futuristic fashion, as well as homeware and club accessories. 

rockchick2This girl means business, she’s a bad ass with an even cooler sense of style. Music is a huge part of her life and it reflects in her style. If you are looking to splash the cash for a gift for the rock chick in your life then a little something something from Alexander McQueen is the way to go. If she is not into designer gear, IronFist sell unique and affordable bags for a fraction of the price.


 One of the coolest gifts I was given last year for Christmas was a Harley Quinn Funko figure, there are loads of different kinds of Funko’s to suit everyone’s tastes. I really like the Maleficent Funko’s! They’d look so cute perched on a makeup station, desk or bedside. Music really is the key to a rock chicks heart, why not try making her a personal mix or playlist? It costs next to nothing to create and sometimes, the most personal gifts are the ones that are priceless.

kawaiigirl2A Kawaii Babe loves all things cute and adorable. Think Hello Kitty, bows, girly purses and accessories. My favorite Kawaii online shop is Dolly Dynamite, I find their stock to be very affordable and good quality. Dolly Dynamite sell some really pretty shoes and clothes. For some cute stocking fillers, I suggest checking out Tofu Cute. They sell kawaii candy, charms and purses. kawaiigirl

I hope this post was helpful to you and that you found out about some cool new online stores. Click each individual collage to see the prices and links to each item featured in this post.

Happy Shopping!