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My Hair Dye Disaster!

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The Makeup Addict Tag!

1. What product do you keep buying more of, despite having plenty of in your collection?

Definitely more lipstick! My favorite shades are usually pinks & reds but on occasion I do love to take a bit of a risk with a deep plum or black lipstick. I just love how applying lipstick can really finish off your look. I find lipstick to be a really glam product, it makes me feel ten times better whenever I wear it. When it comes to lipsticks, a girl can never have too many shades!

2. What’s the one product you can’t live without?

The one product I couldn’t live without would have to be mascara. I feel like I look like a sheet of white paper with pupils when I don’t wear any mascara! Most days I don’t wear any make-up at all, except for mascara. I usually give my lashes a quick curl with an eyelash curler, then slick on some black mascara and I am good to go for the day. Ohhh & hair dye, I need that in my life!

I used to hate not wearing any make-up but now I prefer to only wear it once or twice a week. Most days i’m barefaced! Someday’s I will wear a mineral foundation from Beautiful Movements Cosmetics, it’s breathable and light on my skin, I don’t even feel like I am wearing make-up when I have it on! It looks so natural. I love the fact that Beautiful Movements Cosmetics are cruelty free.

3. Favourite makeup brand?

My favorite make-up brand would have to be a tie between Barry M & Urban Decay. Both are cruelty free companies that sell fantastic quality products. Barry M have amazing pigmented lipsticks and vibrant nail polishes. I love Urban Decay’s eye shadow palettes. I wish I was good at applying eye shadow so I could make the most of them! Ohhh also, I love Collection 2000.

Okay, so I’ve three favorite brands!

4. How big is your makeup collection?

I’ll put it this way, my boyfriend sighs whenever I bring home any new beauty products or make-up. He can’t understand how one person own so many beauty products, hah! He is probably right! I mean, how many shades of red lipstick can one girl own? (A lot is the answer, a lot!) I do think my collection is probably very small in comparison to other beauty bloggers though.

5. How do you store your makeup collection?

I store my make-up in a plastic drawer in my bathroom and some other make-up is stored in some funky boxes in my room. I try to keep my make-up in order but sometimes it’s impossible!

6. How many items of makeup do you have in your handbag at the moment?

I always say that my handbag is like the Barney bag, full of weird surprises! I always carry some tissue, face powder & lip balm, no matter what. Other than that, I am not too fussy. If I am going somewhere special or on a night out, I always carry make-up reinforcement! If I am wearing eyeliner or lipstick, I carry it in my bag to top it up through out the night.

7. If you could raid another blogger’s stash, who would it be?

That would have to be my friend LetzMakeup. She is well educated about make-up and beauty products. I just really trust and value her opinion on different products, so I know her stash would be a gold mine for any make-up lover! Her make-up is always so on point. She’s so talented!

8. How long does your makeup routine take and how many products do you use?

It depends on where I am going. If I am at home or just running errands, I will wear little to no make-up at all. A slick of lip balm and mascara does me fine, I like to let my skin breath when I can because it is so sensitive. If I am going somewhere special, I put in more effort.

If I have time I put on foundation, brow gel, a neutral eye shadow and my my ‘go to’ winged eyeliner look. I love lining underneath my eyes too. I have a specific flick I draw near the inner corner of my eyes that always makes me feel more dolled up! Then I finish off with a bright lip.

9. Have you ever bought makeup knowing you wouldn’t use it?

Oh my god, YES! Hasn’t every girl? It happens far more often than i’d like to admit! Sometimes I will have have a moment of madness and think that I can pull off some mad coloured eye shadow or somehow think I will magically have the skills to use a certain product correctly. Then I convince myself I need it in my life and when I get home I think to myself ‘why the hell did I buy this?’

10. Tag a few other makeup addicts to do this tag

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Irish Beauty Blog Awards 2015

The Irish Beauty Blog Awards 2015

Last night I attended the Irish Beauty Blog Awards in Dublin. I was honoured to be nominated in four categories, alongside some other wonderful ladies. The ceremony was held in Lillie’s Bordello, the venue was absolutely jam packed with bloggers from all over Ireland. Some of the biggest names in blogging & vlogging gathered together to celebrate Irish bloggers in style.

I must admit that the atmosphere was relaxed at the Irish Beauty Blog Awards. Usually these kinds of events can be quite overwhelming, but there was really good vibes in Lillie’s Bordello. 

What I wore to the awards ceremony

On the night I wore a long black vintage dress, it was my great-aunt’s dress in the 1970’s. It think it is really glamorous, I love it so much! It was hand beaded and is still in perfect condition. I wanted to keep it simple so I wore no accessories, except for two midi rings I wore on each hand.

My hair was done by my friend Michelle, she attended the awards with me last night. What would I do without her, ehhh? I found some nice pictures of up style’s on Instagram a few days before and she braided a section of my hair, while pinning the rest to the back in a very cool swirly bun.

Getting the surprise of my life!

The awards ceremony started at about 9.30 pm and everyone gathered around the stage excitedly awaiting to hear who were the lucky winners. My blog was nominated in four categories, Best Fashion Blog, Best Vlogger, Best Overall & Readers Choice. I was sitting at a table with my friend and we were having so much fun, sipping some very strong rum cocktails (believe me, I needed some for my nerves!) nervously awaiting the results. I literally had my fingers crossed! Eeeep!

It was coming to near the end of the awards announcements and there was one category left that I was nominated in, readers choice. I was listening to the lady on stage explain how this category had a vote coming in almost every minute (wowww!) and the next minute I heard my name being announced over the microphone. WHAAA? I was literally in shock! I honestly couldn’t believe it.

I’ve been on such a high ever since last night and I just want to thank every single person who took the time out of their day to vote for me as Readers Choice. You have no idea how much it means to me. I know it sounds cliché but quite literally, if it wasn’t for the people who read my blog & the people who voted for me, this would never have happened & it means the world to me.

I am so thankful to such supportive people in my life, I honestly can’t believe my luck.

Thank you so much to the Irish Beauty Blog Awards, Tan Organic & BEUTiFi for this award.

Dreams really do come true!

Bad Reputation OOTD

‘I don’t really care if you think I’m strange I ain’t gonna change!’ – Joan Jett

Shoes // Primark

Sunglasses // Pimark

Flower Crown // Primark

Faux Leather Jacket // Romwe

Kurt Cobain Vest Top // Romwe

Faux Leather Trousers // Dunnes Store


Valentines Day OOTD

‘You give me that kind of something, want it all the time, need it everyday‘ – Arianna Grande

Shoes // Primark

Sunglasses // Pimark

Flower Crown // Primark

Heart Shaped Bag // H&M

Striped Peplum Top // H&M

Chunky Chain Necklace // H&M

Faux Leather Trousers // Dunnes Stores



Halloween: Evil Clown Make-up!


This Halloween I decide to take a leaf out of Batman’s book dress & up as one of my biggest fears, one of my biggest fears is clowns. *shudders* They have always given me the creeps! There is something really sinister about clowns in my eyes, they  terrify me. The idea to dress up as a clown was a last minute decision. I wasn’t sure what I was going to be for Halloween and I found a set of face paints I bought last year and decided to make use of them. It was a messy job!

I used face paints from Snazaroo, it was a small palette kit that included the colours white, black and red. Perfect for clown make up! The paints were not the easiest to apply. I found them to be hard to apply as the paints had to be activated with water to become liquified, which made the paint very watery, even when I added only a small amount to activate the pigment. Although, I think the makeup turned out okay in the end, all things considered. What do you think?


That night I went out for some drinks with my friend and my brothers. My friend Michelle was a witch and my brother Morgan dressed up as Jason Voorhees from the Friday The 13th films.


I managed to scare the crap out of some people last night, which I was pretty pleased about, haha! I was quite surprised that not many people dressed up on Halloween night. It seems that people usually go out the bank holiday weekend beforehand instead. Boourns!


What did you dress up as this Halloween? Feel free to tweet me some pictures @EllieJayden

I’d love to see them, the creepier the better! *Mwahh hahahaaa*

Old Hollywood/Retro Hairstyle!

Last night I attended the Blog Awards Ireland 2014 in the Westgrove Hotel in Clane, Co.Kildare. My YouTube channel was up for Best Video Blog on the night. Unfortunately, I didn’t win. However, I did meet loads of lovely Irish bloggers and had an excuse to dress up for the evening! haha. My friend Glen Cullen did my hair prior to the event, I wanted a vintage inspired hairstyle for the event. Glen set my hair the night before, by pinning curls all over and I slept with them in over night before having it brushed out and styled the next evening. Here is the finished result!


SAM_3842I want to thank you all for your messages of support last night, it really means a lot to me! I was overwhelmed by the amount of well wishes I received last night through social media. I am really lucky to have such a wonderful viewership. When I started making videos I had no confidence at all, your feedback is so important to me, it helps me grow and learn as a YouTuber and as a blogger. Your support makes all the hard work that goes into blogging & vlogging worthwhile.

Thank you.