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Erika Jayne is helping me to discover my inner goddess!

I’m not sure if you know this about me but, I really enjoy reality television.

One of my favourite reality TV stars is Erika Girardi AKA Erika Jayne. Who features on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. At first glance, people are usually too quick to judge Erika. Lumping her in with other reality stars and assuming she has nothing of interest to say.

They couldn’t be more wrong.

Erika Jayne is the fabulous alter-ego and stage persona of Erika Girardi. She’s a Mom, a singer and a all-round entertainer, who exudes confidence and a youthful playfulness. Erika acknowledges that as people, we are layered, we are many different things, to ourselves and others, all at once.

In a recent interview with Nylon, she stated, “No one is one way all the time. No one is buttoned up all the time and no one is wild all the time. There are different parts to your personality, different layers – and that’s really what Erika Jayne is, another layer to a human being.”


Source: Nylon

Watching Erika on RHOBH has made me realize how important it is first and foremost, to be true to ourselves and secondly, to live a unapologetically authentic life. What I love about Erika, is that she doesn’t give a sh*t what other people think about her. This is made very clear in her popular, hit single How Many F**ks? and in her take-no-crap attitude.

I think it’s clear by now, that Erika Jayne represents something for me. She represents the opportunity to embrace self-love, instead of running away from it in fear of coming across as vain. She once said “I want to represent freedom; the courage to be yourself and to know you are perfect just the way you were meant to be.” Self-love is defined as regard for one’s own well-being and happiness. I think Erika sets a precedent for importance of feeling good about oneself, standing up for yourself and becoming the best version of you that you can be.

It might sound somewhat superficial, but when I listen to Erika’s music I often imagine myself being the most confident me I can be. I imagine myself in full-glam, wearing something fabulous and feeling great. The type of music that makes you feel confident and sexy, is referred to as mood music. It makes you feel something, it creates an experience, not unlike positive self-talk or developing a confidence habit.

I often use her music and the music of other, similar artists, to do this. I look at it the same way I look at my other self-care practices, such as yoga or meditation. It creates a mind/body connection and it helps me see myself in a more positive light. It allows me to understand that I can evoke the same feeling about myself at anytime, if need or want to.

This is not to say that Erika or I think that self-confidence should only come from what we see on the outside, quite the contrary. It’s incredibly important to work on how you feel on the inside. However, I do think that the two can go hand-in-hand sometimes. I think the author Roald Dahl said it best when he said “If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.” 

If by any chance Erika Jayne ever happens to read this, I would like to say…


And also, thank you. Thank you for helping me explore my own inner Erika Jayne.

It’s liberating!

Check out Erika Jayne on Instagram, YouTube & Twitter.


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Steal Her Style: Gigi Hadid

She’s a Guess Girl & the new face of Maybelline, there’s no slowing down the hurricane of beauty that is Gigi Hadid. She is an unstoppable force in the fashion world at the moment, with many international campaigns under her belt and fashion shows to boot, she’s still a star on the rise.

Gigi’s personal style is understated yet chic, with feminine elements thrown in for good measure. She likes to feel comfortable in whatever she wears but also manages to keep on trend while doing so. Gigi is a big fan of crop tops, being a Californian girl, she knows how to rock a the look!

She usually pairs crop top’s with long pendants and simple accessories, like woven friendship bracelets and designer sunglasses. Gigi wears a lot of earth tones and monochrome clothing. She particularly loves white clothing, that compliments her beautiful skin tone & natural glow.

What I love about Gigi’s Hadid’s style, is that she manages to keep the perfect balance between style and comfort. She never compromises either one, when putting together a great outfit. To get her casual look, try pairing some some stylish key pieces with comfortable day wear. Gigi creates this kind of look by wearing fitted jeans with a loose t-shirt and a leather jacket. Even on a trip to the gym Gigi still manages to look great, by pairing a comfortable sweater with a pair of jogging pants, she keeps it stylish by wearing a funky pair of sunglasses and carrying a chic gym bag.

Gigi is a naturally beautiful woman but sometimes uses neutral make up shades to enhance her features & compliment her sun kissed skin tone. Gigi uses a medium coverage foundation on her face along with highlighter on key points on her face such as her cheekbones, forehead and nose. Her look is understated and effortless. When trying to recreate Gigi’s makeup look, less is more.

Focusing on key parts of your face when creating Gigi’s makeup look is essential. If you don’t like using foundation on your skin, try using a BB cream. Play up your eyes by using a natural looking mascara and a khol eyeliner. Using a brow gel, tidy up your brows by working the product through them with a brow brush. Keep the lips simple by wearing either a nude lipstick or lip balm.

Gigi’s hair is usually kept very simple. If you have a natural kink to your hair, you could try enhancing your natural natural hair by creating beach babe waves like Gigi’s. Try using a sea salt spray by spritzing some of the product onto damp hair and let it dry naturally. No heat, no fuss!

For more style inspiration from Ms. Hadid, check out her instagram page!

Kendall Jenner & Gigi Hadid go bare faced for Marc Jacobs at NYFW!

Yesterday at the Marc Jacobs fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2015 at Park Avenue, Kendall Jenner & Gigi Hadid posed barefaced backstage for this picture. I think they look GORGEOUS! I really love the juxtaposition that Marc Jacobs created at NYFW by keeping his models faces clean and fresh, to show off their youthful skin. Head make up artist Francois Nars (founder and creative director of NARS Cosmetics) must have had the easiest job at fashion week!

Francois stated “The look for the show features no makeup, we only applied moisturizer.”gigi-hadid-and-kendall-jenner-nyfw-backstage-getty

I love the fact that Marc Jacobs took the risk by using no make up on his models for the show. I think it makes a bold statement that you don’t need make up to look and feel beautiful.

But hey, lets face it. If anyone can look flawfree without make on, it’s Kendall & Gigi!