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Instagram has banned #Curvy?

Instagram is a place well known for well posed selfies and artistic content. It is also well known that Instagram are fond of blocking certain hashtags, rendering them unsearchable, especially when it is linked with content that goes against community guidelines. People are up in arms with their decision on their latest ban, Instagram have made the hashtag #Curvy totally unsearchable on their popular app but you can still search search tags like #CurvyBabe and #CurvyWomen etc.

Instagram believe that #Curvy was used to violate their nudity policy but #Skinny is still allowed?

I don’t understand why they can ban a hashtag for one body type and not the other.

The real kicker is, there are loads of other tags that haven’t been banned, which are arguably more likely to contain potentially offensive content on the app. Hashtags such as #fatpig or #fatfuck are allowed, which are often used on #thinspiration posts.

#vaginas, #dildo, and #clitoris are still searchable, but #nipple & #thighs isn’t.

It all seems a little bit messed up, doesn’t it?

There are many different body types but instagram doesn’t seem to care about that.

The blatant discrimination against body types is adamant. This kind of censorship only hurts people’s body image and their perceptions of body image, you can’t allow thinspiration posts to be shared but not allow body positive posts. What kind of message is that giving off to people?

I’ll tell you what. A very, very  harmful one.



The Dyed Armpits Trend! Is it Bizarre or Empowering?

I have been pondering a certain question for quite some time now. This is something that has been on my mind since seeing several blog posts, documentaries and social media commentary on the topic of social norms. That questions is, what would happen if I didn’t shave?

As a woman of the 21st century, the thoughts of not shaving seem almost preposterous to me. Not only is it a natural part of my shower routine but it’s something I do almost involuntarily.

Society tells women to do a lot of things, heck, women tell other women what to do with their bodies. It’s become normal for us to go along with the social norms created for us and certain things become so normal to our daily lives, that we don’t even give them a second thought.

Not so long ago, popstar Miley Cyrus grew out her armpit hair and the internet freaked out. Always a rebel, after the backlash of hateful comments about her body hair, Miley took it one step further and dyed the hair bright pink! Which I thought was pretty damn cool of her to do.

The reason why I think it was cool of her to do, is because it sends out a message. Miley going against the popular expectations of her as a celebrity and as a woman says ‘you don’t own me’. She is telling the world that she can do what she want’s with her body and I think that’s brave.

Miley isn’t the first woman to dye her armpits funky colours. A Seattle based stylist named Rosie Hunt posted a blog post on how to dye your armpitswhich has gained over more than 30,000 hits worldwide with the hashtag #dyedpits blowing up all over social media lately!

Although this trend has taken off unexpectedly, not everyone think’s it’s a good thing. Some people have tweeted that they find the trend ‘gross’ and stated that it ‘needs to end now’. Although I personally wouldn’t be into dying my pits, I quite like this trend!

Many women feel they need to be pretty much hairless in order to feel clean and attractive to other people. So isn’t it quite a bold and impressive statement to make, to highlight a part of the body that isn’t usually celebrated in society?

It may not be for everyone but you can’t deny that it makes a pretty colourful point! 😉

Steal Her Style: Charli XCX

Charlie XCX is my new style queen. I bow down to her fashion choices!

This woman is a risk taker and fashion is all about having fun, being creative and taking risks. Her playful approach to fashion is invigorating. It is so refreshing to see someone in music today is is so wholeheartedly enjoying discovering their own personal style! Charli XCX is all about living life as if it is one big party. And Hey, you gotta get dressed up for your own party, right?

Her album Sucker embodies that mindset & is fantastic to listen to while getting glammed up!

I love that Charli’s style pays homage to cult classic 90s chick flick films such as Clueless & Jawkbreaker. She wears a lot of teen movie inspired clothing such as fluffy crop tops, cross chokers and shredded tights to name a few. In regards to style inspiration Charlie says, ‘I draw inspiration from pop culture like Wednesday Addams and the Spice Girls, but present it in a raw environment on stage. It’s kind of like baby-cake goth. I’ve always put thought into what I’m wearing, because as an artist it’s really important for the look to translate into your sound.’

To get Charlie XCX’s girly grunge look, try combining colourful crop tops with gothic inspired jewelry. Charli is most inspired by the 90s fashion era, ‘I feel like the ‘90s had the best period for style because it was the best of both worlds like grunge and then Girl Power pop as well’.

Charlie is a shoe fanatic and loves to wear super high platform shoes in bright, solid colours and platforms with funky patterns on them. Her style is also influenced by the London rave scene, where she used to preform at parties when she was a starting out as a musical artist.

Charli’s makeup go-to makeup look is usually a red or pink bold lip and sultry eyes. She brings out her brown eyes by using gold and metallic eye shadow’s to really make her beautiful eyes pop, her brows are always defined and on fleek , come on I had to say it!. She sometimes experiments with colourful eye shadow’s to add a some more playfulness to her look (as if she needs too!)

If there is anything I’ve learned from Charli XCX, it is that life is too short to care about what other people think about your fashion choices. Style is personal and it’s influenced by a lot of different mediums of art and life. Experimenting with your style is so much fun and taking influence from your favorite style era’s is a great way to discover who you are and what you like to wear. Fashion allows us to show the world who are are and who we want to be and Charli XCX gets that.

Kendall & Kylie: Jenneration X

jenEvery single generation has it’s style icons. Women and men that spark the latest fashion trends and inspire new looks. In my opinion, the biggest style icons of 2014 thus far has been the Jenner sisters. They went from timid pre-teens who stood in their older sisters shadows, to blossoming young fashionistas almost over night. Their personal style has developed so much this past year and they are continuing to grow and learn what suits them as individuals.


For quite some time Kylie was the shy sister of the Jenner/Kardashian family. She kept mostly to herself until recently she decided to step out of the shadows of her other sisters and embrace her own personal style. Kylie’s instagram selfies went from duck faces to vogue material in the space of a year! Her new and imporved style is unique, daring &  bold. I love it!kylieaccessories

Kylie’s favorite look is dressy/casual. She is really good at paring simple, key items together to create a solid, trendy look. She favors dark colour palettes and sometimes adds a pop of colour to her outfit to really make her stand out from the crowd. Kylie’s trademark’s are her pouty lips and her blue hair. To get Kylie’s look, simply use a lip liner that matches your natural lip colour, over draw your lips and slick on some lip balm to get an instant, Kylie inspired pout! To imitate her fashion forward hairstyle, try using coloured hair chalk on your ends, it’s simple to apply and easy to wash out. You can experiment with so many different colours using hair chalks.


To get Kylie’s rock chic look, try paring a simple grey vest top or a band tee with a faux leather jacket for instant style points. Kyle is a big fan of accessories, she loves layering necklaces and wearing classic aviator sunglasses. She also loves to wear black nail varnish and often gets her nails filed into cat claw tips to add some extra edge to her look.


Kendall’s style is very different to Kylie’s. Kendall likes to wear casual yet chic outfits, that are comfortable to wear while still remaining on trend. She usually opts for slouchy tops and knitted jumpers, and pairs them with stylish with skinny jeans. She always keeps her make up natural and fresh and sometimes opts for a coloured lip to make her pout really stand out!

Kendall is a huge fan of knit wear and can often be spotted wearing beanie hats and scarves while out and about. Living in Sunny L.A Kendall knows it’s important to have the right eye wear for each event or outing. She likes to experiment with different styles of sunglasses and isn’t afraid to try something a little out of her comfort zone sometimes. Which I love!
kkKendall is a girly girl and can be seen wearing some of the most beautiful dresses on the red carpet and press related events. Her height allows her to wear some stunning gowns, in many different shapes, cuts and styles. Her favorite dress style seems to be short and girly. She favors simple colour palettes, especially white and cream. Which are two colours that contrast beautifully with her sun kissed skin tone and hair colour. To get her casual look I suggest pairing comfy slouchy jumpers with fitted jeans along with a comfy pair of boots. Kendall’s style is effortless so keep your make up natural and wear your hair down, give your roots a spritz of sea salt spray and shake it up a for that California girl look!


For more style inspiration check out the girls coveted Instagram pages:

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♥ Kendall’s Instagram ♥


Social Media Envy & Online Anxiety

This year I have been going through a mindful change, I decide to do my best to become more aware of life and what is going on around me and inside my head. As some of you may know I have suffered a bit this year with anxiety and it has been difficult to deal with, especially around stressful times and emotional times. I really wanted to write a honest blog about my feelings towards social media and I have forced myself to really take a look at what is going on inside my head and my heart and I discovered something that I am sure a lot of people can relate to. Loneliness and online envy.

You might be thinking “what? online envy?” let me explain.

Imagine you have been having what you assume to be a good day, maybe not even a good day, maybe just a decent day with no major hiccups. Then you log into your favorite social networking account to see that everyone is having the best damn time of their lives, travelling to exotic countries, hanging out with armies of friends, swinging from the ceilings of the hottest night club in town and having the best damn time ever it seems. All of a sudden your day seems like a total pile of shit, a sad existence, you feel like billy no mates and you may as well have not even bothered to get out of bed at all seems. You feel terrible and start to analyze your entire life and all of a sudden you don’t feel so good.  In reality, it only takes one beautifully filtered picture of a gorgeous friend to make you feel like quasimodo.

It can be really depressing, not to mention a super sonic hit to the ego. I don’t know about you but this happens to me a lot and as a self admitted over thinker, it can be really disheartening to log into a social networking account. It can cause me some panic and dread. I was chatting to a friend recently and I said “I don’t really like logging into facebook, it makes me feel anxious.” My friend replied with a raised eyebrow “Why!?” I explained and it didn’t seem to register with my friend the same as it did with me and I thought to myself, am I the only one who feels this way? Maybe my friend is just more secure then I am or, maybe they don’t follow enough beautiful internet celeb’s online!

Either way, I understood that this is something that needs to be discussed. Is online envy something that effects everyone at some point? And is it effecting how we live our lives?

I have a very close friend who doesn’t use facebook for this very reason and I admire her for that. Not having a facebook account these days is regarded as big a crime as not watching Breaking Bad is. IT IS INTERNET BLASPHEMY ALMOST! We live in the age of information technology, people can develop addictions to technology as easily as an addiction to cigarettes or drugs. There are technology addiction disorders such as Nomophobia, which is mobile phone addiction and Problematic Internet Use. It’s kinda scary and it makes me wonder what we are putting our poor psyche’s through on a daily basis when using the internet.

If you meet some one on a night out or at a social occasion, instead of asking for your mobile number now day’s most people will ask “Do you have facebook?” and what I have been thinking about is WHY? And I think I know the answer, we are an age obsessed with knowledge, we are more educated today than we ever where and we must know what is going on at all times and if we don’t we feel left out. Don’t get me wrong I am no stranger to this myself, I rather enjoy social networking, blogging and receiving information as fast as it is put out there. I usually know major news stories before my parents do because I check twitter constantly.

But there is a major down side, the thing that get’s me about social networking is that our lives are edited into the best fractions of their existence. The “best of” if you will. Honestly, I think social networking as made me paranoid and vain in some regards, if some one takes a picture of me and I don’t like it, a massive feeling of anxiety comes over me like a hurricane ready to hit, I don’t feel at ease until they delete it so I know that picture won’t pop up on social media to be seen by all online. What’s funny is, I should be used to it by now! I have been uploading online since the days of Myspace (yeah i’m old) and really, it should be just dirt off my shoulder. When you really think about it, there are companies out there that have taken advantage of these types of insecurities we have in today’s beauty obsessed world and have made apps based on them, photo editing apps where you can photo shop your blemishes while you sit on the bus, filters that make everything look more dream like, basically we give ourselves digital face lifts on our smartphones almost daily! Heck the word selfie has even made it into the dictionary!

The burning question on my mind is why do I care? Hell, why does anyone care! Why do we even feel the NEED to share our information with people and edit it before we release it into cyber space. I honestly think it is just a sign of the changing times. My Grandmother for example can not even fathom the idea of facebook and why people are so eager to share information about their daily lives so willingly. When it comes down to it, I really believe that seeing perfectly cropped and edited instagram pictures and epic statuses about the night before can cause us to feel a little envious at times, and naturally so. It is not strange or unusual to feel this way and I sometimes have to remind myself that not everyone’s lives are so amazingly awesome 100% of the time and that the internet is full of optical illusions of illustrious lives and perfected camera phone photography!

Social networking usually only shares the half truth version of our lives, which really isn’t so bad in a sense, it might mean we still have some modesty left in us I guess! But it can instill the idea that everything is all sunshine in rainbows in everyone’s lives but your own, but at the end of the day that is no where near the full truth at all. I think we should take the time to tune out the outside world for at least a short while every day, I know we can not really avoid technology living in this era but we can at least take a few moments to get back to basics and take care of ourselves, chill out and relax our brains and let our egos go and enjoy the simple things in life.

Remember that as humans we are flawed but isn’t it our unique attributes that make us who we are? If only we could see life through a valencia filter but for now I am just happy when there is actually sunshine in Ireland!

Ellie xox