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City Girl OOTD



Today’s look is from a few days ago, when I was in Dublin City after attending a lovely PR event. I wanted to wear something that was dressy yet casual at the same time. I wore my favorite faux leather jacket and bowler hat, along with a black leotard and peach tutu.

My bag is from Bank Fashion and is currently my favorite bag! I love the small gold heart detail on the front. My black buckled boots are by New Look, I have been living in them lately.

They go with almost everything!


Faux Leather Jacket // ROMWE

Bowler Hat // H&M

Black Leotard // Lipsy

Peach Tutu // Lipsy

Black Bag // BankFashion

Buckle Boots // New Look

Dublin Street Style: June 2014


st2This June, I took to the streets of Dublin to catch a glimpse of the unique style that the Irish people have to offer. Many often assume that the Irish are still stuck in the past when it comes to fashion, but I discovered that the people of Ireland all have one thing in common. In that typical yet wonderfully brazen Irish manner, they are not afraid to dress for themselves.






DSC_0559 DSC_0561


Stay stylish.

Festival Guide: Fashionista Inspiration & Weekend Essentials!

FFAhhh it’s that time of the year again where we can finally look forward to lounging around in flowing dresses, sipping cold drinks while dancing around to good, live music. The festival season is finally here! My favorite part of the festival season is seeing all the amazing style that people come up with every year, in particular, celebrity festival goers!

Here are my favorite festival fashionistas, who each have their own personal festival style.


Vanessa Hudgens rocks the bohemian look perfectly. In my opinion she is one of the only celebrities who can pull it off properly! Her exotic looks really contribute perfectly with this look to create a dreamy, nature goddess vibe. Getting this bohemian/festival chic look is simple!

Vanessa is a sucker for accessories. At her favorite music festival coachella, she usually opts for festival favorite, a flower crown headband. This year at coachella 2014 she decided to wear a festive bindi pattern, which she matched with beach waved hair and a colourful, flowing dress.

When attending festivals, Vanessa knows that less is more when it comes to make up. Her make up is kept neutral using bronze tones on her eyes and a natural, healthy glow is added using a skin highlighter. She shakes it up sometimes by applying a dark lip, depending on the colour palette of her outfit on the day.

Vanessa is a fan of aztec patterned tops and bohemian style blouses. She usually pairs her outfits with beaded bracelets, cuffs and layers of necklaces. She loves paring rustic coloured bags with her flower child outfits. A fringed bag is perfect for any festival!vh2


Kylie Jenner is my biggest girl crush right now. Over the past year, Kylie has blossomed into a fully fledged fashionista in her own right. Her style is polished yet grungey, I love it!

What I like most about Kylie’s festival style is that it’s practical and totally on trend.

Kylie’s make up look focuses mainly on her eyes and lips. She uses bronze eye shadow and black winged liner to really make her eyes pop. Her lips are lined with a lip liner that matches her lips natural tone, to give her a natural looking pout.

To get Kylie’s festival ready hair, let your hair dry naturally and use a sea salt spray to get that effortless bed head look. Also, if you are feeling daring, you could add in some temporary colour by using hair chalk to really nail the look!


Jared Leto’s style is so effortlessly trendy. He just exudes cool!

Being a musician, Jared has been to a lot of festivals and knows how to dress for the occasion. This year at coachella he wore a blue Hawaiian shirt. Let’s be real, Jared Leto is the only dude on earth who can wear a Hawaiian shirt and make it look stylish! He teamed style with comfort by wearing baggy black trousers with comfy combat style boots.

Jared is also a fan of accessorizing! His festival faves are his aviator sunglasses, a thick leather cuff and a long pendant necklace. He also seems like a cool guy to hang out with at a festival and seems more than willing to interact with other festival goers and fans!


The most recent festival I have been to was Wireless in London. It was AMAZING! I loved every minute of it. I managed to get VIP tickets which allowed me to take advantage of a BBQ and cocktail bar. I went with my friend Emma and we had a blast! It is one of my favorite summer memories of all time. That day we saw Justin Timberlake, Snopp Dogg, John Legend & more.



My favorite festival accessories are flowers hair clips & hair bands. They’re perfect for the summer time &  keep your hair in place all day. I also love wearing accessories such as, rings, bracelets and long necklaces. I like to keep my hair wavy by letting it dry naturally and by spritzing in some sea salt spray, with a touch of hairspray to keep it in place.


Festivals are all about having a good time and enjoying the music, but you need to make sure you have everything you need before embarking on a day/weekend of fun fueled madness!

Here are my festival essentials:

  • Sun screen. So important! 
  • Lip balm. Preferably with an SPF. 
  • Water. Stay hydrated! Carry a bottle with you at all times.
  • Money. Make sure you have enough to last the weekend.
  • A comfy back pack to carry all your important items. 
  • A hat. It will protect you from sun stroke & flying beers!
  • Sun glasses. To protect your eyes from the sun & for style points!
  • Tissues/Face Wipes.  Believe me, they will come in useful. Two words: porta potty.
  • Phone. In case you lose your friends in the crowd & to take pic’s of the live performances!