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Whedon Fashion Week #5 Inara

“We’re all running from something, I suppose.”

Inara Serra, exotic, beautiful and witty, she sure knew how to put Captain Mal Reynolds in his place! What I enjoyed most about her character was that she knew how to take care of herself, she was alluring and a fierce all at the same time. As Serenity’s resident companion she brought an element of glamour aboard the beat up ship and her presence alone brightened the crew’s day.

inara fashion picsShe had very expensive taste. Her  beautiful appearance was like mirage to her customers, inviting and magical, it transported them to a world of beauty and seduction, away from the doom and gloom of the corrupt universe they where living in on a daily basis. She dressed like a powerful queen, her gowns where always made of fine material, she usually wore red which is know to be the colour of passion and seduction, she also wore expensive jewelry, usually given to her by a wealthy and generous client. Her make up was always on point, she wore colours that complimented her features, deep red’s stained her lips and smoldering brown’s to enhanced her intensely beautiful eyes, which where her secret weapon!

Whedon Fashion Week #4 Mal

“We’ve done the impossible, and that makes us mighty.”

Captain Malcom Reynolds captain of the Firefly-class transport ship Serenity and Peter Pan of the Whedonverse. Much loved through out the entire verse he still continues to be a strong staple character in the sci-fi community. Aiming to misbehave, Mal lived his life fighting to survive one day at at time and keep his ship afloat (if you will) in the universe that left him high and dry. Protector of his crew, he always did everything in his power to keep them safe and sound. A true anti- hero in the greatest sense imaginable.

CAPPINMal’s clothing was always very  practical for his line of work, he kept his clothing respectable and I believe it helped the viewer gain greater sense of his importance and showed his rank aboard the ship. I would call his look “Space Cowboy” as he wore a lot of western style clothing and kept to mostly wearing dark brown’s, beige’s & sometimes deep maroon’s and dusty red’s. And who could forget his trusty brown coat! Accessories wise he wore a sturdy gun holster which was attached to his thick brown leather belt, he also wore brown leather gloves and suspenders. Mal really liked brown leather, okay! Captain Mal was a man’s man and that reflected nicely in his choice of clothing, boisterous & masculine.

Basically, I love my Captain.


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