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Pretty in Pastel OOTD

Last night I attended the Irish Beauty Blog Awards 2016 in Dublin city. I wore a dressy casual outfit and *shock! horror!* I actually wore colours. That’s right! I stepped away from my usual uniform of all black clothing to try something different from a change. Summer is all about wearing bright colours so I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and wear an all-colour outfit for once.


I have always been drawn to pretty pastel colours and I really enjoyed wearing this combination of baby pink and baby blue shades together, paired with some light grey jeans. I kept my accessories simple by just wearing a beautiful statement hairband that really completed my look for the night.

Hairband // Zara

Baby Blue Jacket // Zara

Pink Vest Top // Primark

Jeans // Primark

Shoes // Xti Tentations

Clutch // Dunnes Stores


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Bleach London Rosé Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Bleach London are famous for their range of non-permanent hair colours and hair products. So when I heard they created a pink shampoo and conditioner I was delighted! I had only ever used colour toning shampoo’s when I had blonde hair and they were purple shampoo’s which I used in order to gain a silvery sheen. I was curious and excited to try out these funky little hair products!


However, this is not my first time to try out Bleach London products. I had previously purchased the Bleach London Reincarnation Mask and quite honestly, I wasn’t overly impressed with the results. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t a bad hair mask but it just didn’t give me the results I had expected and maybe that is my fault for having high expectations.

Regardless, I was eager to trying out the Rosé shampoo & conditioner from their range. Let me preface this review by letting you know that before using these products my hair was already dyed pink. I wanted to try out these products in order to find a way to keep my pink hair looking fresh and vibrant, without having to top it up with hair dye all the time.

Rosé Shampoo €8.49 (250ml)


This Rosé shampoo claims to cancel out any unwanted green tones in your hair and tint blonde hair to a soft pink colour. You can use this product daily to build up the pink hue and intensify the shade to one you desire. The information provided on the back of the bottle it suggest that you leave this product on your hair for at least 2-3 minutes to allow the shampoo to take effect.

I have been using this product to keep my hair from looking like a gross fading wreck (you know how it can be when fading out vibrant colours, nightmare!) but also allowing me to give my hair a break from hair dye. I usually leave this in for five minutes and then I rinse it out completely before applying the conditioner.

Although this shampoo does a decent job of cleaning my hair, I usually wash my hair with a regular shampoo beforehand to make sure I remove any impurities before I apply this product. I find my hair stays looking cleaner for longer this way as this shampoo doesn’t lather as well like regular shampoos. I see it as more of a light toner than a cleansing shampoo.

Rosé Conditioner €8.49 (250ml)


Honestly, I enjoy the Rosé ConditionerIn fact I prefer it over the shampoo as I can leave it in a little longer and it doesn’t dry out my hair as much. It is not a incredibly conditioning product but it does leave my hair feeling softer and subtly pinker. There is no major change after either of these products but they do help my keep my hair a light pastel shade.

I noticed that the Rosé conditioner smells much nicer than the Rose shampoo. The conditioner has a salon quality smell to it, if that makes sense? It smells light and feminine, whereas the shampoo smells almost plastic? It isn’t a terrible scent but it’s not exactly pleasant.

Pro’s of the Bleach London Rosé Shampoo & Conditioner:

  • They are useful for topping up pink hair without the use of dye
  • The product creates a nice pastel tint on blonde hair
  • The packaging is really nice

Con’s of the Bleach London Rosé Shampoo & Conditioner

  • They are a bit pricey if you plan on using them on a daily/regular basis
  • Both products aren’t as nourishing as you might expect for the price

Are Bleach London Cruelty Free?

Bleach London claim to be cruelty free (although I could not find any information based on this claim on their website or on their packaging) and upon researching this brand I discovered that they are owned by a testing parent company. However, they did post this tweet in 2013.

Where can I buy Bleach London products?

You can buy Bleach London products in almost any Boots store nationwide.

Overall thoughts on the product:

So far, Bleach London have yet to win me over as a fan for life but I do think they have some fun and quirky products that are perfect for anyone who wants to try out colourful hair but is too afraid or cannot commit to the colour long term. These tinted shampoos and conditioners are a great way to experiment with your hair without making a drastic or permanent change. They are apart of my hair routine at the moment and I will probably repurchase them again in the future if I decide to try out a pastel look without wanting to use hair dye.

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