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The Virgin Suicides Inspired OOTD

This outfit of the day post is unique as it is inspired by one of my absolute favourite films/books of all time, The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides. The aesthetic of the film version has always fascinated me and director Sofia Coppola’s style is undeniably haunting and feminine all at once.

Under each photo is a quote that struck me while reading the book. The pages of The Virgin Suicides captivated me when I first read them and these words still take my breath away.


We felt the imprisonment of being a girl, the way it made your mind active and dreamy, and how you ended up knowing what colors went together.


Their desire was silent yet magnificent, like a thousand daisies attuning their faces toward the path of the sun.


We knew that the girls were really women in disguise, that they understood love, and even death, and that our job was merely to create the noise that seemed to fascinate them. We knew that they knew everything about us.

And that we couldn’t fathom them at all.


In the end we had pieces of the puzzle, but no matter how we put them together, gaps remained—oddly shaped emptiness mapped by what surrounded them.

Like countries we couldn’t name.


Dress // Quiz

Hair Flowers // Ebay

Rings // Primark

Shoes // Primark


Pretty in Pastel OOTD

Last night I attended the Irish Beauty Blog Awards 2016 in Dublin city. I wore a dressy casual outfit and *shock! horror!* I actually wore colours. That’s right! I stepped away from my usual uniform of all black clothing to try something different from a change. Summer is all about wearing bright colours so I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and wear an all-colour outfit for once.


I have always been drawn to pretty pastel colours and I really enjoyed wearing this combination of baby pink and baby blue shades together, paired with some light grey jeans. I kept my accessories simple by just wearing a beautiful statement hairband that really completed my look for the night.

Hairband // Zara

Baby Blue Jacket // Zara

Pink Vest Top // Primark

Jeans // Primark

Shoes // Xti Tentations

Clutch // Dunnes Stores


Bad Reputation OOTD

‘I don’t really care if you think I’m strange I ain’t gonna change!’ – Joan Jett

Shoes // Primark

Sunglasses // Pimark

Flower Crown // Primark

Faux Leather Jacket // Romwe

Kurt Cobain Vest Top // Romwe

Faux Leather Trousers // Dunnes Store


Fashion Al Fresco OOTD


fafThe weather is beginning to cool down and the evenings are getting shorter. Summer is almost over. But that doesn’t mean that I am feeling glum! I am feeling very inspired by French cinema today, romance and art. My outfit consists of a simple black leotard from Lipsy, paired with a beautiful laced skirt and black flats from Dunnes Stores. To accessorize, I wore my trusty bowler hat from H&M and a Harry Potter inspired bracelet from Etsy.


clBowler Hat // H&M

Leotard // Lipsy London

Lace Skirt // Dunnes Stores

Tights // Dunnes Stores

Dolly Shoes // Dunnes Stores 

Cyber Summer OOTD


 This summer i’ve been taking inspiration from many different kinds of style, looks and music. Lately I have been very inspired by Cyber Goths and their eye catching outfits. I think their style is so unique and fun! I wore a Cyberdog holographic crop top along with a silver holographic skirt from romwe, which I think compliment each other really well. I paired the outfit with my favorite chunky black wedged buckle boots and to complete the look I accessorized my outfit with a 90s inspired tattoo choker and my fave holographic sunnies!



Crop top // Cyberdog

Holographic Skirt // ROMWE

Black Wedges // Shusole

Sunglasses // Pennys


Interview: Alexandra Metal Clown, The Game Changer!


This week I caught up with the fashion extravaganza that is, Alexandra Metal Clown. She’s a fashion blogger from Maryland U.S.A with stand out style and an infectiously positive aura. She’s a force to be reckoned with when it comes to fashion. She is fearless and fierce. It almost seems blasphemous just to refer to Alexandra as a fashion blogger, she’s a fashion pioneer.

She’s a game changer. A walking art piece.

Hi Alexandra! Thanks for taking the time to chat with me. Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

Thank you, I am excited to be part of your blog! I’m Alexandra Merino also known as AlexandraMetalClown, I am 22 years old, i live in silver spring Maryland! I’ve been sewing and making all my clothes since i was 13 years old! I’m a total metal head,obsessed with my cats and all things wacky! 


I ADORE your sense of style. Have you always been fearless when it comes to fashion or was it a gradual style evolution?

I have! even when I wasn’t making all my clothes and wearing all the rainbows and extravagant pieces,I love fashion always have,and I always picked out what i wanted to wear no matter what was trendy or cool at the time! I just wore whatever I wanted,which lead me to start sewing and making all of my own clothes because the clothes at the mall and stores just weren’t doing it for me! i needed more,i wanted to express myself with more colors and patterns and they weren’t selling that at the malls! before I started making all my clothes i was still very colorful,i would wear lots of layers,leggings,leg warmers even two skirts at at time even haha 🙂 I’m not afraid of taking risks with my clothes.

You make most of your own clothes, which is very impressive! Where do you get your inspiration from and how much planning goes into each look?

I am inspired by everything and everywhere I go,i can be walking down the isle of a grocery store and get inspired by a certain food and want to make an outfit of it,or inspired by it!! i feel like for me,i have so many ideas that at times it can be overwhelming and any little object or thing can just inspire me! so I’m constantly writing down ideas for next outfits i want to work on! each look is so different,i look so different everyday so the process for each outfits depend on how detail i am getting! but most of the time each outfits takes like about a week or less to make! even sometimes i can a full outfit in a night, what takes long is not the actual sewing,but of getting the whole look together,getting all the supplies i need, matching earrings,shoes,wig,nails,purse! so its all the little details that can take time and not the actual sewing.

You post so many wonderful looks online and get a great response from fans. How do you deal with the attention outside of the internet, when people see your creations in public?

I actually do get a lot of negative response online BUT I delete anything negative or i don’t respond to anything negative online because I don’t like to feed into the craziness and negativity of others! I feel like i do that because in “real life” I can’t escape it,i just cant delete people and or their comments,when they are saying it to my face! I get LOTS of attention when I go it,at times it can be very chaotic and overwhelming but I’ve been doing it since i was 13 years old ,so i am very used to all the looks,stares,5 billion and one question about my appearance,all the sneaky people trying to take photos or asking me for photos haha! It’s a mix of both negative and positive attention! the most popular question i get from people is “are you going to a party?” and “why are you so dressed up” haha I don’t mind the questions but I also get a lot of aggressive people with very cruel comments and I will never understand those people but I try my best to ignore and still be kind to everyone…kill them with kindness I say.

140411_JohnPhan_497What advice do you have for people who are afraid to go “outside of the box” when it comes to fashion and personal style?

I would tell people at the end of the day, you’re all you got! you have to look at yourself in the mirror and see who is it you want to be and not be afraid and love yourself and accept yourself no matter how you look or what you think other people want you to look like,and really just be yourself cause the worst thing you can do is lie to yourself and not love yourself! honestly….its not the clothes…its the confidence within yourself and once you have that,you are not even thinking about “well should I wear this” “what are people going to say” ! and it doesn’t really matter what anyone thinks about you,especially when it comes to your choice of fashion,if you like the way you look,go for it! there is no such thing as right or wrong fashion or a sense of style.

You inspire so many people with your amazing style and eye catching outfits, but who/what inspires YOU personally?

I’m inspired by many things, metal music,the 1940’s and peoples confidence,really wacky and silly artwork and objects ! but if were talking fashion, the first person who comes to mind is, Anna Dello Russo! she is absolutely wonderful! she has SO much fun with her fashion,and I love that cause i love doing the same!

DSCN2288What does fashion mean to you?   

It means total and complete freedom! anything goes! you are in control!

What’s in store next for Alexandra Metal Clown?

I hope soon to get my own website,so i can have an official blog there,also with all of my work (photo shoots) that i have done and that I’m working! I’d really like to take on modeling full time and show case all my outfits and other amazing designers 🙂 I plan on doing many things but mainly I just want to be happy and keep doing what makes me happy, which is sewing and creating.

Alexandra’s Facebook / Instagram YouTube Blogspot


City Girl OOTD



Today’s look is from a few days ago, when I was in Dublin City after attending a lovely PR event. I wanted to wear something that was dressy yet casual at the same time. I wore my favorite faux leather jacket and bowler hat, along with a black leotard and peach tutu.

My bag is from Bank Fashion and is currently my favorite bag! I love the small gold heart detail on the front. My black buckled boots are by New Look, I have been living in them lately.

They go with almost everything!


Faux Leather Jacket // ROMWE

Bowler Hat // H&M

Black Leotard // Lipsy

Peach Tutu // Lipsy

Black Bag // BankFashion

Buckle Boots // New Look

OOTD: All Black Everything!


 Today’s look is a casual inspired outfit, which I think would be suitable for the work place, job interviews or just for running errands! I wore my hair off my face, in a top knot.

Top Tip: Wearing your hair in a tight top knot gives you an instant face lift! 😉

I wore a faux leather jacket that flows nicely with my black print vest top. I wore my favorite leather look leggings along with a smart pair of black buckle boots, which have a slight heel to add a dressy/casual touch to the look.

cas2Faux Leather Jacket // Bershka

Vest Top // Bershka

Leather Look Leggings // Berskha

Black Buckle Boots // New Look

Hair Styling // Glen Cullen




My biggest fashion inspiration right now is American Horror Story: Coven! I love everything about the show, including the fashion. The girls at Miss Robichaux’s Academy always look fierce.

I took inspiration from one of the Coven’s finest members, Zoe Benson.

I wore a black vintage style hat like she did in the show, along with a peter pan collared dress. To give the look a more gothic feel I wore distressed black tights along with a pair of dainty black wedges. To complete the look I accessorized with a pair of round black sunglasses and a small black and gold shoulder bag. Oh! And of course every witches best friend, her spell book!




Wig // Ebay

Tights // Pennys

Shoes // Dolly Dynamite

Peter Pan Dress // ASOS.com

Hat & Sunglasses // ROMWE.com

Bag // Red Herring at Debenhams

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♥ Cross my heart & hope to die ♥

Today I was feeling quite witchy!

I have been taking a lot of fashion inspiration from American Horror Story Coven & the 90’s. So I bought this Bowknot Embellished Vintage Black Hat & Dual-tone Lettered Sunglasses. Which I think go really well together. Both items are from one of my favorite online shops, ROMWE. I love to buy clothes online, you can find some really unique pieces for good prices online.

You just have to look in the right places! ^_~