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Dublin Shopping Guide: George Street Arcade, Dublin 2.

George’s Arcade is possibly my favorite shopping destination in Dublin City. I always get excited to have a leisurely browse through the shops and stalls on display. There is a lot of culture to soak in, loads of fun places to shop for clothes and little nick nacks for tourists to relish in and take home as unique gifts. It’s a pretty fun place to take people, especially if they’ve never been there before.

I always recommend George’s Arcade to anyone who’s visiting Dublin, it’s a really unique spot in the heart of the city. I particularly love the Japanese inspired stalls, full of kawaii plushies, accessories and ornaments. You can find some really fantastic items in George’s Arcade.

 If you are a fan of alternative fashion & funky cafe’s, George Street Arcade is perfect for you.

I enjoy having a look around the shops and grabbing a nice, refreshing bubble tea afterwards in Bubbilicity. I always order myself a passion fruit bubble tea with tapioca pearls, it’s soooo yummy! I recommend checking out Bubbilicity, the drinks are tasty & the staff are friendly.

Oh Look is one of my favorite shops in George’s Arcade, the shop has some really interesting clothing inspired by Japanese fashion and K-Pop style. I am a big fan of their pin’s & badges, they have a huge selection pinned to the front entrance of the shop. I love to stick them on leather jackets and backpacks. They also sell hand painted converse, which I always drool over.

Over in New Moon you can find some spectacular hand crafted and antique jewellery. They sell stunning pieces with a wide range of gem’s to choose from. They source gem’s from all over the world, to provide a truly beautiful selection of well made and visually stunning accessories.

Those are just some of my favorite shops & stall’s in George’s Street Arcade, there are many other wonderful spots to browse and relish in the arcade. Whether you are a fan of fashion, music or food, George’s Arcade has something for everyone. Get shopping & support local businesses!

Christmas Party Outfit Inspiration: Zooey Deschanel


Tiz the season of Christmas parties! Where you will probably see things like your drunk boss dancing to the macarena or your Grandmother slurring her words, while telling a story about the time she almost kissed Gene Kelly under a mistletoe, back in the day. Meanwhile, you happily stick to the sidelines sipping on a cold glass of pinot grigio and witness the madness that is, the Christmas party. Just because the party may not be fabulous and glamorous, doesn’t mean you can’t be! It’s the perfect time to show a different side to yourself. It’s your time to shine, sister!

Christmas time is a great time to glam yourself up and get into the spirit of things by playing around with fashion and new looks. You don’t have to delve into the deep waters of avant garde fashion to make a statement this holiday season. You can create eye catching looks with a few simple, key pieces. My Christmas party wear inspiration is queen of quirk, Zooey Deschanel.

zooeyTake a leaf out of Zooey’s book and try wearing a simple, yet beautiful, vintage inspired dress this Christmas. The cuts on vintage dresses are timeless and add and element of glamour to any look. Try pairing the dress with a solid coloured high heel to add length to your legs or pair it with some comfortable flat shoes, for a more understated look. Top Tip: I suggest keeping some foldable flats in your handbag, just in case you get carried away on the dance floor. They are a lifesaver!



Zooey’s most prominent features are her eyes. She has said that she prefers to play up her eyes by wearing lashings of mascara and carefully blended eye shadow and eyeliner. Play up your favorite features by adding some colour or a highlight. If you’re favorite feature is your lips, make them pop by wearing a stand out lip colour and you’ll be under that mistletoe in no time!

A great way to brighten up your face is to use a highlighter to illuminate your features. Apply the highlighter to where shine would naturally be, if the sun was hitting your face. Such as down the center of your nose and top of the cheekbones, make sure to blend it out for a natural dewy glow.

Whatever you choose wear out this holiday season, make sure you feel comfortable in it and don’t be afraid to experiment. Be safe, let your hair down and have a good time.

Happy Holidays!

OOTD: 40s Flower Power!

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