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Pastel Pink Lace Front Wig ♥

OOTD: All Black Everything!


 Today’s look is a casual inspired outfit, which I think would be suitable for the work place, job interviews or just for running errands! I wore my hair off my face, in a top knot.

Top Tip: Wearing your hair in a tight top knot gives you an instant face lift! 😉

I wore a faux leather jacket that flows nicely with my black print vest top. I wore my favorite leather look leggings along with a smart pair of black buckle boots, which have a slight heel to add a dressy/casual touch to the look.

cas2Faux Leather Jacket // Bershka

Vest Top // Bershka

Leather Look Leggings // Berskha

Black Buckle Boots // New Look

Hair Styling // Glen Cullen


Mini Shopping Haul: Penny’s Buys & Hair Dye!



Yesterday I went shopping in Mullingar, Co.Westmeath. I purchased a few items from Penny’s and a local hair supply store. I really love the gold leaf hair band I picked up in penny’s. I am going to wear it tomorrow evening when I go to see Singing In The Rain in Dublin! *excited*

The colourful vest top is actually from the kids section of Penny’s! I saw it and thought it’d make a cute summer crop top. Inventive! haha. I also really like the men’s section in Penny’s, I sometimes find really cool t-shirts that are on trend & in a variety of sizes.

Fotor0520150813Although I am not a huge fan of rings, when I find one I like I have to get it! I really like this chunky ring from Penny’s. I love silver accessories and this was cheap as chips too! So I couldn’t pass it up. I was in desperate need of some new tubs of hair dye and decided to try a new brand out called Crazy Colour. Which is usually used by hairdressers, I also bought a pasteliser to add to the hair dye to lighten the colour up to my desired shade.


Positive Energy & Pink Skies!

Hey cuties!

So the past few day’s I have been trying to think more positively as during the week I had a really bad day where I just let stuff get to me and I really got myself into a bad humor and I really didn’t want it to spiral. I am learning how to control my emotions and try to get out of bad moods quickly instead of dwelling on the negatives in life. Instead I am doing my best to focus on the good and move forward. I purchased some sage the other day and I saged my entire house to rid it of bad energies. I know a lot of people don’t believe in this sort of thing and think it is a load of hoo ha but I will try anything once and I do believe that people, objects and places hold energies, be it good or bad. So I think there are ways to shift those energies and have a clearer mindset space afterwards.

Today I wore these chokers I bought on etsy, I got the 90s tattoo choker in the post yesterday. I really love these kinds of chokers, they remind me of being a kid! I really wish I kept the ones I had when I was younger because I had some funky ones that had different colour beads and pattens on them. I think etsy is a really cool place to buy unique gifts and accessories. I have purchased a few things off it already for Christmas, I bought some one off gifts that I know my family and friends will love.


The night sky was so pretty the other night I had to take a picture. I was in a car with my friend as we where going to see the new Hunger Games film and the sky was bright orange/pink and we couldn’t take out eyes off it! I took this picture on my new phone, I love it so much! My other phone literally was not working anymore and I got a new phone as an early Christmas present. I love the camera on it, it is so much clearer than my old phone. I took all of these photo’s on my new phone and posted them to instagram. You can follow me on instagram by searching the username EllieJayden.


Also this week I went shopping with my Mam and we went to one of my favorite shops called “Moonbeams” it is a local shop that sells crystals and hand made soaps etc. I am not really a huge fan of soaps if I am completely honest, but I do love the buy soaps made with natural ingredients and essential oils. These soaps are handmade and are cruelty free. I purchased one called “Tickled Pink” it smells really nice and it was half the price of the soap’s you would buy in LUSH. It cost me €2.50 and the block is pretty large!


I also picked up some Dr.Organic products in a buy one get one half price deal at Holland and Barrett. I want to do my best to covert over to using organic /natural products as my skin is really sensitive and I really should stop using products with harsh chemicals in them. I think like most people, I never really thought too much about what chemicals where in the products I used and I just trusted certain companies blindly. From now on though, I am going to be checking that all the products I used are free of any nasty chemicals and are completely cruelty free.

I have always done my best to only buy products that are cruelty free. It can be really hard to know what to buy and I usually use gocrueltyfree.org to see what products are not tested on animals. According to that site Urban Decay do not test their products on animals and I am delighted about that as I love their brand and I am happy to continue using their products now that I know they are cruelty free.


I might do some videos in the future about Cruelty Free & Organic Products

Thanks for reading. Have a nice day!