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Sasta Oíche Shamhna 2016!

Sasta Oíche Shamhna everybody! That means “Happy Halloween” in Irish by the way. I hope you’ve all had a great time, dressing up and celebrating. I had a blast this year, my family hosted a Halloween party in our home and we had loads of family and friends over to celebrate this ancient Celtic harvest festival.  On Saturday night, dressed up as Carrie and have also created a Purge outfit for tonight, on All Hallow’s Eve. (Keep a eye on my instagram later for photo updates!)


Needless to say, most people had no clue who Carrie was, but I had a great time putting this together. Honestly, I used things from around the house and did it all in one day practically. So, I think it turned out well overall! Carrie is one of my favourite films of all time (the recent remake is awful by the way, don’t watch it!) and I love dressing up as scary characters for Halloween. It just makes it a lot more festive and fun! I was terrified that the fake blood wouldn’t come off my skin later that night, but thankfully some washing-up liquid and water did the trick. *Phew!*

Here are some photos from the party!


Me & My Dad (He looks so proud! Bahaha)


Some photobooth fun with my Aunt!


We we’re the only two people dressed up in full costume haha!


A traumatized prom queen & two devils walk into a bar..


So much socializing going on in this photo!


Happy Halloween 2016!

Until next year, stay spooky!


My Halloween Wishlist!

All Hallow’s Eve is almost here! Most of us are preparing costumes, stocking up on festive candy and watching scary films to get us into the spirit of the season. Though for a lot of people, Halloween isn’t just a yearly event, it’s pretty much a life style! For those of you who find the beauty in the creepy side of life, I have complied together a wishlist of some of the cutest and spookiest Halloween inspired bits & bobs I could find, to celebrate the spooky season.

Just click on the collages to find out where each item is from! 🙂


Halloween is the perfect time of the year to experiment with your look and play around with colour. One of the easiest ways to play around with colour, without going too far out of your comfort zone, is by having fun with different shades of nail polish. You can wear one or many shades at once depending on your mood. I like the black and orange combo for Halloween and more rustic reds for that Autumn feel. Of course, my favorite nail polish shade all year round is black! You can’t go wrong with black nail polish, it goes with pretty much everything!



Bags, glorious bags! A good bag can make or break an outfit, so why not take advantage of this festive season and indulge your inner goth girl by adorning a Halloween inspired bag. There are so many unique and interesting bags you can pick up from alternative shops and online that will make you stand out from the crowd, for all the right reasons. Fashion is all about having fun and what’s more fun than a kooky bag? Fun accessories are also great conversation starters, so you are sure to be the ghoul of the hour at any party, carrying one of these unique bags.



One of my favorite things about October is the availability of Halloween/Autumn inspired pieces, that can be found at no other time of the year. It is a special time to celebrate all things weird and wonderful, which is great for finding unique items so decorate your home with as well as fun statement pieces for your wardrobe. Halloween is a time for creativity and fun.

So let you imagination run wild this season!