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Pretty in Pastel OOTD

Last night I attended the Irish Beauty Blog Awards 2016 in Dublin city. I wore a dressy casual outfit and *shock! horror!* I actually wore colours. That’s right! I stepped away from my usual uniform of all black clothing to try something different from a change. Summer is all about wearing bright colours so I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and wear an all-colour outfit for once.


I have always been drawn to pretty pastel colours and I really enjoyed wearing this combination of baby pink and baby blue shades together, paired with some light grey jeans. I kept my accessories simple by just wearing a beautiful statement hairband that really completed my look for the night.

Hairband // Zara

Baby Blue Jacket // Zara

Pink Vest Top // Primark

Jeans // Primark

Shoes // Xti Tentations

Clutch // Dunnes Stores


Dublin Shopping Guide: George Street Arcade, Dublin 2.

George’s Arcade is possibly my favorite shopping destination in Dublin City. I always get excited to have a leisurely browse through the shops and stalls on display. There is a lot of culture to soak in, loads of fun places to shop for clothes and little nick nacks for tourists to relish in and take home as unique gifts. It’s a pretty fun place to take people, especially if they’ve never been there before.

I always recommend George’s Arcade to anyone who’s visiting Dublin, it’s a really unique spot in the heart of the city. I particularly love the Japanese inspired stalls, full of kawaii plushies, accessories and ornaments. You can find some really fantastic items in George’s Arcade.

 If you are a fan of alternative fashion & funky cafe’s, George Street Arcade is perfect for you.

I enjoy having a look around the shops and grabbing a nice, refreshing bubble tea afterwards in Bubbilicity. I always order myself a passion fruit bubble tea with tapioca pearls, it’s soooo yummy! I recommend checking out Bubbilicity, the drinks are tasty & the staff are friendly.

Oh Look is one of my favorite shops in George’s Arcade, the shop has some really interesting clothing inspired by Japanese fashion and K-Pop style. I am a big fan of their pin’s & badges, they have a huge selection pinned to the front entrance of the shop. I love to stick them on leather jackets and backpacks. They also sell hand painted converse, which I always drool over.

Over in New Moon you can find some spectacular hand crafted and antique jewellery. They sell stunning pieces with a wide range of gem’s to choose from. They source gem’s from all over the world, to provide a truly beautiful selection of well made and visually stunning accessories.

Those are just some of my favorite shops & stall’s in George’s Street Arcade, there are many other wonderful spots to browse and relish in the arcade. Whether you are a fan of fashion, music or food, George’s Arcade has something for everyone. Get shopping & support local businesses!

Dublin Shopping Guide: Om Diva Boutique, 27 Drury Street.

Om Diva Boutique

Since the success of my last shopping blog (5 Unique Places To Shop In Dublin) I thought it’d be fun to do more posts about some of my favorite places to spend money in Dublin, in more detail. 

Under the spotlight today is vintage boutique, Om Diva. Located at 27 Drury Street, Dublin. This is probably my favorite clothing store in the city, it’s full of unique fashions and one of a kind pieces. The day I went into the shop to take pictures for this blog, they had an amazing promotion on. Everything in store was €10! EVERYTHING I TELL YOU, EVERYTHING! I couldn’t believe it.

Needless to say, I ended up buying myself a few items because ‘TREAT YO SELF!’ was what my brain was yelling out, as I scanned the rails of gorgeous vintage clothing. A lot of the clothing on sale were in beautiful shades of pastel, perfect for this season. I purchased a lavender coloured, chiffon dress, which was previously priced at €55. Sure how could I pass it up for savings like that?

Downstairs there is a beautiful Vintage Basement, stocked full of one-of-a-kind goodness. Quiet honestly, it’s absolute heaven for any fashion lover. A song from Willy Wonka began to play in my head, as I descended down the pink stairs into the gloriously fashionable abyss. *cue the music* 

‘If you want to view paraaaadise, simply look around and view it!”

In the Vintage Basement there are so many unique vintage pieces! They have dresses, designer purses, handbags, sunglasses (I bought two pairs!) and many other items of clothing to browse your way through. My advice is to take your time and enjoy the vintage shopping experience!

Okay, okay, I couldn’t resist a selfie with my new pair of vintage sunglasses. I love them!

The Vintage Basement has the prettiest dressing room I have ever seen. Whenever I am shopping in Om Diva, I feel like I have the key to a time machine, where I can dig through the closest’s of some of the most fashionable women from back in the day. I am always so excited to see what is new in store, every time I shop at Om Diva. There is a really relaxed shopping environment/vibe in store and the staff are always happy to help with any queries you have. Which is fantastic!

The shop’s decor is also something that really makes Om Diva a fun place to shop. It’s furnished in a way that makes you literally feel at home, it feels like it’s someone’s bedroom. With the soft lit lamps, vintage photographs in cameo frames and coffee table books to inspire you while you browse. Om Diva really does create a unique shopping experience in the heart of Dublin.

Above the Om Diva Boutique, there are designers studio’s and showcase rooms. Om Diva often host fashion related workshops in this space. Where fashionistas and budding designers can learn many useful tips and tricks about things like sewing, alterations and jewelry making.

What are you waiting for? Get your butt down to Om Diva, for some serious retail therapy!

For more information, check out the Om Diva Boutique website.

Valentines Day OOTD

‘You give me that kind of something, want it all the time, need it everyday‘ – Arianna Grande

Shoes // Primark

Sunglasses // Pimark

Flower Crown // Primark

Heart Shaped Bag // H&M

Striped Peplum Top // H&M

Chunky Chain Necklace // H&M

Faux Leather Trousers // Dunnes Stores



Trend Tacklers on TV3 Xposé!

 Yesterday I was in Dublin filming for TV3’s Xposé! I was apart of a panel in the Trend Tackler segment of the show, where we judge the latest trends this season. The show was presented by the lovely Aisling O’Loughlin, who was very professional and made us all feel very calm and welcome to the show. The three looks were styled by a very talented stylist name, Irene O’Brien. We filmed three episodes in one day, so keep your eyes peeled for me on show!

I must admit it was very pretty amazing to tick appearing on Xposé off my bucket list! I had a lot of fun filming and learning how the show is put together for television. The Xposé team were all very friendly and enjoyable to work with. Also, I befriended two cool girls, who were my fellow panelists on the day. Though our personal style was very different we all had a common love for fashion. It was a lot of fun to be apart of the show and to work with such talented Irish women.

Keep an eye out for the latest episodes of Trend Tackler on the Xposé site!