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Steal Her Style: Kiera Rose

Kiera Rose is a YouTuber from the UK, who has a wonderful sense of style and happens to be a good friend of mine! I really enjoy her casual style and the hints of girly glamour she adds to each outfit. Kiera makes videos documenting her life, cruelty free beauty and speaks from the heart about many topics such as mental health and many other struggles people face in their daily lives.

I love how her style reflects her lifestyle and personality! She wears clothes are fashionable yet comfortable and she knows how to accessorize her looks to add an element of glamour and style to everyday looks. She has her own online shop named Little Doe, where she sells beautiful necklaces, plugs and tunnels. You can sometimes see Kiera wearing some of her own designs in her videos but she also wears a pair of simple black tunnels that go perfectly with every outfit.

Kiera is a fan of comfy flannel shirts and loose fitted vest tops, she usually pairs simple key items of clothing with pretty accessories to create a really nice dressy casual look. To transform a day time look to a night time look, she sometimes will pair a statement necklace with a vest top, along with a faux leather jacket to create a a stylish yet wearable look. Kiera gets a lot of inspiration from nature, so her preferred colour palettes for clothing usually include a lot of earthy tones. She also loves clothing with pretty patterns inspired by nature and animals such as deer, owls & bee’s.

Make-up wise Kiera always keeps it fresh and simple. On days when she doesn’t want to wear much makeup she applies Superdrug CC Cream in the lightest shade on days when she doesn’t want to wear much makeup, she then uses Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade to fill in her brows. To accentuate her lashes she curls them with an eyelash curler and applies Gosh Double Precision Mascara Black and uses the Sleek Face Form Palette to add some colour to her cheeks!

You can check Kiera’s cruelty free makeup tutorials and beauty tips on her YouTube channel!

I think it is safe to say that Kiera’s favourite beauty product of all time is Coconut Oil! Kiera uses it as a moisturiser as well as an effective makeup remover. You can buy Coconut Oil in all good food shops, I suggest buying an organic based coconut oil as it more natural to use on your skin. Kiera Rose is cruelty free vlogger, so all the products she uses have been sourced ethically, she loves cruelty free companies like Lush, Dr. Organic and Barry M.

Steal Her Style: Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose has been taking the world by storm since appearing in season three of Orange Is The New Black, as the mysteriously beautiful, Stella Carlin. Not to mention she is the face of Maybelline New York in her native Australia. Her career began when she entered a model search in Girlfriend Magazine in 2002, since then she’s become a popular DJ, model, actress & crush of the century.

The androgynous model is gender fluid and plays around with masculine and feminine aspects of her style, to create her stunningly unique look. I love the contrasts in her style, she has a way of mixing girly and urban clothing together perfectly, which suits her fun loving personality so well.

Ruby Rose is incredibly versatile. Her personal style combines a unique mix of feminine and masculine cuts and prints, to give her the edgy and stylish look she’s famous for. I love that Ruby isn’t afraid to experiment with her look & takes a lot of fun risks with her style. She loves to wear loud patterns and bright colours, wearing fun urban inspired clothing with designer pieces.

Accessories are a huge part of Ruby’s look, she is usually always wearing chunky gold necklaces and large watches. One of her signature fashion items is a funky baseball cap, which she usually pairs with a long vest top to show off her tattoos. Her tattoos up’s her style game even more!

As a world famous model, Ruby knows her makeup game has to be strong and boy, is it! She keeps her makeup simple and has fantastic bone structure, which makes her a makeup artists dream. To get Ruby’s look, apply a concealer and foundation to perfect the base of your look, use a highlighter on your brow bone and cheeks to give your face a natural glow and lift.

Eyebrows are a very important aspect of Ruby’s look, define and shape your eyebrows using a brow kit and applying a rusty brown eye shadow along your top lid and lower lid, blend it out to create a sexy, smokey look. Brown eye shadow really makes Ruby’s gorgeous blue eye’s pop!

On her lips, Ruby usually keeps it simple by wearing a nude coloured lipstick or a pretty rose shade, which compliments her lightly tanned skin tone. Sometimes she opts for a classic bright, bold red lip and keeps her eye makeup simple by wearing mascara and black eyeliner.

And last but not least, the most important aspect of her pulling off Ruby Roses’s edgy look, the hair! Her androgynous, short hair compliments her stunning features, she loves playing around with different hair styles and head shaving designs. If you’re brave enough to try out Ruby’s edgy look, just know that it’s only hair and it will grow back! And hey, you only live once.

Q&A: Tattoos, Cosplay & Pizza!?

The “Girls with Tattoos” Taboo

Earlier this week I was listening to a radio show and they where discussing women with tattoos. Most people on the show were calling in to say that they found the thought of women with tattoos on their bodies as unattractive. This radio conversation really got me thinking about the topic of women with body art/body modifications and why it is stil a taboo. I wanted to start a discussion of my own about it. Why do people find it so offensive that some women choose to modify their bodies? Some people claim that “it’s not lady like” or “It’s not feminine” etc. I am not just talking about men, there is definitely some girl on girl body shaming in regards to this topic also. It really is a case of judging a book by it’s cover

A personal story I can tell in relation to this topic is one day I was having a conversation with a man who I had known for quite some time through friends, during the conversation he caught sight of my left arm and saw my tattoo on my wrist, his eyes widened in shock and he exclaimed “Is that a tattoo? YOU TRAMP!”. Well, my jaw almost fell off it’s hinges in shock. I couldn’t believe that some one would have the nerve to say such a thing to me purely because I had a tattoo on my wrist? Needless to say I replied I a very calm “Fuck You” in reply! Even though this post is based mostly on women with tattoos, I know plenty of men who have received verbal abuse as well for their body art, I was once told by a friend that a girl in a night club told him he was “disgusting” for being heavily inked. I have also seen people cringe at pictures of heavily inked girls saying “That’s just too much, she looks horrible. Why did she have to ruin her body, she’s actually pretty.” I am paraphrasing but you get the idea.


World famous tattoo artist Kat Von D did a photo shoot promote her fragrance line and tattoo concealer at Sephora, where she had a full body make up cover up. I thought this picture was really interesting because it shows that she is beautiful in each photo, tattoos or no tattoos and I think that is important for people to remember that it’s our body & it’s our choice to modify or add whatever we like to it.

I wanted to see the flip side of this and talk to people who actually ARE attracted to women with tattoos. A lovely story that I would like to share with you all is from two friends from mine Rhys & Joanne. Joanne is heavily tattooed and Rhys told me when he first saw Joanne, it was that her body art was what first caught his eye. “The thing that first attracted me to Joanne was her tattoo’s, in fact the first thing I said to her was “I love your tattoo’s!”. 

I asked Rhys what he thought of people who judge Joanne based on her ink and he stated, “I think they need to take a good look at the world around them and realise we live in a society filled with pierced and tattooed people of all shapes and sizes.” 

Joanne however has experienced prejudice for her body art over the years.“I get a lot of funny looks!! It was much worse when my children where younger. People also assume because I’ve lots of ink that I smoke, drink and take drugs so I can’t possibly be a good mother! For me ink was an escape. I couldn’t get out of my body, so I changed it to one I love”, say’s Joanne.

In order to understand more on the topic of the “Girls with Tattoo’s Taboo” I interviewed Aine, shop manager & piercer at A.W.O.L Tattoos & Piercings in Galway City, who is heavily tattooed & has great philosophy on the entire matter:

“I think how you carry yourself and how you approach situations has as much to do with it as your tattoos do. I never cover them up or feel in anyway apologetic for having them. I know they do not affect my ability to do a job, rent a house etc and I make that known to whom ever I am dealing with I’m sure there are heavily tattooed women out there who have been on the receiving end of some negativity but I find if you are friendly and approachable then people you interact with will be also.”

Aine got her first tattoo at age sixteen of a Celtic Knot on her shoulder. “The first time I entered a tattoo shop I was terrified, I nearly fainted after getting it, I got all weak and my body went cold and it was all a bit much. My friend got an awful dolphin on her hip. We thought we were SO cool!”

Her love of tattoos started when she was about 11 years old,  “I started collecting anything I could find that had tattoo style design on it and I became obsessed with tank girl and other alternative cartoon characters.”

Aine’s body is covered with beautiful art work, including roses on her hands, a sugar skull on her chest, a sacred heart on her neck and many other eye catching designs.

She say’s, “Everyone I come in to contact with usually has some questions and queries but its more their own fascination or curiosity as opposed to prejudice. If someone did say something horrible or treat me differently because of my tattoos it would not bother me in the slightest. I would actually pity them for having such narrow minds

I think it is important to remember that at the end of the day women, tattoo’s or no tattoo’s are all individuals. Who have a right to express themselves and enjoy their bodies. I think the saying “My body is my temple” really applies here, and hey, some of us like to decorate our temples 😉



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