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Shoe0nHead Style Inspiration!


I mentioned in my recent update that i’d be posting all of my fashion and beauty related content, here on my website. Don’t get me wrong, I love posting social commentary blogs but I also really enjoy fashion. So why not combine the two, for a cool series on my blog? And I thought, why not start off by showcasing some of the most bad ass women on YouTube & their unique fashion.

One of my favourite YouTubers is June Lapine AKA Shoe0nHead. She creates hilarious comedic skits and gives her opinion on several issues, including feminism, politics and SJW insanity.

She has a really likeable personality and seriously cute sense of style.


June’s look is very feminine and takes inspiration from kawaii fashion. She likes to mix hard and soft patterns to create a girly, yet bad ass sense of style, wearing leather chokers with floral/lace style dresses. Peterpan collared tops/dresses and Maryjane’s are also some of her style staples.


I love June’s style because she isn’t afraid to take risks and play around with fashion. Her style choices are just as ballsy and interesting as the words she shares in her YouTube videos.

Check out her instagram & YouTube channel for more style inspo & hilarious commentary.


Steal Her Style: Charli XCX

Charlie XCX is my new style queen. I bow down to her fashion choices!

This woman is a risk taker and fashion is all about having fun, being creative and taking risks. Her playful approach to fashion is invigorating. It is so refreshing to see someone in music today is is so wholeheartedly enjoying discovering their own personal style! Charli XCX is all about living life as if it is one big party. And Hey, you gotta get dressed up for your own party, right?

Her album Sucker embodies that mindset & is fantastic to listen to while getting glammed up!

I love that Charli’s style pays homage to cult classic 90s chick flick films such as Clueless & Jawkbreaker. She wears a lot of teen movie inspired clothing such as fluffy crop tops, cross chokers and shredded tights to name a few. In regards to style inspiration Charlie says, ‘I draw inspiration from pop culture like Wednesday Addams and the Spice Girls, but present it in a raw environment on stage. It’s kind of like baby-cake goth. I’ve always put thought into what I’m wearing, because as an artist it’s really important for the look to translate into your sound.’

To get Charlie XCX’s girly grunge look, try combining colourful crop tops with gothic inspired jewelry. Charli is most inspired by the 90s fashion era, ‘I feel like the ‘90s had the best period for style because it was the best of both worlds like grunge and then Girl Power pop as well’.

Charlie is a shoe fanatic and loves to wear super high platform shoes in bright, solid colours and platforms with funky patterns on them. Her style is also influenced by the London rave scene, where she used to preform at parties when she was a starting out as a musical artist.

Charli’s makeup go-to makeup look is usually a red or pink bold lip and sultry eyes. She brings out her brown eyes by using gold and metallic eye shadow’s to really make her beautiful eyes pop, her brows are always defined and on fleek , come on I had to say it!. She sometimes experiments with colourful eye shadow’s to add a some more playfulness to her look (as if she needs too!)

If there is anything I’ve learned from Charli XCX, it is that life is too short to care about what other people think about your fashion choices. Style is personal and it’s influenced by a lot of different mediums of art and life. Experimenting with your style is so much fun and taking influence from your favorite style era’s is a great way to discover who you are and what you like to wear. Fashion allows us to show the world who are are and who we want to be and Charli XCX gets that.

Steal Her Style: Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey describes her personal style as ‘Gangster Nancy Sinatra’. Her look incorporates both retro and modern styles to create a look that is her own. She looks like a Beauty Queen Rebel, pairing leather jackets with wide, volumized hair styles that are sure to make an impact when she walks into a room. Lana is a fan of simplicity when it comes to clothing, she likes to wear timeless fabrics, such as lace, velvet and chiffon. She knows how to play with feminine and masculine textures to create her look and compliments her features with clever accessorizing.

Lana’s look is unique in the fact that she wears high end couture pieces with gangster inspired jewelry. She add’s a modern twist to old Hollywood glamour with her accessorize. Her favorite accessories include gold two finger rings, chunky gold necklaces and hoop earrings. She adds a touch of femininity to her look by wearing flower crowns and 60’s inspired hair bows.

Lana’s hair and make-up are a very important part of her look. Volume is very important when trying to re-create Lana’s hair styles. Taking inspiration from Nancy Sinatra, Lana usually wears her hair high and wide in a beehive up-do. Her hair always has shine and texture, which can be created using volumizing hair products and a shine spray. Her main focus in regards to make-up are her eyes and her lips. Her famous bee stung pout is can be recreated using a nude lip liner and lipstick. If you try this look, make sure to use a lip primer to keep your lips looking kissable!

She creates more drama to her look by focusing on making her eyes look as doll like as possible. This is done using a light brown eye shadow on the crease of the eye lid and by lining her eyelids with liquid liner. Definition is created using a jet black mascara to define the lashes. To add some extra definition to the eyes, try using some fake lashes to create that Jessica Rabbit inspired look.

She truly is a beauty queen, living the American dream.