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Alt Girl Christmas Gift Guide & Inspiration!

Ahhhh It’s that time of tear again, where we are frantically rushing around the shops looking for the perfect gifts for our loved ones. Let’s face it, Christmas shopping is hard work and looking for a gift without any clue what it is you are looking for, can make it a very stressful endeavour altogether. I’ve put together a little holiday gift guide/inspiration for the alt girl in your life!


She’s creepy and she’s kooky, mysterious and spooky! The Goth Girl, in my opinion is actually pretty easy to buy for and contrary to belief, goth girls enjoy a pop of colour every now and then. I’d recommend checking out shops like kreepsville 666 who sell amazing accessories and clothing to make any Goth Girl happy. Personally, I love their Elivra Mistress of The Dark collection.


You can’t go wrong with a good pair of shoes. A Goth girl fave is IronFist! They also sell clothing, handbags & accessories. Goth girls love makeup, I recommend checking out Urban Decay for their amazing palettes and pigmented eye shadows. The most pigmented black eye shadow I have ever used is from Urban Decay, you can also purchase singular eye shadow pots as stocking fillers!

cybWhen it comes to buying a gift for a Cyber Goth, think COLOUR! The more neon the better. In my opinion, one of the best brands for colourful, pigmented makeup is Sugarpill Cosmetics. They offer a range of neon and pretty pastel eye shadows, as well as cute makeup brushes that would make a great addition to any makeup lovers collection. Plus, they are cruelty free! YAY!


 Accessories are a Cyber Girl’s best friend, a great place to find some quality raver gear is Cyberdog. It is a great site for futuristic fashion, as well as homeware and club accessories. 

rockchick2This girl means business, she’s a bad ass with an even cooler sense of style. Music is a huge part of her life and it reflects in her style. If you are looking to splash the cash for a gift for the rock chick in your life then a little something something from Alexander McQueen is the way to go. If she is not into designer gear, IronFist sell unique and affordable bags for a fraction of the price.


 One of the coolest gifts I was given last year for Christmas was a Harley Quinn Funko figure, there are loads of different kinds of Funko’s to suit everyone’s tastes. I really like the Maleficent Funko’s! They’d look so cute perched on a makeup station, desk or bedside. Music really is the key to a rock chicks heart, why not try making her a personal mix or playlist? It costs next to nothing to create and sometimes, the most personal gifts are the ones that are priceless.

kawaiigirl2A Kawaii Babe loves all things cute and adorable. Think Hello Kitty, bows, girly purses and accessories. My favorite Kawaii online shop is Dolly Dynamite, I find their stock to be very affordable and good quality. Dolly Dynamite sell some really pretty shoes and clothes. For some cute stocking fillers, I suggest checking out Tofu Cute. They sell kawaii candy, charms and purses. kawaiigirl

I hope this post was helpful to you and that you found out about some cool new online stores. Click each individual collage to see the prices and links to each item featured in this post.

Happy Shopping!


 Last night I went out for some drinks with a few of my friends and I was so excited to come home and watch Lady Gaga’s new video for her single  G.U.Y, which is from her amazing new album ARTPOP. I love the album so much and the music video did not disappoint! It even featured some of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, which is such a guilty pleasure of mine!

In this picture I am wearing my new Lime Crime lipstick in the shade Centrifuchsia.



OOTD: Rock ‘n’ Roll Baby!


Here is today’s look. I decided to keep my make up really simple, as I didn’t really feel like wearing much make up today. I applied a small amount of No.7 foundation in Calico to even out my skin tone, then I used some brown catrice brow gel to shape my brows. On my eyes I applied some black kohl eyeliner by Barry M and smudged for that grungey look and applied a black mascara to add volume to my lashes. I then applied a light pink lip gloss over my pink Barry M lipstick to add some colour & texture.

I am really inspired grunge and punk music and today that reflected in my look.

I wore a Metallica T-shirt I bought in Bershka and a faux leather jacket from Romwe, along with a black 90s tattoo choker I bought on etsy. I like to add badges and pins to my jacket to change my look up and to match what I am wearing at the time. You can’t tell, but my badge has a lavender unicorn on it to match my new hair colour! ^_~



Today I decided to match my make up with the weather. GLOOMY! haha.

The weather here is really gloomy and I have been feeling a little glum but decided that if I am going to be stuck inside I might as well try out some new looks. I used a Black Lipstick by Barry M and a single eyeshadow by Catrice called Carmourflage.

Tate Langdon: American Horror Story

“I painted it black. I know how you don’t like normal things.”

For me, Tate Langdon represents my ultimate favorite style on a guy. Grungey!

I am a big fan of the 90s grunge look and I personally love it on blonde men! When I first watched American Horror Story Tate’s style reminded me a lot of Kurt Cobain’s personal style and I do think the stylists on the show based a lot of Tate’s wardrobe off Kurt Cobain. Tate even made a few references to the singer in the t .v show. His hair was a beautifully tousled mess and his eyes always looked liked they had been bruised by sleepless nights. He wore a lot of black and solemn colour pallets to represent his mood. Sometimes he wore ripped denim jeans with slogan t-shirts, stripped jumpers and he always wore a silver thumb ring.


There is something truly horrifying about Evan Peter’s portrayal of psychologically disturbed spirit of Tate Langdon. American Horror Story is a show well known for pushing the envelope when it comes to what can and what can not be shown on television. The show really challenges it’s viewers to widen their perception and connect with characters who are taboo to root for and Tate Langdon’s character is the definitely not someone people would usually sympathise with.

Tate is someone that people can strangely relate too, he was abandoned by his father and neglected by his mother and felt a sense of injustice in his life. His story really began in 1994 when Tate reached his limit and lost control when he set his mothers boyfriend on fire and then went on to shoot up his local high school, thus becoming a mass murderer taking the lives of fifteen students. In the famous AHS episode “Murder House” we see Tate walk down the hallways of Westfield High donning Rick Genest inspired make up, a heavy trench coat and a shot gun. It was a very powerful scene and is still one of the most recognized looks of the t.v shows history thus far.

Although we did see the softer side to Tate in season one of American Horror Story when he falls in love with Violet Harmon. I found Tate’s personality to be really honest and raw, he represents the side of ourselves that we try to keep locked up for a reason. His character really embodies the rage that a lot of people feel when they feel trapped in themselves and feel like prisoners of their daily lives.

As horrific as Tate’s actions where in season one of America Horror Story there is a sense of understanding about his cries for help. Tate craved love and attention and used violence to get it, he let his demons roam free and they haunted him for the rest of his days.


Maybelline Baby Lips ‘Pink Punch’ review


By now you have probably heard of these famous Baby Lips Lip Balms from Maybelline, they have apparently taken the U.S by storm and finally have arrived across the pond and are available in all good  pharmacies! After seeing so may advertisements and rave reviews I decided to pick one of these lip balms up and see what all the fuss was about!

For €3.99 I purchased the colour “Pink Punch” as I wear pink lip colours quite often but there where also other colours to choose from with names like Peach Kiss, Cherry Me, Freshen, Repair, Hydrate.  The lip balms are supposed to add a tint to your lips and are all clinically tested, intense lip care formulas which claim to moisturise your lips for a full 8 hours!

Sounds a little too good to be true right!? Well, I tested it for a week. So let’s discuss the pro’s & con’s of this product.


  • It smells like bubblegum!
  • The packaging is really cute and vibrant
  • My lips felt instantly hydrated when I applied it
  • The texture of the lip balm is really velvety & smooth, feels lovely!
  • I like that it is not sticky and it feels light on my lips
  • It works well if you only want a very slight tint with a glossy effect
  • You wouldn’t need a mirror in order to apply it as it is so light


  • The tint isn’t as prominent as I would have expected
  • But that could be a pro if you just want a slight tint
  • It’s a little pricey for a lip balm in my opinion, you’re really paying for the brand name
  • After a while the tint does fade but your lips still feel smooth and hydrated
  • It definitely does not last for 8 hours like it claims!

Conclusion:  Overall I enjoy this product, I really like how it feels on my lips, the texture is the best thing about the product in my opinion, it feels really light and hydrating but would would need to be re-applying more frequently than the advertisement for this product suggests! The packaging is really cute and I think that is the biggest draw for most people. It really is a glorified lip blam at the end of the day but a decent one at that, it does the same job as any other lip balm but looks better doing it! It won’t last for 8 hours that’s for sure but it will  look cute in your handbag and give you a nice tint and a light gloss, perfect for people who hate wearing heavy lip products ad enjoy a natural look on their lips.


Wednesday Addams Make Up ☠


Halloween is almost here! I am so exited. This year I am dressing up as one of my favorite goth girls, Wednesday Addams. Check out my Wednesday Addams Make Up Tutorial on youtube!



Have a Happy Halloween!


Boots No.7 Foundation Review & Match Made Service Experience

No.7 make up has always been a make up brand I associate with my Mother, it is her favorite and most trusted brand of make up, she recently took advantage of their free foundation match made service and was quite pleased with the results, so pleased in fact she switched over to using their brand instead of buying her usual high end expensive foundation. She converted my aunt to No.7 foundation in the process and well, she made me a believer too!

Being a typical Irish girl, pale and pasty as a vampire, I can never find a foundation to match my skin tone and I decided to finally get off my ass and try this free service out. Upon my arrival at boots I headed over to the No.7 counter, make up free and blemishes on display, I asked one of the very helpful and polite No.7 representatives if I could take advantage of the service to find the true colour match for my skin.

She asked me to sit and she took out a hand held camera that takes pictures of your skin (pictured below) and determines your perfect shade. She proceeded to hold the device against my skin and it took pictures of both sides of my face.

She informed me that my shade was determined was Calico (the palest shade they had, what’d I tell you? PASTY) She then went on to ask me what type of coverage I wanted and listed off many different types of coverage I could get from the No.7 line, including matte, dewy, illuminating etc I said I wanted medium coverage with a slightly dewy finish (specific right!?) She recommended the No.7 Stay Perfect Liquid Foundation in Calico.which cost €18.25. She told me that this particular foundation has an SPF 15 and is made to last up to sixteen hours.


After I had chosen my foundation type she asked me would I like to see what the foundation looked like on before I purchased it and I agreed. She applied the foundation on to my skin and showed me in a mirror how it looked on my skin. At this point my Mother had shown up and she said “it looks like you have nothing on it blends in so well with your actual skin tone!” well, that had me sold!

Usually when I wear a foundation I always feel that it is slightly off colour, usually too dark or I feel like when I see myself in different lighting that I might end up looking like an Oompa Loompa but this foundation was as close to my skin tone as I think it is going to get! It blended into my skin nicely and covered my blemishes while evening out my skin tone.

What I like about it also is that it feels really light weight, like I am not wearing any foundation at all and that is a huge bonus for me, I hate the feeling of wearing foundation if that makes sense? So this foundation gets a big thumbs up for not being heavy and cakey. Upon buying the foundation I decided to get the matching concealer too as I usually can never find a decent matching concealer either!

Since I spent over a certain amount of money on No.7 products that day I was given a goodie bag (pictured below) which contains other No.7 products such as the Stay Perfect Lipstick in Classic Rose, High Shine Lip Gloss in Smile and a really handy No.7 Lip Brush.Those items alone would cost more than my foundation alone I would assume?!



I honestly recommend this service to anyone who has a tough time choosing the right shade of foundation, it is free and quick and it is reassuring to get professional and accurate advice on choosing what shade suits you best. The prices are reasonable & sometimes they have some really cool offers and rewards, especially when you spend over a certain amount on their range.

No.7 consider me converted!

Ellie. xoxo


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My Current Favorite Lipsticks!

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