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Tate Langdon: American Horror Story

“I painted it black. I know how you don’t like normal things.”

For me, Tate Langdon represents my ultimate favorite style on a guy. Grungey!

I am a big fan of the 90s grunge look and I personally love it on blonde men! When I first watched American Horror Story Tate’s style reminded me a lot of Kurt Cobain’s personal style and I do think the stylists on the show based a lot of Tate’s wardrobe off Kurt Cobain. Tate even made a few references to the singer in the t .v show. His hair was a beautifully tousled mess and his eyes always looked liked they had been bruised by sleepless nights. He wore a lot of black and solemn colour pallets to represent his mood. Sometimes he wore ripped denim jeans with slogan t-shirts, stripped jumpers and he always wore a silver thumb ring.


There is something truly horrifying about Evan Peter’s portrayal of psychologically disturbed spirit of Tate Langdon. American Horror Story is a show well known for pushing the envelope when it comes to what can and what can not be shown on television. The show really challenges it’s viewers to widen their perception and connect with characters who are taboo to root for and Tate Langdon’s character is the definitely not someone people would usually sympathise with.

Tate is someone that people can strangely relate too, he was abandoned by his father and neglected by his mother and felt a sense of injustice in his life. His story really began in 1994 when Tate reached his limit and lost control when he set his mothers boyfriend on fire and then went on to shoot up his local high school, thus becoming a mass murderer taking the lives of fifteen students. In the famous AHS episode “Murder House” we see Tate walk down the hallways of Westfield High donning Rick Genest inspired make up, a heavy trench coat and a shot gun. It was a very powerful scene and is still one of the most recognized looks of the t.v shows history thus far.

Although we did see the softer side to Tate in season one of American Horror Story when he falls in love with Violet Harmon. I found Tate’s personality to be really honest and raw, he represents the side of ourselves that we try to keep locked up for a reason. His character really embodies the rage that a lot of people feel when they feel trapped in themselves and feel like prisoners of their daily lives.

As horrific as Tate’s actions where in season one of America Horror Story there is a sense of understanding about his cries for help. Tate craved love and attention and used violence to get it, he let his demons roam free and they haunted him for the rest of his days.


Queens Of Halloween #1 Elvira Mistress Of The Dark

“It’s OK. My appearance is kind of a shock to everybody.”

What would my Queens Of Halloween post’s be without mentioning Elvira?! HORRIBLY WRONG, THAT’S WHAT! She is one of the coolest goth chicks to ever grace the silver screen. Horror’s number one hostess, with killer legs, boobs, figure, you get the picture! She is a sizzling hot eternal beauty with an amazing sense of humor. The film Elvira Mistress Of The Dark is a brilliant mix of slapstick humor, horror and light comedy, if you haven’t seen it already I suggest you do.  The movie starts off with Elvira finding out her great-aunt Morgana has left her a mansion and a mysterious book in her will. The Gothic Queen packs her bags and moves to Fallwell Massachusetts where she sticks out like a sore thumb!

Elvira’s style is a mixture of 80s fashion & gothic glamour. Her signature long black hair is full of height and is styled in a gothic version of the mullet! Her nails where always long, sleek and covered in black nail polish. She wore a long black wrap style dress and accessorized her outfit by placing a gold dagger on the front.

Oh and let’s not forget her greatest accessory of all, her trusty punk rock pet poodle, Gonk!

Elvira’s make up look is also very 80’s inspired, her eye make up is very dramatic and makes her stand out (even more!) from the crowd. She uses a mixture of pink and purple eye shadow, as well as very goth girl’s best friend, black eyeliner to create her vampy make up look. She also uses false lashes to make her eye’s really pop and adds her signature beauty spot below her right eye. Elvira creates a dramatic effect on her pale skin by contouring her cheek bones with a very bold maroon shade. She completes her look using a bright blood red lipstick.

(Above illustration by makeupgeek.com)

It is hard to believe that the film Elvira Mistress Of The Dark came out a year before I was born in 1988, as Elvira’s style and wit is still as fresh as it was back then. Her twitter account is filled with amazing one liners and ghoulish pictures. I love it! Elvira continues to be one of the most popular icons in horror to date and she still looks as fresh as a new grave!

“And if they ever ask about me, tell them I was more than just a great set of boobs. 

I was also an incredible pair of legs!” – Elvira


Whedon Fashion Week #2 Faith

“Five by five”

When I was younger I remember seeing Faith Lehane on my television screen and thinking “I want to be her”. Her whole persona gave off this bad ass rock ‘n’ roll vibe and it showed in her outfit choices. When I think of Faith I think of leather jackets, heavy boots and a no nonsense “fuck you” attitude to go with it. Biker chick chic with a feminine twist.faith fashion

Make up wise she usually opted for a clear lip gloss and subtle eye shadows but sometimes added a little edge to her look with some black eyeliner and ruby red lips. She usually had her nails painted black and wore simple accessories. Out of all the whedonverse women I relate to Faith’s style the most. Her look was always minimal yet stylish and she incorporated her tom-boy and girly side to create a look that was tough but feminine at the same time.


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