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Are Bloggers Lying To You?

The Importance of Blogger Transparency & Sponsorships

We live in a digital age where most people on this planet life their lives online via social media. Gone are the days where someone could laugh at you for wanting to become financially stable through blogging. These days it is very possible to make a living online and with thousands of people hanging on their favourite bloggers every word it is important to know that with great power comes great responsibility. That’s right, I made a Marvel reference in this blog.

But seriously, if there is one thing I have learned over the years, it is that when it comes to blogging you should never underestimate your audience. Respect your audience and your audience will respect you. People appreciate honesty and they can see right through fakeness and lies. Many successful loggers use their influence to make a living from their content and they often post sponsored blogs/videos to earn revenue. Let me start off by saying that there is nothing wrong with posting sponsored content. Everyone needs to make a living, there’s no denying that.

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The issue that most people have with sponsored content is the fact that a lot of bloggers never disclose what is sponsored and what is not. As blogging is still a relatively new career path, the rules that apply to bloggers are still a little unclear but one thing is for sure, legally you have to let your followers know when you have been paid to review or display an item on your social media.

I can understand both sides of the coin in this situation. One one hand you have the viewers who want honesty from bloggers (totally understandable) and on the other hand you have bloggers who are terrified of being judged for accepting sponsored content. Most bloggers I know feel bad for posting sponsored content and they shouldn’t. It’s only fair that a person uses their talents and brand to make a decent living.

According to a poll done by Stellar.ie only 33% of people trust bloggers, 74% of people have purchased an item based on a bloggers recommendation and 50% say that when a blogger works with a brand it affects trust negatively. These statistics prove that there needs to be a mutual trust between both the viewer and the creator in order to create a healthier dynamic online. Bloggers deserve to make money from their content and viewers deserve to know when an item or product has been sponsored.

Many friends of mine solely depend on blogging as their main form of income. I have seen people struggle to afford groceries, pay pills and not be able to afford critical health care, all because of the uncertainty of when the next paycheck will come through. Blogging isn’t as glam as it is made out to be, it’s bloody hard work and sometimes a sponsorship deal can make the difference between eating sufficient meals for the next week or living off tescos noodles until you get paid.

Also, I’d like to point out that sponsorship deals are not all they are cracked up to be. Sometimes bloggers can put hours, even days of work to get a video posted online at an agreed date, only to be told that they will not be paid for weeks to come. This type of situation can leave someone in a tough financial situation and can cause a lot of stress.

The fact of the matter is that we have to stop shaming bloggers for accepting sponsored content. Sponsorship should not be a dirty word that people are afraid to say out loud. I feel as though a lot of people think that whenever a blogger posts sponsored content that they automatically are lying when they give a positive review. Most bloggers will not review something they wouldn’t buy themselves or recommend something that they totally hated. As a blogger, I couldn’t recommend something that I wouldn’t use myself, what would be the point? I wouldn’t want to associate my name with a terrible brand or product. It just isn’t logical and it would be totally immoral.

Don’t get me wrong, I am sure there are plenty of people who would happily shill anything for a quick buck but most bloggers aren’t like that. You can usually suss out when someone is fake or not, which is another reason I think that bloggers should not underestimate their audience. People can sense when someone is genuine and when they are not.

In order to have complete transparency, we need to come together as a community, viewers and bloggers alike and start to be totally honest with each other. Sponsorship is not a dirty word. They pay peoples bills, put food on the table and allow bloggers to share some cool products with their followers, all while keeping a roof over their heads.

I think it is important that bloggers talk about these kinds of issues to their audience, sometimes I think we forget that our viewers often don’t understand how sponsorship’s work or how bloggers earn money from their content. Bloggers should try to inform and educate their audiences as much as possible and create a trusting relationship that is mutually beneficial. The only way things are going to change is if bloggers inform their audiences when they are being paid and be totally honest about it. It’s not something to be embarrassed about, it’s your right to earn money for your had work and it’s your audiences right to know when they are being showed paid advertisements.

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I am so honored to be featured along side such influential and inspiring Irish women. Being featured in STELLAR has been a long term goal of mine & the fact that it has become a reality for me just goes to show that dreams do come true when you work hard and don’t give up!


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