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Shoe0nHead Style Inspiration!


I mentioned in my recent update that i’d be posting all of my fashion and beauty related content, here on my website. Don’t get me wrong, I love posting social commentary blogs but I also really enjoy fashion. So why not combine the two, for a cool series on my blog? And I thought, why not start off by showcasing some of the most bad ass women on YouTube & their unique fashion.

One of my favourite YouTubers is June Lapine AKA Shoe0nHead. She creates hilarious comedic skits and gives her opinion on several issues, including feminism, politics and SJW insanity.

She has a really likeable personality and seriously cute sense of style.


June’s look is very feminine and takes inspiration from kawaii fashion. She likes to mix hard and soft patterns to create a girly, yet bad ass sense of style, wearing leather chokers with floral/lace style dresses. Peterpan collared tops/dresses and Maryjane’s are also some of her style staples.


I love June’s style because she isn’t afraid to take risks and play around with fashion. Her style choices are just as ballsy and interesting as the words she shares in her YouTube videos.

Check out her instagram & YouTube channel for more style inspo & hilarious commentary.


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Pastel Pink Lace Front Wig ♥

Dublin Shopping Guide: George Street Arcade, Dublin 2.

George’s Arcade is possibly my favorite shopping destination in Dublin City. I always get excited to have a leisurely browse through the shops and stalls on display. There is a lot of culture to soak in, loads of fun places to shop for clothes and little nick nacks for tourists to relish in and take home as unique gifts. It’s a pretty fun place to take people, especially if they’ve never been there before.

I always recommend George’s Arcade to anyone who’s visiting Dublin, it’s a really unique spot in the heart of the city. I particularly love the Japanese inspired stalls, full of kawaii plushies, accessories and ornaments. You can find some really fantastic items in George’s Arcade.

 If you are a fan of alternative fashion & funky cafe’s, George Street Arcade is perfect for you.

I enjoy having a look around the shops and grabbing a nice, refreshing bubble tea afterwards in Bubbilicity. I always order myself a passion fruit bubble tea with tapioca pearls, it’s soooo yummy! I recommend checking out Bubbilicity, the drinks are tasty & the staff are friendly.

Oh Look is one of my favorite shops in George’s Arcade, the shop has some really interesting clothing inspired by Japanese fashion and K-Pop style. I am a big fan of their pin’s & badges, they have a huge selection pinned to the front entrance of the shop. I love to stick them on leather jackets and backpacks. They also sell hand painted converse, which I always drool over.

Over in New Moon you can find some spectacular hand crafted and antique jewellery. They sell stunning pieces with a wide range of gem’s to choose from. They source gem’s from all over the world, to provide a truly beautiful selection of well made and visually stunning accessories.

Those are just some of my favorite shops & stall’s in George’s Street Arcade, there are many other wonderful spots to browse and relish in the arcade. Whether you are a fan of fashion, music or food, George’s Arcade has something for everyone. Get shopping & support local businesses!

Alt Girl Christmas Gift Guide & Inspiration!

Ahhhh It’s that time of tear again, where we are frantically rushing around the shops looking for the perfect gifts for our loved ones. Let’s face it, Christmas shopping is hard work and looking for a gift without any clue what it is you are looking for, can make it a very stressful endeavour altogether. I’ve put together a little holiday gift guide/inspiration for the alt girl in your life!


She’s creepy and she’s kooky, mysterious and spooky! The Goth Girl, in my opinion is actually pretty easy to buy for and contrary to belief, goth girls enjoy a pop of colour every now and then. I’d recommend checking out shops like kreepsville 666 who sell amazing accessories and clothing to make any Goth Girl happy. Personally, I love their Elivra Mistress of The Dark collection.


You can’t go wrong with a good pair of shoes. A Goth girl fave is IronFist! They also sell clothing, handbags & accessories. Goth girls love makeup, I recommend checking out Urban Decay for their amazing palettes and pigmented eye shadows. The most pigmented black eye shadow I have ever used is from Urban Decay, you can also purchase singular eye shadow pots as stocking fillers!

cybWhen it comes to buying a gift for a Cyber Goth, think COLOUR! The more neon the better. In my opinion, one of the best brands for colourful, pigmented makeup is Sugarpill Cosmetics. They offer a range of neon and pretty pastel eye shadows, as well as cute makeup brushes that would make a great addition to any makeup lovers collection. Plus, they are cruelty free! YAY!


 Accessories are a Cyber Girl’s best friend, a great place to find some quality raver gear is Cyberdog. It is a great site for futuristic fashion, as well as homeware and club accessories. 

rockchick2This girl means business, she’s a bad ass with an even cooler sense of style. Music is a huge part of her life and it reflects in her style. If you are looking to splash the cash for a gift for the rock chick in your life then a little something something from Alexander McQueen is the way to go. If she is not into designer gear, IronFist sell unique and affordable bags for a fraction of the price.


 One of the coolest gifts I was given last year for Christmas was a Harley Quinn Funko figure, there are loads of different kinds of Funko’s to suit everyone’s tastes. I really like the Maleficent Funko’s! They’d look so cute perched on a makeup station, desk or bedside. Music really is the key to a rock chicks heart, why not try making her a personal mix or playlist? It costs next to nothing to create and sometimes, the most personal gifts are the ones that are priceless.

kawaiigirl2A Kawaii Babe loves all things cute and adorable. Think Hello Kitty, bows, girly purses and accessories. My favorite Kawaii online shop is Dolly Dynamite, I find their stock to be very affordable and good quality. Dolly Dynamite sell some really pretty shoes and clothes. For some cute stocking fillers, I suggest checking out Tofu Cute. They sell kawaii candy, charms and purses. kawaiigirl

I hope this post was helpful to you and that you found out about some cool new online stores. Click each individual collage to see the prices and links to each item featured in this post.

Happy Shopping!

~ It Was All A Dream ~

Today I am meeting up with a friend for dinner and afterwards we are going to see the new Captain America film. Looking forward some nice food, fun film & good company.

Before I head off, I wanted to share with you a new photo editing app I found and enjoy. I haven’t been using many of the instagram filters anymore because they really ruin the quality of my pictures but this app works a lot better for me. It is called “PhotoWonder“. I like it because it has some really dreamy effects on there, one of which I used on this picture here.

Check it out and let me know what you think. I like the app & it’s pretty popular in Asia!

Kawaii  Approved ^_~



Losing My Lime Crime Virginity!


Finally! I have purchased some items from Lime Crime. I have heard so much about this company and I was so excited to try out some of their opaque lipsticks and see for myself what all the hype was about. I purchased the shades Countessa Flourescent & Centrifuchsia.

The package arrived in perfect condition and when I opened it up I saw this beautiful display of unicorns, polka dots & lime green! The lipsticks came wrapped up in the lime green issue paper and where in beautiful purple casings with the Lime Crime Logo printed on them.

When I opened up the packaging, I saw the even more beautiful lipstick casings. Which would be perfect to openly display alongside any make up collection, almost as works of art, they are that kawaii. Yeah, I said kawaii. *clicks fingers in Z formation*


The packaging is truly stunning and it is one of the most eye catching aspects of this brand. They really go all out! The bright colours are really playful and really take me back to the fun side of using make up.  Lime Crime’s site has so many different colours and textures to choose form in their lipstick range. I am getting a feeling I might have to start building up my Lime Crime collection! There is just so much variety and choice.

The lipsticks have such amazing pigmentation and the product was actually quite moisturizing. Usually whenever I use a very pigmented lipstick the product can be very drying, but that’s not the case with Lime Crime. The pigments are strong, long lasting and moisturizing.

DSC_0583 count DSC_0587 cent DSC_0589



 My order took about a month to arrive and it arrived in perfect condition and the products inside where intact. I am really pleased with my first order from Lime Crime, from the postal delivery to the products themselves. Lime Crime provide high quality vegan cosmetics and their high quality customer service in my opinion is shown in the details.

I’d recommend Lime Crime Cosmetics to anyone who loves bright colours, strong pigmented lipsticks and beautiful packaging with a girly twist. I have officially been converted to Lime Crime & they have a new customer for life.

Check out my Lime Crime Review Video!

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Dolly Dynamite Liza Lisa Inspired Wedges


Browsing tumblr one day I came across a storevny shop called Dolly Dynamite.

The store is fully of cute and playful clothing and I really love the shoes they had listed on the site. I purchased these pretty wedges called the Liza Lisa Inspired wedges. I wanted to buy a plain black wedge that I could wear with most outfits and I thought these would be perfect. I also really like the girly frills on the sides and the bows on the front. They cost $45.00 which is approx €35.00 but all together it cost me about €40-45 for the purchase.

Which I thought was pretty good! The only drawback was I waited a long time to receive the shoes in the post. After waiting quite some time to allow the shoes to arrive in the post, I contacted the site and they told me they had lost my order. So my order was put through again and I received my shoes on the post on Halloween. I am still trying to break them in, so walking in them is a little uncomfortable a the moment. For some reason one shoe is tighter than the other but that might just be my weird feet haha! Also, they list the shoe’s in U.S sizes so I probably got the sizing wrong for all I know! I am a UK size 3 so my feet are pretty tiny. I find it really hard to find shoes online that fit correctly as my feet are so narrow and small.




They do have some really pretty items on their site, I really love the cute tops they have and they also sell bags, dresses, tights, bottoms etc. If you like Kawaii Japanese fashion you will LOVE Dolly Dynamite. I do suggest you keep an eye on your order though, just incase. They did give me a tracking number right after I contacted them about not receiving my order.

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