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Kendall Jenner & Gigi Hadid go bare faced for Marc Jacobs at NYFW!

Yesterday at the Marc Jacobs fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2015 at Park Avenue, Kendall Jenner & Gigi Hadid posed barefaced backstage for this picture. I think they look GORGEOUS! I really love the juxtaposition that Marc Jacobs created at NYFW by keeping his models faces clean and fresh, to show off their youthful skin. Head make up artist Francois Nars (founder and creative director of NARS Cosmetics) must have had the easiest job at fashion week!

Francois stated “The look for the show features no makeup, we only applied moisturizer.”gigi-hadid-and-kendall-jenner-nyfw-backstage-getty

I love the fact that Marc Jacobs took the risk by using no make up on his models for the show. I think it makes a bold statement that you don’t need make up to look and feel beautiful.

But hey, lets face it. If anyone can look flawfree without make on, it’s Kendall & Gigi!

Kendall & Kylie: Jenneration X

jenEvery single generation has it’s style icons. Women and men that spark the latest fashion trends and inspire new looks. In my opinion, the biggest style icons of 2014 thus far has been the Jenner sisters. They went from timid pre-teens who stood in their older sisters shadows, to blossoming young fashionistas almost over night. Their personal style has developed so much this past year and they are continuing to grow and learn what suits them as individuals.


For quite some time Kylie was the shy sister of the Jenner/Kardashian family. She kept mostly to herself until recently she decided to step out of the shadows of her other sisters and embrace her own personal style. Kylie’s instagram selfies went from duck faces to vogue material in the space of a year! Her new and imporved style is unique, daring &  bold. I love it!kylieaccessories

Kylie’s favorite look is dressy/casual. She is really good at paring simple, key items together to create a solid, trendy look. She favors dark colour palettes and sometimes adds a pop of colour to her outfit to really make her stand out from the crowd. Kylie’s trademark’s are her pouty lips and her blue hair. To get Kylie’s look, simply use a lip liner that matches your natural lip colour, over draw your lips and slick on some lip balm to get an instant, Kylie inspired pout! To imitate her fashion forward hairstyle, try using coloured hair chalk on your ends, it’s simple to apply and easy to wash out. You can experiment with so many different colours using hair chalks.


To get Kylie’s rock chic look, try paring a simple grey vest top or a band tee with a faux leather jacket for instant style points. Kyle is a big fan of accessories, she loves layering necklaces and wearing classic aviator sunglasses. She also loves to wear black nail varnish and often gets her nails filed into cat claw tips to add some extra edge to her look.


Kendall’s style is very different to Kylie’s. Kendall likes to wear casual yet chic outfits, that are comfortable to wear while still remaining on trend. She usually opts for slouchy tops and knitted jumpers, and pairs them with stylish with skinny jeans. She always keeps her make up natural and fresh and sometimes opts for a coloured lip to make her pout really stand out!

Kendall is a huge fan of knit wear and can often be spotted wearing beanie hats and scarves while out and about. Living in Sunny L.A Kendall knows it’s important to have the right eye wear for each event or outing. She likes to experiment with different styles of sunglasses and isn’t afraid to try something a little out of her comfort zone sometimes. Which I love!
kkKendall is a girly girl and can be seen wearing some of the most beautiful dresses on the red carpet and press related events. Her height allows her to wear some stunning gowns, in many different shapes, cuts and styles. Her favorite dress style seems to be short and girly. She favors simple colour palettes, especially white and cream. Which are two colours that contrast beautifully with her sun kissed skin tone and hair colour. To get her casual look I suggest pairing comfy slouchy jumpers with fitted jeans along with a comfy pair of boots. Kendall’s style is effortless so keep your make up natural and wear your hair down, give your roots a spritz of sea salt spray and shake it up a for that California girl look!


For more style inspiration check out the girls coveted Instagram pages:

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Body Image: Fiction vs Reality

Whenever I get really bored I scroll through tumblr. Usually I woosh past loads of cat pictures and beautifully filtered images of hipsters and Supernatural gifs, but every so often tumblr stops me in my tracks and hits me in my gut with an impactful image like this. This is an image of a statistically average sized woman, holding an “average” sized mannequin against her body. The difference as you can see, is shocking. This got me thinking about how warped the media & fashion industries views are on what a woman should look like physically.

Why are we so obsessed with fiction?


According to google, fiction is “something that is invented or untrue. A fabrication, illusion or sham.” We are taking fiction at face value and letting it re program our minds to believe the lies and deceit our eyes read about and see in the media. Sometimes we forget that we are society and we can change things.

There are so many different types of body shapes and sizes to be celebrated and I think it is time that we all took the time to appreciate our bodies for what they are genetically designed to do, which is keep us alive. The human body is a magnificent thing, it is much more than just a clothes horse or something to be gawked at, it is a vessel. It is a gift.

I think the reason why the fashion industry projects this unattainable image of beauty into the world is to create an illusion that both allures and terrifies people. When people are scared, they try to fill the empty, emotional hole with material things. People always want the unattainable, they strive to be elite and the fashion industry and media has created a mirage that warps and disorients the brain to the point that it begins to believe that the fiction is in fact reality.

There is so many things wrong with the media’s portrayal of beauty and body image related content. Some magazines tell us to “love our bodies”, yet once we turn the page over we see pictures of celebrites relaxing on the beach with headlines such as “Best & Worst Beach Bodies”. It can be very confusing to be fed mixed messages like this, what does the media want from us!? They constantly provide us with a lose/lose situation. If we are thin, we are too skinny. If we are curvy, we are too fat. There seems to be no right answer.

On that note, i’d like to point out that I don’t think there is any “perfect” body size. I truly believe that if you are healthy and happy within your own skin, that is all that matters. There is always going to be body bashing glossy magazines and badly written articles about dieting and body image. The best thing you can do is to do your best to filter out the bullsh*t and remember that it is all fiction. The only mindset we can change is our own, we create our own reality. The best gift that you can give to yourself is self love. Sounds corny but it’s true.

In the words of the goddess that is RuPaul: “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love some body else?!” CAN I GET AN AMEN! *sways  arms from from side to side*

Body confidence begins with you.

Ireland’s Up & Coming Fashion Illustrator, Holly Shortall!

This week I caught up with a woman whom I consider to one of the biggest rising stars in the Irish Fashion Industry, Holly Shortall. Holly is a talented freelance fashion illustrator from Dublin, with her own unique style and passion for her art. Her art work features monthly in Xpose Magazine and that is just the beginning for Holly. Her talent is undeniable, she’s going to go a long, long way!

Hi Holly! Tell us a bit about yourself and your work.

Hi! Well i’m almost 25 (don’t remind me!) and I have been drawing for the best part of my whole life. It was only in mid 2013 that I decided it was now or never with regards to trying to build up a profile and begin a career with fashion illustrations. I am still pinching myself at some of the amazing opportunities i’v been given, notably my live illustrating for the SS14 River Island press day and my monthly illustrations for Xpose magazine.

What sparked your passion for drawing?

Its hard to say, but I do think I’ve always been a little obsessed with celebrities. I loved Paula Yates, Gwen Stefani and Victoria Beckham from a young age. My Grannys friend May used to keep me all her magazine like Hello and Ok, and would have loved pouring over all the photos of peoples weddings and awards ceremonies!


Have you always been interested in fashion illustration or was it a natural progression for you towards that specific type of art?

Always. I guess I didnt know what avenue I could take and just presumed it was fashion design that I wanted to do. I tried it for a year but it just wasn’t for me. I’m the least mathematical person I know, I literally panic when I see numbers, so finding fashion design had a lot to do with rulers, 90 degree angles and numbers made me put up a mental block, so I found it very difficult!

You do illustrations on commission as well as for fun. Which do you prefer to do personally?

If I was being 100% honest, I love just doodling from my head and designing dresses, but I know all my followers love the celebrity illustrations, so its important I give them what they want! Its also make them more current. Like after the Brits I stayed up a little later than usual to do an illustration of Beyonce, and tweeted it to the designer who made her dress. I woke up the next day to a reply from him thanking me for my illustration and saying it was so cool!

Celebrity illustrations are what I would love to do for a weekly publication like the Sunday Times Style Magazine, another one I’ve been reading since I was small.

Your work has its own unique style. Once you see it you automatically know it’s a Holly Shortall illustration. Is your drawing style intentional or is it purely your own natural style?

Its purely my own style- since I first picked up a pencil, I have only ever drawn on female on an a4 page. I have mountains of drawings from when I was about 4 onwards. I’m so lucky in that my parents have art backgrounds and encouraged me to draw, and also kept all my early stuff.


What publications do you aspire to feature in?

The obvious one is Vogue! They’ve had illustrated covers over the years, and I can safely say that is my life goal. I do believe anything is possible if you work hard. I’m not saying I think I’m amazing, but the respose so far has exceeded what I ever thought it would, so why not have a dream?! I would like to work for a few different magazines, an Irish one, and American one and a UK one.

I really want to do stuff for a weekly publication like the Sunday Times, they have a celebrity characteristic, who signs his pictures ‘Gary’ and I’ve been obsessed with his stuff since I could open a paper. He can nail a portrait in a few lines and you know exactly who it is- I just love that and would love be doing something similar.

You draw a lot of celebrity inspired illustrations, who has been your favourite to draw so far?

I loved drawing Anna Wintour sitting on the front row, Victoria Beckham, The Olsen Twins and of course Beyonce. I really just love drawing!

How long does it take you to draw a single illustration? Can you explain the process?

It really depends and I cant give away all my secrets! But I will say ALOT of time goes into them. For example, if I am doing a commission of someone and specify an outfit featuring a pattern or print, I then have to try source that print or closest match to use when colouring in the picture. I t can be really time consuming but its so important to me that the customer adores their illustration, its a one off unique gift and when I hear people say ‘Wow I love it!’ it just makes me so happy!

What are your goals for 2014

I would love to continue having my work featured in different publications and keep doing my commisions for all my lovely customers. Right now I’m really just know in Dublin so I would love to branch out in Ireland and of course across to the UK is well. I’m a real homebird and don’t see myself living anywhere than here, so the absolute joy of illustration is you don’t have to go anywhere else to do it!






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