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The Emotion Revolution

Today I have been inspired by Lady Gaga and her call to action for a Emotion Revolution.

Gaga recently spoke at Yale University about how society has become almost inept of expressing emotion. We live in a world where social media rules our everyday lives, we claim to connect with people now more than ever, through mediums like Twitter, Facebook & tumblr but do we really?

I think it’s important to be able to connect with our emotions and with others. We live in a society that yells men to “man up” whenever they want to share their feelings and tells women that if they dress in a way that provokes a negative reaction that “they were asking for it.”

Self expression is something we need as humans, it’s so important and we need to share our feelings with others. It’s time we destigmatized the thought that emotions mean we’re weak, being able to express your emotions to another person is brave and isn’t something to be ashamed of.

Emotions make us human.

Social media can be a dangerous place in many ways, it’s a shark pool of trolls and haters but not only that, it can create a false world where we don’t connect with people on a one to one basis anymore. It can create solitude and limit our self expression in many ways. Don’t get me wrong, it most certainly has it’s perks but in a world where social media is our main form of connection, how can we get back to basics and connect with people in a more pure and simplified manner?

Four simple words: Random Acts of Kindness.

Being kind to others and yourself is a wonderful way to spread joy and connect with people on a deeper level. Kindness is one of the purest acts of self love a person can send out into the world, it creates a ripple effect and it only takes one drop to create a ripple.

  • Give someone a genuine compliment, you might make their day
  • Call your parents/grandparents or anyone you love for that matter
  • Put your phone away when speaking to someone, it’s usually much appreciated!
  • Take someone you love out to lunch for a catch up
  • Hold the door for someone
  • Smile at a stranger
  • Buy a homeless person some food or a warm blanket
  • Genuinely ask someone how they’ve been lately
  • Text an old friend and reconnect with them
  • Make someone a handmade gift
  • Plant a tree or some plants to help save the worlds bees
  • Send someone a hand written letter or postcard
  • Stand up for someone who is being bullied
  • Encourage people when they are passionate about something
  • Give someone a hug
  • Tidy the house for your parents or wash their car
  • If you see someone alone at school/a party etc. talk to them
  • Support a friends blog or business by sharing it with other friends
  • Write a note telling a loved one that you appreciate them & leave it on their desk or pillow

and sometimes we need to be kind to ourselves.

  • Run a hot bath, use your favoruite bubble bath and relax
  • Curl with in a blanket and read a book
  • Treat yourself to a hair cut or a facial
  • Learn to say “no” to things that don’t serve you
  • Say “yes” to things that excite you & inspire you
  • Spend time with your loved ones
  • Take a walk in nature and connect with yourself again
  • Listen to your body and take a rest when you need to
  • Watch your favourite comedy and laugh your ass off
  • Take the time to ask yourself what are you thankful for
  • Tell a friend how you are feeling and get things off your chest
  • Join a class you’ve always wanted to try out or learn a new skill
  • Only hang out with people that lift you up and don’t drag you down
  • Listen to music that makes you happy and dance like no one is watching
  • Tell yourself that you are strong and that you can get through the though times
  • Watch videos that will restore your faith in humanity like Zion’s Story

There really is an unlimited number of ways that you can be kind to yourself and to others.

Let’s reconnect with ourselves as humans and get back to spreading kindness and joy, instead of feeding into negativity, be it online or in real life. Change is not possible without action, we must actively make the effort to change, to express ourselves and to be kinder to one another.

Watch Lady Gaga speak about the emotion revolution at Yale University:

Interview with fan artist and illustrator, Helen Green.

I can safely say that Helen Green is one of the most talented people I’ve ever known. I discovered her art through our mutual love of Lady Gaga and the beautiful atheistic of her work made me a fan for life. I had a chat with Helen about her amazing career so far and what it is like to count some of her famous idols as fans of her work.

Hi Helen! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and the type of art work you do.

Hey Ellie! I’m a Freelance illustrator based in Birmingham, UK. My work is a combination of my love for portraiture and music, fan-art I suppose!

The first time I came across one of your beautiful drawings was through Lady Gaga, she posted a drawing you did of her with Disney Princesses drawn on her body. Was that the first time your work had been publicly recognized by one of your muses/icons? What was that experience like?

There were a couple occasions leading up to that particular image Gaga shared -The first occasion was in February 2012 when Gaga shared two of my drawings one after the other. The first one she posted along with the message; “Monsters who made this? The fan art lately is INSANE. Im obsessed.” and following that, she shared the other with the message; “omg and this one!! who did it!??!?”.

(I just googled parts of the wording to look for those tweets again, and oh my gosh I still get butterflies when I read them.. weird what a couple of tweets can do!).

That moment meant a huge amount to me. There I was, happily drawing away, pretty much accepting that Gaga may never come across my work, yet enjoying it regardless. And then one evening she posted those two tweets. I hadn’t seen them until about two hours later (I had been offline, working on another Gaga drawing). I was freaking out! Not only did Gaga see the drawings, she was seeking out who made them! Such a bizarre feeling, especially when she eventually found me thanks to the amazing people who reached out to her with my Twitter name.

The other piece she shared was ‘Disney Gaga’ in mid 2012. That piece was my interpretation of Gaga as a Born This Way-themed Disney princess with her Born This Way fairytale castle in the background. Gaga shared it with the message:

“This is my favourite thing in life. just putting it out there, Disney can we make this happen?”.

Her reaction couldn’t be more perfect!! The image went viral. Articles were popping up; “Lady Gaga’s Disney ambition” and “’Princess’ Gaga Wants Own Disney Movie.”

It was very surreal seeing my work and my name appearing in articles online, and my local paper. It felt as if it was happening to someone else, not me. Because in real life, I couldn’t be more further than the centre of attention.

Going further back, when I drew models more than I drew musicians, I had my work shared by Allison Harvard, Charlotte Free and Audrey Kitching – three of my faves. It’s a wonderful complement and makes me so happy to know that they appreciated the drawings.

You became apart of Lady Gaga’s Haus collective and have done work her Born This Way Foundation. What other artists would you like to work with in the future?

I would love to work on something for Melanie Martinez again! I made a design for her merch a long while ago now. She’s such a talented singer and songwriter, and a joy to draw! My dream commissions would be for bands such as Muse and Sparks (or Franz Ferdinand Sparks), maybe Kasabian.. though I may not be the kind of illustrator for them, it doesn’t hurt to fantasise! To be honest I am excited to work with any artist/band that feels that my work connects with their image and their music. I’m looking forward for whatever new project comes my way.

Especially with Gaga!

Being a fan of music and being a self confessed Little Monster, have you experienced fans getting your work replicated in tattoo form?

Yes! Quite often I see people sharing pics of their tattoos. I love it! It’s such a huge complement when somebody likes my drawing enough to get it permanently inked. I have a lot of saved images scattered about of people’s tattoos that I ought to organise in one place.

What inspires your work and what tools do you use to create your pieces?

I collect images on Pinterest that could be useful for future drawings, a board full of “poses and hand positions” that I can refer to at a later stage. Inspiration usually starts from a music video, a promo photo, a candid photo, a ‘selfie’.

Then if need be, I then take a look at my collection of pose references for one that fits with my idea!

My tools of choice are watercolours, gouache, pencil and sometimes ball-point pen, and Photoshop.

Are you self-taught? Do you think people need to go to college or university to learn how to be a good artist?

I did study art in college and Foundation, and then went on to do Illustration at uni, but overall I am very much self-taught.

College definitely helped though, my Fine Art tutor was very keen on mentoring me, helping me to develop my painting skills and pushing me out of my comfort zone.

Uni helped me to recognise my strengths and encouraged me to experiment. So in my experience, a combination of the two has helped me to become a good artist. But I guess it all varies from person to person.

I do think that if I just relied on teaching myself, I would be in a very different place with my work.. I might not be as daring or explorative or critical, even. After leaving college and uni I feel like I’m continuing the job of my tutors; constantly analysing myself and my work, finding ways of improving, and telling myself off whenever my work gets too comfortable/repetitive!

What piece of work are you most proud of?

I would say the David Bowie GIF! It was a pretty experimental piece for me as I hadn’t previously made an animated portrait, other than ones with little hints of movement with blinking/wandering eyes. I was so happy with the end result, it pretty much lived up to what I had envisioned.

Following the overwhelming response the GIF had received online, I was contacted by David Bowie HQ asking me to write a few words about it for a post on the website and social media.. that was absolutely incredible, I felt extremely honoured to say the least. There’s a good chance that David Bowie might have seen the GIF too, though I don’t know how to feel about that! Does he like it? Does he hate it? Argh. I will never know.

There will be a Gaga GIF sometime. That’s a promise!

What advice do you have to aspiring artists who want to get their work out there?

Create work that excites you, stay active on social media and don’t let the number of “likes” affect your confidence and your opinion of your own work. Share works in progress too, because it’s always interesting to see drawings in their early stages!

Set up a professional-looking website that shows only the strongest pieces in your portfolio. Separate your portfolio into genres / categories for easier browsing if need be. And make sure there is an easy to get to contact page so whenever a potential art buyer checks out your page, they can get in touch with you about a new project or make an enquiry.

I’ve not done this yet, but promotional mail-outs (business cards and postcards) are a good way to reach out to art directors for potential commissions. I can’t delve into much detail about that as I haven’t yet tried it myself.

(Other bits of advice I gave in an interview with Lady Gaga A Go Go a while ago):
It can be difficult taking criticism, but in my experience I think that my greatest moments of improvement were in response to some form of criticism. Criticism should be taken as a hard-hitting kind of motivation, not a sign to give up.

Also it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the talent of other artists and illustrators, if like me you follow a lot of them on Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr. Don’t let other people’s work intimidate you or knock your confidence in your own work. Instead, let it motivate you to keep improving. After all, these artists have been in the same position. Hard work and self-belief are very important in order to get anywhere!

I love your Society 6 page, where you sell prints of your work on phone cases, t-shirts, tote bags, frame art work & more! You’re a well rounded entrepreneur already, where would you like to see Helen Green Illustrations be in ten years time?

Thank you! I would love to see my work in a clothing range for a fashion company such as H&M, for example. That would be pretty exciting! I’d love to continue working on projects for artists and bands, as well as expanding my online shop, adding wearable art.

I’d love to see my work on TV. I’ve actually been close to having my work appear in a documentary but the image they wanted was made exclusively for someone else (damn!). I’d love to be taking more editorial commissions, I love the challenge of working to a tight deadline, and the reward of seeing my work in print inside a well known publication.

Along as I’m still excited about what I do in ten years time then that’s all that matters! And if my work would be ten times better than it is now then that’d be fantastic too!

Check out helengreenillustration.com for more info & support Helen’s amazing Society6 Shop!

Met Gala 2015: The Best Dressed Celebrities on the Red Carpet

Last night marked the one of the biggest nights in fashion this year, the Super Bowl of the fashion world, the annual Met Gala. Celebrities and fashionistas arrived on the red carpet wearing outfits inspired by this year’s theme, “China: Through the Looking Glass”. Some people took the theme literally when putting together their Met Gala looks and others seemed to have missed the memo.

Here are some of the stand out looks from the Met Gala 2015.

Rihanna (Guo Pei)

Cara Delevingne (Stella McCartney)

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (Versace)

Kim Kardashian West (Roberto Cavalli)

Kendall Jenner (Calvin Klein)

Amal Clooney (Maison Margiela)

Beyoncé (Givenchy)

Gigi Hadid (Diane Von Furstenberg)

Mary-Kate & Ashley (vintage Dior by John Galliano)

Helen Mirren (Dolce & Gabbana)

Lady Gaga to star in American Horror Story season five!


Lady Gaga is to star in American Horror Story season five this coming October. Gaga’s role in season five is being kept under wraps for now but it is confirmed that this season will be based around a Hotel setting. Gaga tweeted a video last night of her wearing a creepy beaded head piece, confirming her role on the next season. I literally jumped around my house screaming with excitement when I watched it and according to social media, everyone else did the same!

Gaga is just hot off the heels of her recent, breathtaking performance from this years Oscars and I think her career is doing better than ever right now! She is forever changing an evolving as an artist and as a performer. I think her weirdness and willingness to try anything will really aid her performance in AHS Hotel. She is such a talented woman with a unique take on life. She can transform so easily and I think those qualities she has will make season 5 really special.

Grammys 2015: The most talked-about red carpet looks!

 Last night was the 57th Annaul Grammy Awards Ceremony.

Celebrities came out in their droves from all over the world, to celebrate the biggest night in music. As always, there was some interesting fashion choices for us to gawk at and fawn over!


Lady Gaga

Iggy Azalea

Nicki Minaj

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

Katy Perry



Maddie Ziegler & Sia

Chrissy Teigen & John Legend

Nick Jonas & Olivia Culpo

Joy Villa



My artRAVE Look! Aphrodite Lady.

This Friday I attended Lady Gaga’s artRAVE in the 3Arena, Co.Dublin. The concert was spectacular, i’ve seen Gaga live before and I knew that she was going to blow the roof off the place. The costume changes, the songs and the beautifully emotional speeches she did were all perfect. I am obsessed with her latest album, which is called Artpop. She preformed loads of new songs from the album on the night, which made me really happy and quite honestly, weeded out the real Little Monsters from the people who were just there to hear the hits and get drunk.

My artRAVE outfit was inspired by a track off Artpop, called “Venus”. I wore my silver Mermaid dress from romwe, along with a long pastel pink wig and starfish hair clip from ebay. mer

If you ever get the chance to see Lady Gaga preform live, I suggest you jump at the chance. She is a wonderful performer and is a rare breed of popstar, in the fact that she sings live and can put on a show while doing so. Her energy is contagious and her spirit even more so. She’s a true icon.



 Last night I went out for some drinks with a few of my friends and I was so excited to come home and watch Lady Gaga’s new video for her single  G.U.Y, which is from her amazing new album ARTPOP. I love the album so much and the music video did not disappoint! It even featured some of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, which is such a guilty pleasure of mine!

In this picture I am wearing my new Lime Crime lipstick in the shade Centrifuchsia.



Marianna Harutunian Interview

Marianna Harutunian is one of the worlds most sought after jewelry designers. Her successful career is a testament to her hard work and creativity. She has created designs that have been worn by some of the most famous people on the planet. Her impressive client list includes Lady Gaga, Cher, Nicki Minaj, P!nk and Justin Bieber, just to name a few! Her creations have also been featured on many successful t.v shows like True Blood, Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl. Oh and did I mention her work has been published on the pages of top fashion publications such as Vogue Hommes Japan and V magazine.

I think it is safe to say that this woman is a force to be reckoned with.

I had the chance to chat with this amazing lady and find out what goes on inside the creative mind of the Martha Stewart of accessories!

Hi Marianna! Thanks for taking the time to speak with me today. Your story is almost like a Cinderella story, it even involved a slipper! A pair of embellished slippers, which belonged to your Mother. These slippers are what sparked your interest in beading & jewelry making. What was it that attracted you to want to create embellished and beaded designs specifically?

Marianna: I have always loved to create pieces that make people wonder. I guess my thrill is seeing people’s faces when they look at my work.

Your parents seemed very nurturing of your talent. I read that your Father closed the deal on your very first business order, after you created your first necklace. Being an entrepreneur, you have had a lot of success with your designs and have a lot of celebrity clients. Was it a fluid journey to success or did experience any closed doors along the way?

My family has been so supportive and amazing throughout my journey. And yes we have struggled in many ways with sleepless nights and putting it mildly I had no time for a social life for a while. I am blessed to have met amazing people who have also helped me along the way as well.

You create a lot of custom designs, which are unique to each client and are made with beautiful precision. So far, what has been the most challenging piece that you have created?

My first couture body piece was the most challenging and exciting. I was asked to make a body piece for singer PINK for her ‘U+Ur hand’ music video. The challenge was they needed it in 4 days. Well excited as I was I guess I didn’t think twice and literally didn’t sleep much for 4 days and nights and I made it happen. Was very excited to go to Pink’s home for the fitting and I was also invited for the taping of the video.

Can you tell us who was your first major client and what piece was it that they wore or had custom made?

My first major client was for fashion designer Bob Mackie. I would make the pieces that he incorporated in his collection for Cher, Diana Ross, and others. Most of the bling you see on Chers costumes are the pieces that I made.

My favourite piece by you is the Jesus Thorn Crown, which was featured in Lady Gaga’s video and in Vogue Hommes Japan. Several of your pieces have been featured many famous music videos.

Do you usually commission the pieces specifically for the music videos or are they creations you made for your shop that caught the interest of certain celebrities?

The Thorn crown is also one of my favourites. What usually happens is a stylist might catch my work on a celebrity and they will find me and let me know what they are looking for. Most of the time they are looking for original pieces so I am used to creating in such short notice. I love a challenge.

I love that you make jewelry to make people feel glamorous and happy when they are wearing your designs. How important do you think accessorizing is when putting together a outfit/look?

Well I think your accessories is what makes your outfit. I have noticed with my clients that they come to pick out their jewelry before they pick out what outfit they will be wearing. I love the stories I hear when women or men get so much attention by wearing my pieces. This lets me know I’m doing something right.

Your designs are constantly evolving and are so beautifully extravagant. Being an artist, I am sure you experience “idea droughts” every now and then. What do you do to keep yourself inspired and keep ideas flowing?

My brain is always overflowing with ideas. My father says I’m the Martha Stewart of accessories. I can look at any object and want to make it some form of accessory. I don’t look at my competitors or what other designers are doing. I’m usually in my own world just creating unique pieces for everyone’s taste.

Finally, what can we expect to see from you in the future? 

I’m hoping to open up more stores in the US and would love to see my pieces in chain stores. I would also like to do more charity work. I’m planning on visiting Childrens Hospital before the holidays and give out toys and jewelry to those cuties.

Marianna’s wonderful designs are available to purchase on her etsy page.

You can also find out more about her on ilovemariannas.com



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