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Reacting To My Old Facebook Statuses with Jingleheartart

Dublin Fashion Festival 2014

Dublin Fashion Festival is almost here! Soon the fashion elite of Ireland will be coming out in their droves, to celebrate all that the booming Irish fashion industry has to offer. There are loads of free fashion shows and events to see, including the exciting Young Designer Of The Year Fashion Show, A Luas On-Tram Fashion show, The Creative Quarter Fashion Show & so much more amazing displays of Irish talent to take in and enjoy at the Dublin Fashion Festival.

You don’t want to miss out on this amazing Irish fashion experience!

Check out Evoke.ie and DFF.ie for more information.

Evoke IG August (3) (1)

Colourful Festival Inspired OOTD

festFestival season is here! I am always excited to see who wears what at all the big music festivals around the world. There reall is nothing more blissful seeing your favorite musicians live while enjoying the summer sunshine! I decide to put together my own festival inspired look. I wore this eye this eye catching Sailor Moon t-shirt, which would make me easy to spot in a crowd! I paired the t-shirt with my favorite dip dye shorts along with chunky black boots, a faux leather back pack and a pair of funky holographic sunglasses to complete the entire look!



ciSailor Moon T-shirt // ROMWE

Dip Dye Shorts // Miss Selfridge

Buckle Boots // New Look

Faux Leather Backpack // Pennys


OOTD: All Black Everything!


 Today’s look is a casual inspired outfit, which I think would be suitable for the work place, job interviews or just for running errands! I wore my hair off my face, in a top knot.

Top Tip: Wearing your hair in a tight top knot gives you an instant face lift! 😉

I wore a faux leather jacket that flows nicely with my black print vest top. I wore my favorite leather look leggings along with a smart pair of black buckle boots, which have a slight heel to add a dressy/casual touch to the look.

cas2Faux Leather Jacket // Bershka

Vest Top // Bershka

Leather Look Leggings // Berskha

Black Buckle Boots // New Look

Hair Styling // Glen Cullen



 Last night I went out for some drinks with a few of my friends and I was so excited to come home and watch Lady Gaga’s new video for her single  G.U.Y, which is from her amazing new album ARTPOP. I love the album so much and the music video did not disappoint! It even featured some of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, which is such a guilty pleasure of mine!

In this picture I am wearing my new Lime Crime lipstick in the shade Centrifuchsia.



OOTD: Rock ‘n’ Roll Baby!


Here is today’s look. I decided to keep my make up really simple, as I didn’t really feel like wearing much make up today. I applied a small amount of No.7 foundation in Calico to even out my skin tone, then I used some brown catrice brow gel to shape my brows. On my eyes I applied some black kohl eyeliner by Barry M and smudged for that grungey look and applied a black mascara to add volume to my lashes. I then applied a light pink lip gloss over my pink Barry M lipstick to add some colour & texture.

I am really inspired grunge and punk music and today that reflected in my look.

I wore a Metallica T-shirt I bought in Bershka and a faux leather jacket from Romwe, along with a black 90s tattoo choker I bought on etsy. I like to add badges and pins to my jacket to change my look up and to match what I am wearing at the time. You can’t tell, but my badge has a lavender unicorn on it to match my new hair colour! ^_~


Haul: New Look, Tank Girl, Hair Dye & More!

On Thursday I spent the day in Dublin hanging out with my cousin Ciara. It was recently her birthday so we spent the day together to celebrate it. We went shopping around the city and had dinner in Bewley’s on Grafton Street. Every time I go there I always think of Courtney Love. When she used to study at Trinity College she used to go in there on her breaks and write song lyrics. They also do some really yummy pastas there which I love. On nom!


During the day I picked up a few random bits. I found these Tank Girl graphic novels in Chapters. They are usually very expensive so I was very surprised to get them at such a bargain price! If you have been wanted to read these then I suggest you get down to Chapters ASAP before they are all gone! You won’t find a better price anywhere else. Chapters if my favorite book shop in Dublin, I always find really good books there for excellent prices and it is one of the best places in the city to get books about the occult. Just FYI! :p


In Penny’s I picked up a few bits for when I move out soon. I picked up some cute tea towels and a wooden heart that had a cute floral pattern on it. I also picked up this Monsters University cup, it’s for kids obviously but I am such a huge fan of that film and of pixar in general. I had to buy it! It only cost me one euro so how could I say no! I also noticed that throughout the shops there was a trend happening that I wasn’t quite sure how to react to. A lot of the tops on sale where basketball jerseys with slogans printed on them and I even seen some Chicago Bulls tops on Forever 21. I guess the 90s are well and truly back!


After browsing through New Look I found these really awesome boots at the bargain price of 19 euros! They used to be 40 euros I nabbed them at sale price. They look really expensive and I really love the details in the straps and buckles. I really needed a new pair of boots so these showed up at the perfect time for me.

A lot of people have been asking me what dye I used to dye my hair purple. Currently I am using Special Effects in Wildflower and dilute it with hair conditioner before adding it to my hair. I bought a tub of Directions in Violet which I will use once the Special Effects dye runs out, I will also be diluting this. I am a loyal fan of directions, they are my “go to” company for colourful hair dye.


That evening we went to see The Book Thief in the cinema and I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t already seen it. It is such a fantastic film but I will warn you, bring some tissues! There wasn’t a dry eye in the house when we saw it. I give it 9/10! GO SEE IT!

Thanks for reading. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



FOTD: Winged Eyes & Cherry Lips

Today’s make up look is just a simple winged liner & a popping pink lip!

I used essence liquid liner & Barry M Lipstick.



Positive Energy & Pink Skies!

Hey cuties!

So the past few day’s I have been trying to think more positively as during the week I had a really bad day where I just let stuff get to me and I really got myself into a bad humor and I really didn’t want it to spiral. I am learning how to control my emotions and try to get out of bad moods quickly instead of dwelling on the negatives in life. Instead I am doing my best to focus on the good and move forward. I purchased some sage the other day and I saged my entire house to rid it of bad energies. I know a lot of people don’t believe in this sort of thing and think it is a load of hoo ha but I will try anything once and I do believe that people, objects and places hold energies, be it good or bad. So I think there are ways to shift those energies and have a clearer mindset space afterwards.

Today I wore these chokers I bought on etsy, I got the 90s tattoo choker in the post yesterday. I really love these kinds of chokers, they remind me of being a kid! I really wish I kept the ones I had when I was younger because I had some funky ones that had different colour beads and pattens on them. I think etsy is a really cool place to buy unique gifts and accessories. I have purchased a few things off it already for Christmas, I bought some one off gifts that I know my family and friends will love.


The night sky was so pretty the other night I had to take a picture. I was in a car with my friend as we where going to see the new Hunger Games film and the sky was bright orange/pink and we couldn’t take out eyes off it! I took this picture on my new phone, I love it so much! My other phone literally was not working anymore and I got a new phone as an early Christmas present. I love the camera on it, it is so much clearer than my old phone. I took all of these photo’s on my new phone and posted them to instagram. You can follow me on instagram by searching the username EllieJayden.


Also this week I went shopping with my Mam and we went to one of my favorite shops called “Moonbeams” it is a local shop that sells crystals and hand made soaps etc. I am not really a huge fan of soaps if I am completely honest, but I do love the buy soaps made with natural ingredients and essential oils. These soaps are handmade and are cruelty free. I purchased one called “Tickled Pink” it smells really nice and it was half the price of the soap’s you would buy in LUSH. It cost me €2.50 and the block is pretty large!


I also picked up some Dr.Organic products in a buy one get one half price deal at Holland and Barrett. I want to do my best to covert over to using organic /natural products as my skin is really sensitive and I really should stop using products with harsh chemicals in them. I think like most people, I never really thought too much about what chemicals where in the products I used and I just trusted certain companies blindly. From now on though, I am going to be checking that all the products I used are free of any nasty chemicals and are completely cruelty free.

I have always done my best to only buy products that are cruelty free. It can be really hard to know what to buy and I usually use gocrueltyfree.org to see what products are not tested on animals. According to that site Urban Decay do not test their products on animals and I am delighted about that as I love their brand and I am happy to continue using their products now that I know they are cruelty free.


I might do some videos in the future about Cruelty Free & Organic Products

Thanks for reading. Have a nice day!


OOTD: Casual Shopping Outfit



Today’s outfit is casual and comfortable! I am going shopping with some friends and I wanted to wear something that was easy to wear while still being on trend. I decided to wear my favorite bowler hat to keep my hair at bay while I browse the rails! I also decided to take my faux leather pack pack, which I find to be much easier to carry around with me all day compared to a hand bag. I kept my outfit simple by wearing a long vest top, leather look leggings and black spiked boots. outfit stuf