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My London Experience!


On the 6th of October I flew over from Ireland to the UK, with my boyfriend, to attend the Cosmo Blog Awards 2014. In my short time in the UK (I returned home on the 8th) I soaked up the beauty and the unique surrounds of London City. It really is a very beautiful place, with breath taking architecture, a rich history and uber trendy people and shops! What’s not to love?

Upon arriving at Blackfriars train station from Gatwick airport, my boyfriend and I left the station excited to see the sights and soak up the British culture. After wandering down the road for about five short minutes, we realized that our hotel was a stones throw from the train station! We were booked in to the charming The Mad Hatter Hotel on Stamford Street. The hotel was originally a gentleman’s hat factory and shop, in the little quaint the reception area there are a few old fashioned hat advertisements hung on the wall. The lady who greeted us with reception was very polite and even pointed out to us that there was free WiFi at the hotel, should we need it!

Upon entering our hotel room, the first thing I noticed on the wall was the Alice In Wonderland picture above the bed. I believe that all rooms in the hotel have a different Alice In Wonderland themed painting. Our bed was comfortable and surprisingly, we heard no noise at night time, despite being insanely close to a train station and the city center. The hotel was in a fantastic location, as we soon found out the next day, we were right beside the OXO2 Tower. Which was where the Cosmo Blog Awards was to be held. Which was very handy indeed!

That evening we had dinner in The Mad Hatter bar, I had Nacho’s and Eoin had a Pie. He was seriously impressed with the pie, so if you ever get the chance to eat at The Mad  Hatter, give the pie a try! While we were eating, we decide to try and book tickets (last minute!) to a west end play. Initially, I wanted to go see Speed The Plow. Which is a production that Lindsay Lohan is currently preforming in, sadly, it was sold out. So we took advantage of the free WiFi and found another play to attend. We booked tickets to Charlie and The Chocolate Factory at  Theatre Royal on Drury Lane. We got a taxi to Drury lane and on the way we saw many signs for different theatre productions in the West End. Once we arrived at Theatre Royal, it was clear that there was a buzz of excitement in the air. Employees of the Theatre Royal were selling Wonka Bars and other Wonka themed goodies to excited children and adults alike.

Soon enough it was showtime and we took our seats at the front row of the balcony. The show was spectacular, the cast really captured the magic of Roald Dahl’s characters and the live orchestra moved and enchanted the audience with each note they played. The play was a lot different to what I expected, the Oompa Loompa’s were not orange and Willy Wonka had a moustache but it didn’t take away from the joy of the story telling, whatsoever. I can not begin to tell you how happy I am, that I got to tick see a West End play off my bucket list. Delighted!


The next morning we woke up early, to take advantage of the time we had during the day to get in a bit of sight seeing. We purchased two very expensive tickets for the Big Red Bus Tour. Two tickets, plus commission cost us approx £60-70. Which in the end, for us, wasn’t really worth it. It would however, be worth it for anyone who was staying for more than two days in London.

We only got to use our ticket for one day, not getting to take advantage of the cruise in the River Thames, which was part of the ticket price. If you do buy a tour bus ticket, use it to your full advantage. The bus stops in all the major spots and on the Big Red Bus Tour, there is a bus every 2o minutes or so from each stop off point. On the bus tour you get free headphones and ponchos to wear if you are sitting on the top floor of the bus. On one of the buses we took on our way to The London Bridge, there was an almost amusingly posh British man who was the announcer, he was very interesting to listen to and spoke about the rich history of London.


The London Bridge was one of the first sights we witnessed on our Big Bus Tour trip, it was a beautiful day in London, which allowed me to take some really nice pictures of the poppies in the moat at London Tower. The stunning art work represents blood swept lands and was created to mark the centenary of the start of the Great War. It’s visually stunning to see in person.SAM_3863

The next stop on our agenda was Big Ben! Every time I think of London I think of Big Ben. It’s always been a symbol of British culture for me and I was over joyed to see it in person. Big Ben is actually the name of the bell of the clock at the north end of the Palace of Westminster. The architecture of the entire building is astounding and the size of the Palace of Westminster is grandiose, displaying the power and wealth of the British empire.


The next night we attended the Cosmo Blog Awards which you can read more about by clicking the pink text. I previously posted a blog all about my experience at the award ceremony, so there is no need to go into detail in this blog. I was held in the super swanky OXO2 Tower, which had a beautiful view of London city at night. It was quite a beautiful scene to witness. 


Soon after we got off at the stop for Buckingham Palace, one thing I will say about London is that all the major sights are very close to one another. Chances are, if you are at one major tourist site, there is another close by. Buckingham Palace was crowded with tourists and strangely enough, a lone bride in a wedding dress! The palace gates are guarded by heavily armed guards, the giant guns they carry are quite intimidating. There was other guards outside the palace gates, who were also carrying guns among tourists who were taking photographs and admiring the beauty of the palace. It was a little off putting but that’s what you get when you visit the home of the Queen!


Beside Buckingham Palace is a small gift shop, which sells many touristy goodies and trinkets to remind you of our time in the United Kingdom. Including corgi teddy’s, the Queen’s guard lip balms & even an etiquette guide on how to greet the Queen herself! What more could you want?! Fotor0101122252

One of the places I would recommend anyone to visit while in London is The London Dungeon. Upon entering The London Dungeon you will be taken though a 90 minute journey through London’s history, brought to life by professional actors, a series of special effects and even two creepy underground rides. I for one was terrified while cowering though the fake hallways and sets of The London Dungeons, waiting for actors to pop out of the shadows and scare the life out of me! It’s not all horror and heart attacks though, there is lots of humor and fun to be had in the dungeons. The actors interact with the crowd, making learning history fun for once.

Even at the end of the tour, the people who work in the souvenir shops are completely in character! It’s an all round fun experience and it’s something that is not to be missed when visiting London city. A ticket for an adult costs £25.20 is well worth the money!

The last place we visited, before rushing back to make the train on time, was Covent Garden Market. Which is situated in the West End, beside all the theatre’s and plays. Eoin and I were annoyed that we hadn’t found this place sooner, as it was full of life and wonderful market stalls.


Covent Garden Market is unique in the fact that it is equally as quirky as it is trendy. There are loads of different shops around, including designer brands like Chanel and Burberry. Jamie Oliver even has a little restaurant within the market place, should you wish to stop for a bite to eat.


One of the best shops I came across in Covent Garden Markets was a Moomin shop, dedicated to the popular Finnish children’s cartoon series, which was based off a comic book and book series. I used to watch it as a child but never knew anyone else who watched it, so I was pretty astounded to see a full shop dedicated to the Moomins. The shop was full of everything my childhood self could have dreamed of! I bought a sparkly moomin pin & three beautiful postcards with artwork from the series, which I am trying to convince Eoin to let me frame & hang up in our place! haha.


Just across from the entrance of Covent Garden Market is Jubilee Market. Which is full of clothing, souvenirs and some unique finds. The Jubilee market is a little less elegant than Covent Garden Market but I did find a pair of TARDIS salt & pepper shakers for a steal at £5 which I was pretty pleased about! Next time I got back to London I am going to spend more time browsing these interesting markets and probably return to the Moomin shop and buy some more Moomin memorabilia, like the big dork I am. Don’t judge meeeee!ipp

When I return to London in the future I really want to do the Harry Potter Tour at Warner Brothers Studios and possibly the walking tour, which allows you to see where some scenes from the films were filmed on the streets of London. There is so much to see and do in London city that you’d need at least four straight days there to see and experience it all. Eoin and I did a pretty good job seeing what we could in the limited amount of time we had in the city. We saw loads of other famous sights like Westminster Abbey, Downing Street and the London Eye to name a few.

I had fantastic experience visiting London city and i’ll certainly be back again!

3 Things I’m Loving This June!


I love Summer, I love the blue skies, ice cold cocktails and the rare chance to wear sunglasses for their actual purpose. To protect my eyes for the sun! And to make me look a little bit bad ass while doing so of course. I have always had a slight obsession with sunglasses but living in Ireland, I rarely get the chance to wear them. Thankfully, summer is here and I am finally getting the chance to break out my summer wardrobe and wear my favorite summer accessories. Today I am sharing with you, three things i’m loving this June:

uMy favorite eye wear this June is the Retro Circle Sunglasses & Letters Print SunglassesI really love the vintage look of each pair, they look unique and make any outfit look instantly chic. The detail of the lettering and the pointed corners make these sunglasses fun to wear, statement pieces. The correct eye wear can really help you complete a look!



As a self confessed lover of all things black, my wardrobe can sometimes use a pop of colour, especially during the summer months. I usually wear a lot of opaque lipstick shades but when the weather begins to heat up I switch to lip glosses and tinted lip balms. I find opaque lipsticks can dry out my lips during the summer, so I wanted to find something that was pigmented and moisturizing. Then I discovered the Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Lip Pen’s! Which provide me with the best of both words, they are pigmented and moisturizing. They come in a few different shades and are light weight. Perfect to carry around on sunny days!DSC_0567


Shoes! Glorious Shoes! It can be really difficult to find a stylish pair of shoes that are easy to walk in and suitable to wear during long, hot summer days. Well, I found them! They are the Bowknot & Tassels Embellished Black Platforms from ROMWE. They provide my feet with support and they look fantastic! I get a lot of compliments whenever I wear these shoes out. The fringed tassel/bow detail make them stand out while keeping on trend.Fotor0618214245

What are your fashion & beauty favorites this summer?

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Karma Feeling Healing Gemstone Bracelet

I was feeling a little glum the other day, then THIS arrived in the post!

This beautiful bracelet is made from healing gemstones which you can tailor to your own personal needs. Some of the gemstones I picked out promote confidence, success and aid healing for personal issues such as anxiety & depression.

As some of you know, I collect gem stones & crystals and this is a beautiful addition to my collection. This bracelet is high in quality & is made with stretch wire. I love that you can personalize your gems if you wish by choosing the 6 emotions or ailments you need help with.

You can choose from ready to wear bracelets if you’d prefer, which deal with single emotions, feelings or ambitions such are creativity, fertility, love, etc.

I would recommended that you cleanse your bracelet once it arrives and on a regular basis. This will allow you to clear away any of the energies from people who may have handled it before you and will re-charge it. You can do this by leaving it on windowsill over night in the moon light or by using sage incense to ward away any negative energies. 

Check out the Karma Feeling website for more information.


My Spring Essentials 2014

 Spring is here finally! Woohoo!

In spring the weather perks up, flowers are in bloom and you start to feel the cobwebs of winter shake off and reveal a brand new season for you to enjoy. As the season of rebirth, I think it is a truly one of the most magical times of the year. It also gently nudges us to finally get around to doing some yearly spring cleaning.

Change is good, especially when it comes to our beauty regime.

I think it is important to change things up a bit as the weather warms up and we are starting to feel more adventurous and invigorated! Here are some of my spring essentials, which I chose to add some colour and sparkle into my life this spring!



My favorite spring scent right now is Lady Gaga’s Black Fluid. It has a really nice girly smell and whenever I wear it I instantly feel ten times better about myself. It’s like a magic potion almost!

I decided to try out some skin highlighters this spring & since I have never tried any before, I decided to try both liquid and power versions to see what works best for me. I use this skin highlighter by Seventeen on my cheek bones to give my face a light shimmer. Sometimes I add a drop or two to my foundation to give my face a nice soft pearl like glow.


I have bought a few of these hair tie baubles from penny’s, they are so useful and the colours are really vibrant which makes me happy! They are strong, which makes them perfect for every day wear or for keeping your hair out of your face at the gym. ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

My latest book purchase is The Kind Diet By Alicia Silverstone. I have been changing my diet up lately by cutting out as much meat and dairy products as possible. So far I have been off meat & dairy for over a two and a half weeks & I feel great! I purchased this book in order to do it the right way. To learn what foods are going to help heal my body and make me feel good from the inside out. So far I am really enjoying this book & the recipes sound delicious! Yum Yum!


My hair is currently fluctuating between electric purple & lavender, depending on how often I wash my hair during the week! Lately I have been keeping it a nice vibrant colour by using this Crazy Color hair dye in Lavender. I take a plastic bowl and I add a few drops of this dye to some hair conditioner and mix it together. I apply the mixture to damp hair and leave it for approx 20 minutes or more. I usually do this once or twice a week.

After I have rinsed the dye/conditioner mixture out of my hair, I towel dry it and add some hair oil to my ends keep my hair soft and manageable. These two oils (below) are my current favorites. The Argan Oil is thicker than the Extraordinary Oil, so I usually use the Argan Oil only on my ends if they are looking a little dry. I use the Extraordinary Oil more often as it is a lighter oil and it doesn’t weigh my hair down.

The second highlighter I have been testing out is this Essence Shimmer Powder in the shade Rose It Up! I am really loving this powder! It is light weight and it isn’t over powering on the skin. It leaves a beautiful sheen on my cheekbones and it brightens up my skin instantly.


If you are anything like me, you love mini versions of awesome products! If you are always on the go or are looking for some great products to take with you on a weekend away, this little set is for you. I love it! Voya is an Irish company that creates high quality organic beauty products.

This skincare kit is perfect for a girl on the go. This mini bag contains a daily facial moisturizer, hydrating cleansing milk, a refreshing botanical toner and a hydrating facial mask.


When the weather gets warmer, I begin to find it harder to mange my hair. My hair has a natural kink to it, which I used to hate but now I embrace it! One of the ways I have done that, is to use a leave in conditioner in my hair and let it dry naturally. My favorite leave in conditioner is this Dove Colour Radiance conditioning spray. It works wonders on my hair!

As I mentioned before, I am trying to be kinder to the earth and to animals. I have been testing out organic/cruelty free brands to see which I like best, so I can become a loyal customer to brands that help make our planet a better place. One of those brands is Lavera. I purchased their Almond Milk Shampoo. It makes my hair feel soft & it smells AMAZING. (✿◠‿◠)


And what would spring be without some cute accessories!

These are my favorite key pieces this season. I love crystals and since they come from the earth they are the perfect choice for spring. The necklace contains an Agate stone, which aids inner stability and encourages self confidence. My bracelet contains a string of different types of crystals. I wear it almost every single day! The ring is from New Look and the baby pink stone in it is fake. I rarely wear rings but I really love the look of this one.


Hope you like my spring essentials! I am already gearing up for summer.

It’s so close I can feel it! ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶


Losing My Lime Crime Virginity!


Finally! I have purchased some items from Lime Crime. I have heard so much about this company and I was so excited to try out some of their opaque lipsticks and see for myself what all the hype was about. I purchased the shades Countessa Flourescent & Centrifuchsia.

The package arrived in perfect condition and when I opened it up I saw this beautiful display of unicorns, polka dots & lime green! The lipsticks came wrapped up in the lime green issue paper and where in beautiful purple casings with the Lime Crime Logo printed on them.

When I opened up the packaging, I saw the even more beautiful lipstick casings. Which would be perfect to openly display alongside any make up collection, almost as works of art, they are that kawaii. Yeah, I said kawaii. *clicks fingers in Z formation*


The packaging is truly stunning and it is one of the most eye catching aspects of this brand. They really go all out! The bright colours are really playful and really take me back to the fun side of using make up.  Lime Crime’s site has so many different colours and textures to choose form in their lipstick range. I am getting a feeling I might have to start building up my Lime Crime collection! There is just so much variety and choice.

The lipsticks have such amazing pigmentation and the product was actually quite moisturizing. Usually whenever I use a very pigmented lipstick the product can be very drying, but that’s not the case with Lime Crime. The pigments are strong, long lasting and moisturizing.

DSC_0583 count DSC_0587 cent DSC_0589



 My order took about a month to arrive and it arrived in perfect condition and the products inside where intact. I am really pleased with my first order from Lime Crime, from the postal delivery to the products themselves. Lime Crime provide high quality vegan cosmetics and their high quality customer service in my opinion is shown in the details.

I’d recommend Lime Crime Cosmetics to anyone who loves bright colours, strong pigmented lipsticks and beautiful packaging with a girly twist. I have officially been converted to Lime Crime & they have a new customer for life.

Check out my Lime Crime Review Video!

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Soap & Glory Products Review



Soap & Glory is a British beauty brand which I am sure a lot of you would have heard of. They make bath, body and skin care products and also have their own make up range too. I have tried & tested quite a few of their products over the past year and wanted to share my thoughts with you all on these cute retro inspired beauty products.



One of Soap & Glory’s most renowned products is Hand Food. The first time I ever encountered Soap & Glory products was in my Grandmothers house. She had the Cream & Soaper set in her bathroom. I remember washing my hands with the soap and after drying I applied the Hand Food cream. I remember my hands feeling and smelling really fresh and clean, with a hint of a lightly perfumed feminine smell.

I was so impressed that for Christmas that year I received my very own Soap & Glory hamper as a surprise. Hand Food comes in large and small bottle, the larger bottle is perfect to keep in your bathroom for use after washing your hands, to add moisture back into your skin. It has a lovely soft and velvety texture. It’s not sticky or greasy at all and drys quickly. Hand Food contains fennel & lotus extract’s which leaves the skin feeling silky and gives it a light and pretty scent.


Peaches & Clean is a 4-In-1 Wash Off Deep Cleansing Milk. It contains skin smoothing fruit acids along with Jojoba Oil and a pore shrinking ingredient for a fresher complexion. It claims to be for all skin types and is packaged in a really pretty plastic pump bottle.

DSC_0252On the packaging it say’s that this product is especially good for tricky T-Zone areas and specializes in unclogging pores. Personally I use this product to remove make up at night time. It is quite silky and leaves my skin feeling really fresh. I would recommend this product to anyone who has oily skin, it isn’t hard on the skin and it removes dirt and oil. In order to use this product to remove make up I apply some to a hot flannel and wipe off any access make up.

One thing I must admit about this product is that the peachy smell isn’t as pleasant as I expected, it smells nice coming out of the bottle but the lingering sent on my skin after use wasn’t as nice.Although this is my own personal opinion, according to reviews I have read online a lot of people find the scent to be very pleasing. The great thing about this product though, is that it leaves my skin feeling really soft and clean, for a product that prides itself on unclogging pores it does not leave my skin feeling stripped of it’s natural oils, it is gentle to use.



 Clean On Me is a creamy, moisturizing shower gel. It contains natural mandarin peel extract and has a built in body lotion to add extra softness to your skin. The packaging is really pretty and has a girly retro feel. I usually use this on special occasions, like a night out or a date and sometimes even just for when I need a little extra boost to make myself feel nice!


It lathers into a soft & gentle foam, leaving skin feeling soft and leaves a light soapy fragrance, which gives you that “just out of the shower” smell. I would recommend using it in conjunction with the Smoothie Star Body Milk by Soap & Glory after a relaxing bath or shower.

This product would be really great to use in conjunction with a moisturizer by Soap & Glory as Clean On Mean itself, is very hydrating, why not add some extra softness to your skin afterwards! You will be as soft as a kitten after using this product! Purrrrrrrr!

No seriously though, it’s purrr-dy good! Okay, i’ll stop…


DSC_0249The first thing you will notice about Smoothie Star body milk is the smell! It is supposed to smell like a milkshake but it smells a lot more like sugar in my opinion. It smells really sweet when you smell it directly form the bottle but once you rub it into your skin the smell lightens and it ends up leaving a faint sweet scent. On the bottle it reads “Irresistible Almonds, Oats & Brown Sugar!” Honestly, you can only really smell the brown sugar.

Out of all the moisturizing products from this range that I have tried, I use this one the least. Probably because I find that the smell can clash with a perfume I want to wear after moisturizing. It does leave my skin feeling soft, I think it is a good product if you like light moisturizers, it glides on to the skin smoothly and drys fast. It blends easily and doesn’t feel greasy. It would be a good product to use if you are a fan of sweet scents and don’t like wearing perfume, as it leaves a noticeable scent that isn’t too overpowering.



Sugar crush body scrub! Made with smashed almonds, brown sugar, sweet lie, almond oil and macadamia grains, phew! Soap & Glory seem to really love using brown sugar and almonds in their products and can I just say, Sugar Crush smells AMAZING. I love using this product. The combination of exfoliating & moisturizing ingredients makes the product easy to apply and use. It glides easily on the skin while leaving it feeling soft and smooth.

rDSC_0248This body butter is by far my favorite out of all the body butters I have tried from Soap & Glory! It is made with shea butter and aloe vera which feel amazing on the skin and are also really good for it. This body butter is quite thick in compared to the likes to Smoothie Star also the consistency is a lot thicker. I think The Righteous Butter is a lot more moisturizing than Smootie Star. It is quite a luxurious product. I love using this after a hot bath or shower, it is the perfect product to use in the winter or if you have dry skin. It really locks moisture into your skin and makes you feel soft & totally pampered! If you are new to Soap & Glory products and want to try one of their products out but don’t know what to start with, I would recommend The Righteous Butter as it is a class Soap & Glory product and is much loved by fans of this brand.

I hope this review was helpful! I really do love the Soap & Glory brand, their products look good and make you feel good. If you are looking for a present to by you Mam, Girlfriend, Sister etc this Christmas and have no idea what to get them, I honestly believe you can not go wrong with a gift from Soap & Glory!


Maybelline Baby Lips ‘Pink Punch’ review


By now you have probably heard of these famous Baby Lips Lip Balms from Maybelline, they have apparently taken the U.S by storm and finally have arrived across the pond and are available in all good  pharmacies! After seeing so may advertisements and rave reviews I decided to pick one of these lip balms up and see what all the fuss was about!

For €3.99 I purchased the colour “Pink Punch” as I wear pink lip colours quite often but there where also other colours to choose from with names like Peach Kiss, Cherry Me, Freshen, Repair, Hydrate.  The lip balms are supposed to add a tint to your lips and are all clinically tested, intense lip care formulas which claim to moisturise your lips for a full 8 hours!

Sounds a little too good to be true right!? Well, I tested it for a week. So let’s discuss the pro’s & con’s of this product.


  • It smells like bubblegum!
  • The packaging is really cute and vibrant
  • My lips felt instantly hydrated when I applied it
  • The texture of the lip balm is really velvety & smooth, feels lovely!
  • I like that it is not sticky and it feels light on my lips
  • It works well if you only want a very slight tint with a glossy effect
  • You wouldn’t need a mirror in order to apply it as it is so light


  • The tint isn’t as prominent as I would have expected
  • But that could be a pro if you just want a slight tint
  • It’s a little pricey for a lip balm in my opinion, you’re really paying for the brand name
  • After a while the tint does fade but your lips still feel smooth and hydrated
  • It definitely does not last for 8 hours like it claims!

Conclusion:  Overall I enjoy this product, I really like how it feels on my lips, the texture is the best thing about the product in my opinion, it feels really light and hydrating but would would need to be re-applying more frequently than the advertisement for this product suggests! The packaging is really cute and I think that is the biggest draw for most people. It really is a glorified lip blam at the end of the day but a decent one at that, it does the same job as any other lip balm but looks better doing it! It won’t last for 8 hours that’s for sure but it will  look cute in your handbag and give you a nice tint and a light gloss, perfect for people who hate wearing heavy lip products ad enjoy a natural look on their lips.


Boots No.7 Foundation Review & Match Made Service Experience

No.7 make up has always been a make up brand I associate with my Mother, it is her favorite and most trusted brand of make up, she recently took advantage of their free foundation match made service and was quite pleased with the results, so pleased in fact she switched over to using their brand instead of buying her usual high end expensive foundation. She converted my aunt to No.7 foundation in the process and well, she made me a believer too!

Being a typical Irish girl, pale and pasty as a vampire, I can never find a foundation to match my skin tone and I decided to finally get off my ass and try this free service out. Upon my arrival at boots I headed over to the No.7 counter, make up free and blemishes on display, I asked one of the very helpful and polite No.7 representatives if I could take advantage of the service to find the true colour match for my skin.

She asked me to sit and she took out a hand held camera that takes pictures of your skin (pictured below) and determines your perfect shade. She proceeded to hold the device against my skin and it took pictures of both sides of my face.

She informed me that my shade was determined was Calico (the palest shade they had, what’d I tell you? PASTY) She then went on to ask me what type of coverage I wanted and listed off many different types of coverage I could get from the No.7 line, including matte, dewy, illuminating etc I said I wanted medium coverage with a slightly dewy finish (specific right!?) She recommended the No.7 Stay Perfect Liquid Foundation in Calico.which cost €18.25. She told me that this particular foundation has an SPF 15 and is made to last up to sixteen hours.


After I had chosen my foundation type she asked me would I like to see what the foundation looked like on before I purchased it and I agreed. She applied the foundation on to my skin and showed me in a mirror how it looked on my skin. At this point my Mother had shown up and she said “it looks like you have nothing on it blends in so well with your actual skin tone!” well, that had me sold!

Usually when I wear a foundation I always feel that it is slightly off colour, usually too dark or I feel like when I see myself in different lighting that I might end up looking like an Oompa Loompa but this foundation was as close to my skin tone as I think it is going to get! It blended into my skin nicely and covered my blemishes while evening out my skin tone.

What I like about it also is that it feels really light weight, like I am not wearing any foundation at all and that is a huge bonus for me, I hate the feeling of wearing foundation if that makes sense? So this foundation gets a big thumbs up for not being heavy and cakey. Upon buying the foundation I decided to get the matching concealer too as I usually can never find a decent matching concealer either!

Since I spent over a certain amount of money on No.7 products that day I was given a goodie bag (pictured below) which contains other No.7 products such as the Stay Perfect Lipstick in Classic Rose, High Shine Lip Gloss in Smile and a really handy No.7 Lip Brush.Those items alone would cost more than my foundation alone I would assume?!



I honestly recommend this service to anyone who has a tough time choosing the right shade of foundation, it is free and quick and it is reassuring to get professional and accurate advice on choosing what shade suits you best. The prices are reasonable & sometimes they have some really cool offers and rewards, especially when you spend over a certain amount on their range.

No.7 consider me converted!

Ellie. xoxo

Brasil & Belleza Hair Care Review

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