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The Youtube Labyrinth

I know by now you are probably sick of reading and hearing all about what a pain in the ass google + is for everyone any anyone who uses youtube, be it for content creating or simply being a keen viewer of youtubes online content. I for one was on the bandwagon, pitchforks and fire blazing. I was pissed, FURIOUS EVEN. I bitched and moaned on twitter about how much I hated it and how it is ruining everything on the site. Well, partly I still have some ill feeling towards google + I am annoyed that we where basically forced into joining it in order to keep our accounts useful and active, but after a few day’s of moaning and groaning I decide to finally bother to see what this google + stuff was all about.

Upon browsing the site and seeing it linked on my youtube home page (top right corner) I started to see the benefits of this service. It allows users to share YOUR content with others who are following with their pages. It is allowing content to be shared more frequently than it normally would have been if google + was not linked to youtube. I know some people will read this and think I have gone mad and joined the google + cult or something but honestly, think about it. How often do you share videos from youtube? REALLY. I am not talking about Rihanna’s latest music video or a funny clip of a cute dog. I mean videos from lesser known vloggers & content creators. Not often I am going to assume. We usually share content because we enjoy it right!? So why don’t we start supporting each other more? I myself admit that I don’t share enough content from my peers on youtube and I really ought to start doing so.

What I am trying to say is, google + as annoying as it may seem right now is actually a good platform to share videos and start conversations online. Personally, I don’t think people realize the importance of interaction anymore on youtube. It isn’t all about views, it is about starting a conversation with your viewers. People don’t make videos to hear themselves talk (well maybe some do! haha) but for the most part, all content creators are on youtube to interact. You have no idea how good it feels to upload a video and get comments from your viewers.

When you put it into perspective, a view is just a view. Anyone could have clicked that link and viewed the content but when someone leaves a comment it is literally a way of leaving a personal mark on sometimes work and saying “Hey, I was here and I enjoyed/disliked this video enough to comment”, and that is the entire point of the platform of social media. To engage. Feedback is critical for content creators, we need it to fuel the fire to keep us motivated and inspired, it makes us realise that people are listening to us and do care about what we have to say and we really do care about what our content viewers have to say.

Youtube is such an amazing platform for people to express themselves, I really do believe that. It is also a really time consuming hobby but an enjoyable one if you love the content you are creating and are passionate about your channel and viewers. Leaving feedback via a like or a comment is basically a way of acknowledging the content creators hard work and effort and letting them know that their work is liked and worthwhile to create. Another thing I would like to mention is the flip side, content creators need to mutually respect and engaged with their audience. There is literally nothing worse than seeing a youtuber treat their audience like crap or just never interact at all with their viewers. I don’t understand it, I really don’t.

Basically, I think the google + movement on youtube might be a push in the right direction but it is really up to us, the creators and viewers, to keep this community alive and kicking. Over the years youtube has really become about large egos and view counts and has lost it’s heart.

At the end of the day it really doesn’t matter if you record off a webcam (which I started out on BTW) or a top of the line camera, we are all creators and we all have a message, we just want to know if anyone’s listening.



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